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  1. Ooh, I wasn't expecting that Right away, track two - variant of the Emperor theme. Nice.
  2. Which Korea? West Korea is ok in my book.
  3. Just reminds me that I remember absolutely nothing about the last film. Or Skyfall for that matter.
  4. It’s a pretty misguided viewpoint to think Williams would be insulted because someone was inspired by his music.
  5. Does Links’s Awakening still have frame rate issues? Or have they fixed that in a patch yet. In semi-Nintendo related stuff, I’m starting another play-through of Skyrim on the Switch to try and satisfy my need to buy the $150 Xbox One S and get some new games. I have an urge to play Fallout 4, but Skyrim will have to suffice for now.
  6. Jimmy Fallon is peak television. It will never be topped in terms of quality, comedy, and sexual appeal.
  7. That clip is embarrassing for Star Wars. Luke never used his gosh darn blaster after he embraced being a Jedi. At least he was civilized.
  8. Soon all you’ll have to do is buy the Disney Box, hook it up, and bam - easy tv. $120 /month and you get: ESPN+ - lets you watch two out of network basketball games that you care about every year Hulu - lets you watch shows with unskippable 90 second ads every 10 minutes. And it’s always the same ad Disney Music - you can stream any music from any Disney/Marvel/Star Wars/Fox movie. But limited to only two registered devices unless you pay an extra $15 /month for the family plan. Disney Books - every month you can “rent” a book. Includes classics like Hercules and Cars 5: The Graphic Novel. this is the future. Embrace it
  9. Disney+ is proper tv now. Soon, everything you watch will be party of Disney+. No more Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, CBS All Access. It will all belong to the Mouse.
  10. Apparently there's going to be a Christmas special coming out this year, How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming. John Traunwieser is set to score it. I'm not familiar with the name, but apparently he's worked on an absolute ton of stuff. So I'm doubtful there will even be a release of the music. On a similar topic - does anyone watch that Netflix HTTYD series? Is the music any good on it? Or just typical filler music.
  11. I’m glad Disney will add this change; I kind of expected it to happen at some point given that there were a bunch of articles about it in the last week. And you’ve reminded me I need to go back and watch some of these cartoons from my childhood - Chip n Dale, Gargoyles, and others. So far I’ve only watched: Both Mando episodes 30 min of Rogue One until I got bored S1E1 of The Simpsons The Little Mermaid An episode of a random NatGeo documentary about mountain life that I quite liked
  12. I think the biggest thing to be upset about is the shitty aspect ratio of The Simpsons on Disney+.
  13. Now sit back, and get ready to experience George Lucas's definitive vision of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.
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