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  1. 32 damn tracks on this album. I miss the OSTs that could represent the music in a film with under 15 tracks.
  2. Oof, my last post was back in April. Time flies. Just wanted to say I've listen to the score twice today and thought it was nice :) See you all in another 8 months for my opinion on another score!
  3. The Simpsons will be available on Disney Plus in the correct aspect ratio by the end of May Finally. Now bring Futurama.
  4. If you didn't climax during Attack of the Clones, then something's wrong with you.
  5. Again, I can't watch it on my TV. BCS seems to be the only show that's not working on the AMC app. What a joke.
  6. You say that, but we're gonna have a trilogy of movies exploring Lando's last (kinda-sexy-ish) line "Well, let's find out."
  7. AMC isn’t working for some reason on my Fire TV. I swear it’s one of the shittiest apps out there for streaming.
  8. I think it was basically a Fight or Flight moment for Kim, and she chose to fight. When I was a kid and was caught by my parents in a lie, I would sometimes just double down and hope to talk my way out of it. Never really worked out for back then.
  9. It definitely has music... not sure I'd call it great. Serviceable. The main theme reminds me WAY too much of the Rocky movies.
  10. The first Jurassic World score is solid. There are a couple fantastic tracks in there that still make it in my current rotation. Fallen Kingdom is utter crap though.
  11. I've started a rewatch of Futurama - first time I've really watched it in probably a decade. God I've missed it - damn good television. I was pretty disappointed it didn't make it to Disney+ like The Simpsons did. Not sure if it's due to the content or some ownership issues with the show & Fox. I've had to buy the seasons on YouTube since I don't do DVDs/Blu-ray anymore.
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