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  1. Manually drawing in vibrato? I did that for years, but eventually even I realized life's too short. Why not MIDI overdub?
  2. I don't post blurry cellphone pics as memes.
  3. Little does he know the god of modern film music Hansy writes away from picture and has directors who put the music in the film anyway.
  4. Are you actually, really, seriously suggesting that producing a sequel to 3 of the best movies of all time is "no pressure"?
  5. What was the intended timbre/instrumentation? I very much want to think the recurring motif during his scenes is his theme.
  6. The Hobbit complete recordings are priority. Not expanded LOTR scores.
  7. Can't wait for the first LGBT nuances in this series, with some deluded millennial claiming "it's very much in the spirit of Tolkien".
  8. Why are the DC geeks so upset about "Snyderverse" getting cancelled? Man of Steel had mixed reactions. Batman v Superman was gobshite. And Justice League was a disaster, that took years, and another 70 million, to turn into a "too little too late" movie. Maybe get some directors that don't hate superheros would be a good start.
  9. It's fine. Yeah, and so unexpected, too, right?
  10. 2024 at the latest, all of it will be reality. That‘s a nice way of saying Americans lack taste.
  11. Rather no headline than THAT headline. Oh well, better enjoy the final days of cinema before everything will be released on stream, and studios can't be held accountable anymore for box office bombs because all that'll matter will be subscription numbers, that will be high no matter what because the streaming services will keep the classics hostage that people want to watch over and over.
  12. I'm working hard to ignore it... Justice League comics had the appeal of having a group of individuals with different characters. Snyder turned all of them into moping bores, and included Flash as Token Funny Guy. Snyder hates Superman and all he stands for. Scratch the ideals, scratch the obvious Americana, scratch the colors of the costume - one comic story gave him the excuse to finally make it BLACK.
  13. I like how some people need a Honest Trailer to admit how ridiculous this "film" is. Zack Snyder hates Superman.
  14. He has the Zimmer bullshitting down to a tee. That lazy hack took the Godzilla fanfare, changed a few notes, flattened the meter, and called it a day. Presumably to get back to finishing his Mount Everest sized Justice League turd. Hot flash for him: the entire score consists of a ridiculously large brass section.
  15. Can’t watch this anyway. Not even a streaming or on demand service showing it here.
  16. Would only give two. Raiders and Superman. The entire second list didn’t make enough impact or were attached to shitty movies.
  17. Another ignorant fool that hasn’t watched a Godzilla film in his life.
  18. Is this how it works now? You don't like someone, accuse him of one of the Three Big Rs (Rape, Racism, Rightwing), and he'll be dropped by everyone? In that case, what's Zimmer's ex's phone number?
  19. This post comes from the person who kept yelling at people for not treating the Spoiler/Non-Spoiler Star Wars Sequel threads (and others) as religiously as apartheid. I told you *exactly* the same thing when I made spoiler comments in February, about a movie that was released in December. I believe your reply was "it doesn't matter".
  20. The next one will be entirely. Kids born 2020 won’t know civilisation as we know it.
  21. Superman Returns has better CGI than Justice League as well. Yes I said it.
  22. I‘d never watch BB again. I don’t want superhero films to be depressing. They made Superman beating Zod depressing. That requires special talent.
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