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    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    So 5 minutes of original JW music, a 2 minute reduction of the 5 minute piece, and 53 minutes of William Ross as JW.
  2. artguy360

    Carbon Freezing Chamber

    I'm not sure if we are thinking of the same segment of music but I believe there is an alternate bit of music that is more eerie and atmospheric originally intended to score Landon checking Han in Carbonite that was later replaced with a sad rendition of Han and Leia's theme. It's been a while since I've listened to it or read the liner notes, but I think that's it.
  3. This interview also confirms all the re-writing that went on during TFA.
  4. artguy360

    On The Tank (The Last Crusade)

    I don't understand. There are strings a plenty in this track.
  5. Listening to this piece again, it is wonderful to hear JW working with a free-er hand while revisiting old material.
  6. Wow! What a fun and exciting piece. JW's writing here has a quality of vitality and energy that reminds me of the best moments of The Last Jedi but written in a much different voice.
  7. This happened to me with the latest ET release and for a while with AI as well. Come to think of it, I pretty much become obsessed with almost all expanded JW score releases upon initial release.
  8. artguy360

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    It's got a desert trek type vibe going on.
  9. artguy360

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    So glad to finally be able to listen to a clean recording and understand what JW is going for with this piece.
  10. artguy360

    Clone Army Theme from Star Wars: Episode II?

    I've never listened to this fabled JW interview. Too bad these things aren't archived and shared with the public.
  11. artguy360

    Clone Army Theme from Star Wars: Episode II?

    I remember having the OST for AOTC before seeing the movie. I listened to the music but didn't look at any track titles to avoid spoilers. When the arena track came on, I was convinced it was a Clone March theme, like the Imperial March. I was so excited! Then when I saw the movie, almost all of it was absent from the movie!
  12. artguy360

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    I'm hearing a lot of similarities between the Galaxy's Edge theme and The Adventures of Han. I guess some of these are modern JW adventure music characteristics. The sound seems nice and bright.
  13. artguy360

    GALAXY's EDGE - New John Williams composition (2018)

    Recent info Disney shared about Galaxy's Edge included some of the different music for the cantina. Apparently there is new jazzy cantina music along with some more club-like music performed my a Droid band. Not clear if JW worked on these but I assume not.
  14. I enjoy these trailer house versions of JW music. It's fun and effective and perfectly fine until they crop up in an actual SW film.
  15. artguy360

    Hello from Art of the Score podcast

    Very late welcome and a question: is there an Art of the Score thread on this forum? It does seem like a lot of members listen to the podcast.
  16. artguy360

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Been listening to John Barry's Out of Africa score. Some amazing string and woodwind writing. Sweeping, simple, and earnest.
  17. artguy360

    Williams' manliest most testosterone-fuelled music?

    I would suggest the theme from Nixon.
  18. artguy360

    John Powell’s Top 100 Film Scores

    Not enough John Williams on that list.
  19. Yep, JW has used that trick twice now and it is beautiful each time. I'm very curious what the new arrangement JW wrote for ASM does with Rey's theme. His new arrangement of Across the Stars is stunning and so different from the original.
  20. I'm excited for each of these new arrangements.
  21. artguy360

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    The prequels all used the same recording of the main titles as well, I believe.
  22. Wow! The ending notes of Jurassic Park are absolutely pounding. What an interesting interpretation.
  23. I am completely in love with the first third of Wizard's Consort. I wish there were even more parts of the score that are that bare, although there are quite a few already.
  24. The rendition of the love theme that opens part 2 is stunning.