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  1. Very sad news. Mr. Horner will live on through the music he left behind. I'm currently listening to this track:
  2. A user at FSM claims that James Horner's assistant has confirmed that Horner was the pilot. Sad and unexpected.
  3. I missed out on the first pressing. I look forward to owning it. I love the film and Williams' contribution. "It's OK with me."
  4. Eh, don't sweat that too much. I firmly believe that anyone can achieve their goals just by moving forward and never throwing in the towel, no matter what type of dead-end situation they're in. Career-wise, what are your interests?
  5. I recently purchased these albums, partly due to SAE's sale on FSM titles. VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD/BLUE DENIM (Bernstein/Herrmann) ON DANGEROUS GROUND (Herrmann) JOY IN THE MORNING (Herrmann) WHITE WITCH DOCTOR (Herrmann) HOUSE OF USHER (Baxter) THE BLUE MAX (Goldsmith)
  6. Indeed. I'd also add NEKROMANTIK. It's just not right.
  7. Looking forward to this one. Nice year for Herrmann, so far, with OBSESSION (Music Box), OBSESSION (Tadlow), BENEATH THE 12 MILE REEF (Kritzerland) and THE EGYPTIAN (LaLaLand). I'm hoping for more of those 20th Century Fox scores from Kritzerland, especially THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR and HANGOVER SQUARE.
  8. I hope the film has quality costume and makeup effects, comparable to the great work done in THE EWOK ADVENTURES films.
  9. They better erase that wooden scaffold under the bridge or I won't be happy! But it's the highest quality lumber from Endor.
  10. To be fair, the Giacchino music in the scene is already pretty comedic. Yeah, that may have had a lot to do with it. Add that to the people in the control room acting like it's a video game rather than a serious problem. I think I would have rather seen a director like Neil Blomkamp or Brad Bird behind this film, rather than Treverrow. I was excited for it at one point, but now it's beginning to look like a turd.
  11. There's really isn't anything thrilling about this scene. Compare it to the T-Rex's escape in the original film. Actually, this clip plays more like something from a comedy. They should replace Giacchino's inaudible music with the Benny Hill theme.
  12. That's my favorite STAR WARS film. Does anyone else think that this may be the last STAR WARS flick that Williams committs to? I get the feeling that he stepped in to introduce the new series, but will hand the baton off to another composer after this one.
  13. Salads from most chains are disgusting, too. Usually, the lettuce is wilted and the tomatos taste like they're made of styrofoam.
  14. Been listening to LaLaLand's THE EGYPTIAN. Fine contributions from both Herrmann and Newman. This is the first time I've heard the score in full. Williams' music for the final scene in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS reminds me a bit of Herrmann's "Prelude".
  15. Welcome! Absolutely. Being a John Ottman fan, on the other hand...
  16. Wasn't Williams one of Newman's mentors? I recall reading something like that. Maybe I'm just pulling that out of my ass, though, and have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm not sure. I like Thomas Newman, for the record.
  17. I've had their pizza twice. The first time was before their recipe "revamp", when the pizza was essentially cheese and some type of red liquid slapped onto a cardboard circle. It gave me a stomach ailment for about a week and a half. The second time, their pizza was better than before, but still awful. The pasta bread bowl has always fascinated me, though. According to Jim Gaffigan, the only ingredient missing is a suicide note.
  18. Domino's pasta breadbowl. I've never had one but I think they should be illegal.
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