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  1. Well it's all about the details, for example I really like: The rising piano/celesta at the beginning, especially the falling "chords" in the second bar The swoosh in the third bar, especially that held C# in the flute, which then "becomes" an F# at 31:35 The tam-tam/piano combo at 31:45 And I think the subtlety of the writing here is matched only by the most-carefully-written Williams underscore.
  2. 31:09 - 32:12 Some of the best-orchestrated bars of classical music in existence!
  3. 1:55 - 2:37 Now that's how you combine an electric guitar with an orchestra!
  4. One of my favourite JW cues: Such an awesome buildup!
  5. Listen to the opening bars of the intermission music from The Ten Commandments (till 0:24): It's basically "fanfare -> descending strings -> fanfare -> descending strings" right? Now listen here from 17:42: Not only do we have the same pattern of fanfare -> strings (17:57) -> fanfare (18:13) -> strings (18:27), but the strings melody has the same contour as the strings in The Ten Commandments: down, down, up, down. Given the parallel between Mt. Sinai from The Ten Commandments and Devil's Tower from CE3K, do you think this similarity was a conscious decision by Williams? Or is it just a coincidence? Or is it somewhere in the middle?
  6. That's a bit like saying "I would enjoy flying more if airplanes didn't have wings". On a more serious note, sometimes the vibrato can get annoying...Older recordings don't suffer from this problem so much I've found. It also helps a lot if you understand what they are singing!
  7. Must've been a real challenge adapting the Schindler's List theme for violin...
  8. 13:52 - 14:16 I love how the orchestra sounds like it's teetering on the brink of collapse (especially from 13:57). Of course, it's all just part of the composition!
  9. I'm afraid that's not the correct answer...the trombone fall is played but it's not what's causing that downward sliding sound. See attachment for what the fall sounds like on its own. To me it sounds almost like some kind of horn. It reminds me of the upward French horn glisses in Dance of the Earth (14:39): tromb_a_major_fall.mp3
  10. ^^^ Sounds like a broken kid's toy. Does anybody known what the sliding effect is at 0:56? It happens here at 7:42 as well: Even Dudamel looks surprised as to where it came from!
  11. Mendelssohn''s Scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream never fails to brighten up my day:
  12. Aaahhh don't we all just love echoing trumpet fanfares doubled by two glockenspiels.
  13. This sounds like something Williams would write if he listened to too much modern film music.
  14. Do you mean at 0:37? It's D minor with an F in the bass. The chord just before it is D major with an F# in the bass.
  15. Maybe JW got the theme from a variation of the Force theme...maybe he got it from Earth Day...or maybe he got it from Soviet jazz:
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