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  1. Well, it appears that the CD is available at least here: https://www.cede.de/en/music/?view=detail&branch_sub=0&branch=1&aid=17361097 Seems to be a Swiss CD merchant.
  2. The Deutsche Radiophilharmonie (German Radio Philharmonic) performed a Williams-only concert apparently this summer. There has been a television broadcast which can be found here: https://sr-mediathek.de/index.php?seite=7&id=79205 (as long there is no geoblocking). However, on YouTube there is a much longer version. Enjoy!
  3. It seems that the album will be released next month: https://www.amazon.de/Gustavo-Dudamel-Celebrating-John-Williams/dp/B07NBCJFTS/
  4. Seems to be serious. The Vienna concerts have just been cancelled without replacement. 😞 https://www.vienna.at/konzerte-von-john-williams-mit-den-wiener-philharmonikern-ersatzlos-abgesagt/5972836
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