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  1. I currently find March of Resistance to be more compelling. but I am fond of the flag parade because when I first got the ep 1 soundtrack, flag parade is the one track that I played on loop non-stop continuously.
  2. it's like a vii7/V in E flat major, and he skips the V completely. it's cool. I played it to myself inserting a V there before the resolution and god it sounded super dopey. it makes me think of any of strauss's glorious modulations but that's probably just because i listen to unhealthy quantities of strauss
  3. i guess we disagree. i thought the music transition was spectacular. If they didn't have the drone camera zoom out i probably wouldn't miss it, but no complaints for the music in that scene. "Rey, these are your first steps." for me the completion (finally!) of the force theme was exclamation enough.I think it handles the modulation better than ROTS did, maybe because the melody stays in motion instead of reaching an arrival point. I always get goosebumps when the bass walks down to flat VI in the second part of that phrase; and in this one he sweeps the music onward while you're still feeling that sensation, unlike ROTS where (I felt that) he lets it subside before the abrupt modulation. It worked for me.
  4. Dies irae is quoted so frequently, with purpose, that I find it hard to imagine it was a total coincidence. At the very very least, he only noticed the similarity after writing it, and decided to keep it - there's no way that could have escaped his notice.
  5. it's odd because apparently Poe was originally just killed off and left dead, but they changed it to bring him back and keep him in the story. the thing is, BB8 belongs to him. BB8 needs to be kept as a major character, which means Poe is involved or you kill him off and take his droid, right? One of my favourite parts is in the end credits medley, when they take the Finn music and segue directly into Poe's music, and keep the running ostinato going behind it. It works fantastically well. Maybe they both seem to lack development because they are linked in that way. The way Finn's 2+2+2+2+3 polymeter transforms into poe's 6/8 + 3/4 makes me feel alive, and I feel it is a lot stronger than any of the times his theme is introduced on-screen.
  6. i don't think star wars just gets handed over, cold, to somebody new. i feel like he'd bring in more help and delegate some of the writing (as he currently does with the orchestration), under his guidance, and taper off until he is just a consultant and someone else is writing. which probably means that it would not be some big name with their own identity and individual style.
  7. I suspect that the bit near the end of the credits with Rey's theme superimposed on the force theme was intended to be part of that jedi steps sequence, but ultimately didn't fit so they took it out and gave it its own spot in the credits. It would fit really well in a concert version of jedi steps. here's hoping.
  8. I've been having a blast writing stuff out by ear, but should probably just buy this
  9. horn quartet, instead of bringing in the entire orchestra for the second half, keep it just in the horns
  10. I'm doing the same, catching up on all the old ones and really enjoying it. Jimmy's growing on me. At first I felt like all he did was slow it down and take screen time away from Dave Collins, but it's really not that bad. He has some really meaningful and thoughtful things to say here and there, and the impersonations are hilarious. Dave Collins could certainly save some time and never lose content simply by avoiding the question "do you remember this one, Jimmy?"
  11. It's definitely marchable the whole way through. but a fugue in the middle is a little bit atypical for that. and on a few occasions those offbeat bass notes might cause somebody to stumble.
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