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  1. I lost brain cells reading those reddit comments.
  2. That trailer music is so trash.. I can’t wait for the actual score though.
  3. This is great news! Sounds like this concert won’t be streamed though. I really enjoyed listening to that LSO concert live last year.
  4. Apparently Fortnite is dying already, and Minecraft is making a comeback.
  5. I heard John Williams posts Minecraft videos on YouTube. Without the face cam, of course.
  6. I would place it in the early 2000s too.
  7. Does anybody know which scoring session this photo is from? Looks to be anywhere from the The late 1990s to 2005.
  8. The stuff going on at 0:24 is the type of stuff I can’t get enough of. I love how Williams uses gestures like this in his writing, in the abscence of a traditional melody that you can follow along. To me it’s really exciting listening to music like this, not knowing exactly where it will go, and being surprised.
  9. In the case of something like the first three Harry Potter movies, where the trailer music was also written by Williams, I would agree with that being a nice inclusion into the soundtrack album. However, in the case with something like the new Star Wars trailers, I personally wouldn’t want that being included. It’s just trailer music, produced by someone else, which happened to use Star Wars themes.
  10. It’s likely that we will never know the exact details of every cue from this score, which is fun in a way. I still can’t believe there are people who feel that Ross wrote all of it, when there are sketches of cues from this movie in John Williams’s own handwriting. And yes, I know the difference between his and that of William Ross. Ross may have conducted the hell out of it, but that’s not the reason it would sound different. The two cues have actually pretty different orchestrations and are in different tonalities. The COS version was meant to sound much bigger than the restrained Zam version. I like the COS version better too!
  11. Telling someone on the fan forum of a composer and his music to get a life for discussing said composer’s music. Makes sense.
  12. If I had to choose I would love to see more time devoted to concert music, and interesting side projects and films, rather than another Indiana Jones score.
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