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  1. Oof, my last post was back in April. Time flies. Just wanted to say I've listen to the score twice today and thought it was nice :) See you all in another 8 months for my opinion on another score!
  2. Change your mind on what? What you said isn’t an opinion.
  3. Oh yeah! Good idea, lol.
  4. Something something, if five people call you an ass, put a saddle on.
  5. Update Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as symptoms 'worsen'
  6. I don' think the problem is him posting accurate numbers. It's that most people here either 1) don't care, or 2) already are aware of the situation and how it's progressing. We read the news; we watch the news. We don't need some dude bombarding a thread with numbers that don't really add to any thoughtful discussion on the matter. It comes off as self-serving - not an attempt at genuinely trying to be helpful or promote stimulating conversation on the matter.
  7. You sound should make your own thread for these. Call it “Alex’s Covid-19 statistics that nobody else really cares about”.
  8. My thoughts and prayers go out to you as well.
  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to him.
  10. ASMR = sexual perversion. Change my mind.
  11. Fargo

    Pet Peeves

    Recent pet peeve: My wife has to teach online now, and I have to work from home for the time being. So she sets up her Zoom/WebEx conferences to meet with her kids. And she talks insanely loud into the computer. So loud. I’ve told her she doesn’t need to basically yell, but that doesn’t stop her. My ears hurt, and I can’t enjoy my Tyler Bates scores when she does it. Consider me peeved.
  12. The Simpsons will be available on Disney Plus in the correct aspect ratio by the end of May Finally. Now bring Futurama.
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