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  1. Hopefully they let the guy who wrote both Batman v Superman and The Rise of Skywalker write this show. I want quality, baby. Will they show Maul on this new show? His story already played out on Rebels (his only interaction with Obi-Wan post Phantom Menace). That question reminds me that they’re probably bringing back Fett for Mando season 2. When will Star Wars just die?
  2. Lost in Space from Lost in Space (Broughtom) Merry Men from Robin Hood (Streitenfeld) I am Iron Man from Iron Man 2 (Debney) Main Title from City Slickers (Shaiman) Roland of Eld from The Dark Tower (Holkenborg) I’m All Fired Up from Captain Marvel (Toprak ) I could go in, but those are some of the more recent ones I’ve listened to.
  3. ftfy It's the roaring 20s now - embrace the technology! Edit: I've made it to track 19 of 24 in Dolittle. One of the most nondescript scores I've heard in a while.
  4. All I know is that one dude who used to have that sexy-beach-selfie-avatar talked about some second hand knowledge he had regarding how JW felt about Giacchino’s Rogue One effort: Who knows how accurate it is though
  5. So I haven’t seen the film, but on a scale of Godzilla (1998) to the last 20 minutes of The Lost World: Jurassic Park, how bad was this Godzilla movie?
  6. And it’s not on the OST or FYC? Guess I’ll have to see the movie again lol sober this time
  7. The only person who should be scoring SW music from now on is Powell. Giacchino is blacklisted from future movies (allegedly from the maestro’s own mouth) Nobody knows who McKneely is so he won’t get hired unless Seth McFarland makes a Star Wars movie. I say give Debbie Wiseman a chance and let the fucking dice roll. LVK is a bomber score.
  8. Was I too drunk or on a bathroom break when this happened? I don’t know what scene this is
  9. I read “retire” as “rehire” and my brain shut down for about 45 seconds.
  10. I almost started listing Solo cues, but I honestly had forgotten that movie was from 2018. I'll rank my favorites, 1. As Long as He's Safe, from Dragon 2. Once There Were Dragons, from the same 3. The Rise of Skywalker, from Star Wars Nothing from Marvel movies (Far From Home was pretty good though). Definitely nothing from Avengers, which is summed up as:
  11. I’ve never been name-dropped so much in one thread before
  12. Never seen the movie (I've seen the first two), but decided to listen to this after seeing a clip online that showcased some music. It's pretty good!
  13. Say what you want about the Ewoks and the neutering of Han Solo - ROTJ is still a good, fun movie. The "getting the gang back together" first act at Jabba's palace is great. The Special Edition musical number can go jump off a cliff. Ewoks are fine... they're carnivorous little Critters, what's not to like? You know they ate the stormtroopers at the end - that's how they have all those helmets. And how metal is it that they are literally playing music using the helmets of slaughtered foes? Lots of fun. Too bad the OST sounds so muted for ROTJ. What's up with that?
  14. I credit this movie (and Empire Strikes Back) to forming my love for film score. When I was a kid, I would watch this movie almost every Sunday, late in the afternoon, with my dad. He’d be taking a nap on the couch and I’d put the VHS of this on, and we’d just watch it. Maybe a little conversation before the Nap took him over, talking about our week, how everything is going, etc. They were great times. Now I can’t watch this movie or listen to the score anymore without remember those afternoons. I’m sure it was equal parts music, action, violence, and nudity that made me love the movie so much.
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