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  1. The Witch is a fine period piece that explores paranoia very well. It’s not scary though. But I like it. Also, all you Vertigo haters are crazy. It’s a great film, featuring Herrmann’s best score, if not one of the greatest film scores ever.
  2. Richter hasn't produced interesting music in some time, but he does know how to make a film work. New trailer for this film is much more promising than the last Gravity-knock off impression. To add more cringe into your day, look no further than...
  3. Season 5 was remarkably bad. It's lost most of its bite and humour, barely hinging on to half-assed concepts. Season 3 was probably its best.
  4. Always liked him in 30 Rock. RIP.
  5. Probably my superhero movie. Back when they didn't all seem so cookie-cutter. Haven't seen this in a long time though.
  6. If I recall correctly, you didn't respond too kindly to Hereditary, so I presumed this wouldn't be your cup of tea, as it expands on much of that film's most trying virtues. If you end up enjoying it, no one's more happy to be wrong than I friend.
  7. Sorry you had a rough experience mate. Honestly, the prologue itself took the wind out of me. After that, it starts to feel more safe and familiar, but underneath all the horror tropes and beautiful dressing, there's something awfully emotionally disturbing, or rather claustrophobic about it all. It's the way the film deals with trauma rather than the horror itself that makes it kind of sick.
  8. Midsommar So, this Aster fellow is clearly the real deal. Midsommar is arguably a slower burn than its predecessor (Hereditary), but it's the more ambitious and fulfilling work. People seeking quick thrills and zingers should probably not bother. This is not a Joe or Drax kind of film. Instead, the film uses beauty (and boy is it a beautiful looking film) to lull you into a kind of comfort that makes digesting all its disturbing and twisted perversions all the more painful by the end. Brilliantly shot, written, edited and scored, on top of all which it has a great sense of humour to boot. If anything, it could use some trimming in its setup, but I don't mind. The elaborate world-building really pays off anyway. And yes, Wicker Man is clearly a template, and there are some familiar tropes, but it's by and large its own beautiful thing. Best film I've seen so far this year...though I'm not sure that says much.
  9. Romer's been Fukunaga's collaborater for some time, so I guess it isn't too surprising. But I don't know if he's got the chops to do a Bond score. It'll probably be sound like Newman-lite. Parts of Maniac were nice, in context especially, but most of it is kind of derivative, sometimes even a little amateur-ish. I remember liking some of the aleatoric string stuff that popped in every now and then:
  10. Revisiting this beauty. Thought it belonged here.
  11. Anima Paul Thomas Anderson's latest "music video" or "one-reeler" is a sumptuous 15-minute feast for the eyes. Conceptually, there isn't much that's new here (think: modern update on the 1984 narrative/aesthetic), but boy is it worth it to just see PTA have visual carte blanche. Choreography and cinematography are all aces. Too bad the music leaves you wanting...
  12. Happy belated dear Inky and Grey!!
  13. That Joe didn't like Hereditary is fine. That he continually points to the lack of physical attractiveness in the cast as one of the film's major flaws is a bit of a puzzler, but not entirely surprising I guess... Also, the granddaughter's appearance clearly plays a big role for the film's tone. An adorable Shirley Temple obviously would not have worked nearly as well.
  14. This is where BR2049 gets so caught up in justifying its own mythology that it comes across as leaning a little too much towards fan-fiction.
  15. If Newman was less bored and challenged himself more again, maybe with concert music, I imagine it'd sound somewhat like this:
  16. The Ent thematic material itself, is somewhat unremarkable, I agree. But the Fangorn material also gave us this beast, which is about at Tolkien as Shore ever got really:
  17. I think it stems from contemporary composers going after form and structure of some sort. We live in a time where the evolution of contemporary music has largely rejected traditional repertoire form and young composers are finding it hard to build off of structures. Anything goes in the concert hall these days. This is probably where narrative and programmatic concepts come in handy because they become an easier vessel to give form to unstructured ideas, as opposed to absolute music. And of course, the influence of pop and crossover albums are huge. Programmed music also just has broader appeal as a pitch, than Concerto No. 2323...
  18. I thought Alex loved The Crown? The Crown is definitely better than Downton Abbey, though it gets pretty soapy in its own way. Claire Foy is brilliant and indeed a beauty.
  19. Thank you guys!! Appreciate it
  20. Zimmer is hardly the first to use the organ in a non-religious context in film, or even in a sci-fi context. But yes, Interstellar's score mostly works quite well. I believe the boys were referring to Dunkirk, where the incessant pulsating was exhausting...
  21. This X-Men score definitely sounds like a phone-in job. But the Nolan scores certainly represent his artistic curiosities with his sonic palette more accurately. He moved on from colourful/traditional orchestral scoring a long time ago. It's unreasonable to ask him to be his 90s self again.
  22. I suspect his assistants would have done most of the work. I don't think he's interested in writing that kind of music anymore. Which is fine. But I do want to hear Zimmer really care about a project again, which I haven't really heard since Interstellar. Hopefully Dune delivers...
  23. That was Mr. Robot! Which I actually started up again recently! Will post on that soon.
  24. She's especially brilliant in the first season. I thought her character was kind of sidelined in the second season.
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