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  1. Should move all the current day shite straight to video, and keep some theatres open to show the movies from when movies were actually good, and not a wagon to manipulate.
  2. Some improvise for hours and call it composition. Me, for example...
  3. Shostakovich Symphony Nr. 5 Found it a bit long-winded to be honest.
  4. Williams has become terribly stale with the underscore of his franchises, especially Star Wars and Indy. Yes, let him do a few theme suites, that's where he's best at and can apply his matured blockbuster style, and employ someone to write around that. That way, I can also not bother with the rest of the score in the first place and just keep the suites.
  5. Is this the biopic of [removed because no politics allowed]?
  6. Clever? This a guy who thinks orchestras don't need conductors, and who thinks having sampled a solo artist is as good as having that artist perform.
  7. My god, 1:05 and 2:00 onwards are fucking obnoxious. This is why I can't stand to listen to Zimmer, among many other things. How can you produce shit that sounds like a monkey is hitting the same 3 buttons with brute force over and over? It's still the sound of the first PotC movie, which was 20 years ago. Pathetic.
  8. I don't remember any MILFs in Spider-Man comics.
  9. Kirsten Dunst? Isn't she like 100 now? Is this playing in the future with Spider-Dad and his desperate housewife?
  10. Because of the OP, Google makes me choose between German and Italian, and is translating this thread automatically into German. WTH?
  11. Oh good, after Williams demanding he stay away from his Star Wars themes, Giacchino will get blacklisted by two other famous composer estates.
  12. Shore made tweaks to the live symphony after it was recorded anyway, so I don't think it's possible to do that.
  13. If I catch it on TV first, maybe there's a chance of someone making a fan edit first with a re-score. I'd watch that instead first. I'm not joking. I'd rather watch Godzilla vs Kong with temped in McCreary and Ifukube, than the actual Junk score. If I never hear it, it'll be too soon.
  14. Just watched the second half of Batman and literally this second the main titles of Batman Returns play. Still the best Main Title cue of Elfman's career and one of the best of all time.
  15. The shitty Prague recording? Pass. The original hasn't been released. The Moonraker Freefall cue on that set is cancer inducing.
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