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Episode III title: ?????


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I posted this too on the old board, but what would the title of Ep III be?

My guess is simple: The Clone Wars.

Or is it too simple


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Too much like Attack of the Clones. Lucas will go for something different.

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How about Episode III - Back in Training, co-starring Steve Guttenberg? :biglaugh:

And if it's not that, what about Revenge of the Sith?


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I don't like Ren's title.

"The Dark Side or Something" Just dosen't do anything for me. :o

Justin -Awaiting Morn to come and destroy his latest joke. :)

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Hmmm, I think I missed whatever the film is that Indysolo is on about.

You're obviously not well schooled on your Steve Guttenberg films.


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In order to be in following with George's "Everything sort of rhymes" philosophy, I would think it might be similiar to Return of the Jedi. Maybe Fall of the Jedi. Who knows. Did anybody accurately guess the titles to the previous two Star Wars movies?

NP: Alien (Jerry Goldsmith) (thanks again Marian!)

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Maybe Return of the Not-Edited Score

That would be nice. :)


:) Attack of the Clones (John Williams)

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Wow, how the mighty have fallen.

Speaking of The Mighty. :sneaky2:

Justin -Who thinks Neil needs to listen to Jones' awesome score....

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Ha, ha! Steve Guttenberg! How very far we are from the '80s. :(

Suggested titles for "Episode III:

"Asleep at the Wheel"

"Return of the Jargon"

"Sy Snootles, Savior of the Universe"

"Bill Moyers Thinks I'm a Goddam Genius"

"How to Make 600 Million Dollars Without Even Trying"

"Shop at Target"

"The Glorious Slow-Motion Death of Jar-Jar Binks"

"Owen and Beru, A Geriatric Love Story"

"Gungan Din"

"Bedknobs and Broomsticks"

"George's Lapti Neck"

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Actually, St. Yodes:

I think the title for Episode III will be in the vein of something like The Phantom Menace -- my favorite SW title.

But, seeing that it's the rise of Vader, it could keep that whole theme going of phantom menace-type.

Dan - who knows what he wants to say, but isn't sure he knows how to say it correctly

:( "Love Theme from Attack Of The Clones"

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Birth of the Empire.

Rise of the Empire

something along those lines.

Joe, who has some catching up to do.


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How about:

Fall of the Republic

Rise of the Empire

Birth of a Dark Lord

The Dark Side Beckons

or everyone's favorite:

Death of Jar-Jar :)

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I think its almost guaranteed that it won't be another "___ of the ___" title, as each trilogy already has one.

As he proved with The Phantom Menace and then Attack of the Clones, he's trying to go more old-school flash gordon serial style - so I think it will be something VERY much in that vein.

Also, as with the case of Ep1 and Ep2, I think it will be something that NOBODY could have guessed before hand.

A lot of people seem to think it will mention specific places or people or creations (a lot of titles have "Republic" or "Sith" or "Dark Side" in them). I think he will go with something more ambigous, like "Phantom Menace" and "A New Hope".

Only ~27 months till we find out! :)


:) "Jango and Zam" mp3

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I agree with Jason6285. It will be an ambiguous title.

But I've noticed some sort of pattern. MAYBE.

The Phantom Menace ------- A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back --- Attack Of The Clones

Return Of The Jedi ---------- (???)

You know what I mean? There's a slight relation to each of the titles -- a certain emotion is conveyed. I think Episode III's title will be something of a triumphant nature for the Empire.

I dunno -- you tell me.

Dan - who would be mortified to see Episode III - Origin of the Ewoks

:) "Homeless" from Pay It Forward (T. Newman)

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There is a form of marxism like fascism, isn't there? I'm not very learned on this subject, though.


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Am 90% sure it will be...

Star Wars Episode III: Mask of the Sith

Very Buck Rodgery. And, mask=Darth Vader's and = mystery surrounding Palpatine/Sifo Dyas/Sidious. Or maybe "The Sith Unmasked"?

Too many "of the"s.

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I think Rise of the Empire or something to that effect would be good. Bland, perhaps, but fitting.

The one thing that drives me nuts about the current films, and yes, it's geeky, is Lucasfilm's using the "Episode x" titles so prominently. I loved that when I was a kid, it was just Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. No Episode this, episode that (besides in the opening titles). Let the films be known by their names, not a generic Roman numeral.

The worst thing of this is my Star Wars posters, despite visual continuity in design, are all out of wack because of the big ol' Episode I & II on the first two posters.

Life is so tough :cry:

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If that wasn't bad enough, Lucas is going to film it in that forgotten format of 3-D which was just used to great effect on THE RUGRATS GO TO PARIS movie. Angelica was deliciously coy in that one!

Apart from seeing those smelly diapers in Episode III, now you experience the unpleaseant smell that goes with it as well. Lucas has revolutionised cinema going audiences by introducing the new THX-STINX sound system...guaranteed to have you checking into rehab for life. I just tried it out on the re-mastered WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY...pretty amazing...you could smell the dandruff on those Uumpa Lumpas heads. Forget Dolby Digital! Forget DTS! Forget previous THX modes! The STINX is here for some time to come!

Other titles in the running include



EPISODE III - CARRIE'S REVENGE (and no its not Fisher)




Hitch, who is putting together a John Williams' 70th birthday compilation onto 5 cds....all 4 hours of it...then I can clean my hard drive which hasn't been cleaned since LBJ was in office

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Should you not direct Ep 3, Sir Hitch?

Atleast we would get some suspense, cropdusters, scandilly clad blondes (suddenly Amidala will have blond hair :( ), and a cameo by you as Sir Alfred The Hutt.

offcourse Johnny will score the film, incorporating themes from Psycho and North By Northwest and the Main Theme from Family Plot.

And the title of ep 3 will be:

Star Wars: Episode III- The Trouble With Anakin.

Stefancos- who will enjoy Tippy's cameo as Amidala's mother.

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