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  1. I managed to get the triangle part for $500. Absolute bargain!
  2. I'm not Dixon Hill obviously, but Franz Schreker is a notable ancestor of Korngold's: (though he's slightly younger than Reger...)
  3. Listened to a great performance of this yesterday at the Royal Albert Hall (London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Jurowski): 5:06 onwards sounds very spooky...
  4. This sounds like something out of a Disney movie!
  5. This isn't the same recording as on the bootleg though...the bootleg has a wrong note in the trumpets at the bit around 21:15 of this video, which is missing here. (Unless there's another bootleg I'm not aware about).
  6. Something I really love about this piece is how subtle the transitions between the different movements are. Some of them are so well integrated that they almost become movements in themselves, as if they each tell their own story about how the subject gets from one scene to the other. And by the time you get to the polonaise you almost wonder how you ended up there, given that only 17 minutes ago you were in "fairy-tale" land with the glistening, whimsical orchestration, and there has not been a single break in the music since then. I don't know another piece of music which gives off that effect as well as this one...
  7. I really like this piece by Lutoslawski. I think it encapsulates everything that is good about sonorism/aleatorism:
  8. 3:18:51 - 3:20:07 - one of the best climaxes of the 20th Century!
  9. There is no consensus, but by far my favourite recording is Previn/LSO.
  10. 4:33 - 4:46 Homeboy JW dropping some sick beats:
  11. Just add some percussion to this (boom-tss) and you have a very Williams-y sounding fanfare.
  12. How to be a contemporary composer: Open a collection of modern poetry Pick a random phrase in a random poem; this is your title Write a piece of music that has nothing to do with the title Success!
  13. 37:14 - 37:45 is one of those moments where music, performance and recording come together in perfect harmony. Simply miraculous! Of course I post this here (and not in the Short Moments thread) because the whole album is wonderful. Hard to believe it was recorded almost 60 years ago... This is quite entertaining:
  14. Love the melody from 21:55 to 22:53 Other highlights: Grand Waltz - 38:54 Rose Adagio - 45:39
  15. Just the way you said "for the nth time"...I can relate. Though, I don't know about you but my list looks completely different every time!
  16. JW: 1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 2. A.I. Artificial Intelligence 3. Jurassic Park 4. Star Wars Episode VI 5. 1941 Non-JW: 1. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Ernest Gold) 2. How to Train Your Dragon 1 (John Powell) 3. Solo: A Star Wars Story (John Powell/JW) 4. Pan (John Powell) 5. Total Recall (Jerry Goldsmith)
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