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  1. I had the honor of interviewing Howard Shore in Rotterdam during the International Film Festival here! He told me stuff about Lord of the Rings that I did not know yet :-) If you are interested, here is the interview. https://soundtrackworld.com/2020/01/interview-howard-shore/
  2. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed 1917. https://soundtrackworld.com/2020/01/1917-thomas-newman/
  3. For who are still interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed the music. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/11/maleficent-mistress-of-evil-geoff-zanelli/
  4. I think you be staying with us on the earth for a while then Thor ;-)
  5. Oh have not seen that one Thor? It is amazing! I have tickets to the Amsterdam concert in Feb 2021.
  6. I wrote that down to highlight the impact of that fact in the score. Of course there are still some amazing scores out there if you look hard enough :-) But with that said, I also do not mind an electronic score from time to time.
  7. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed the music. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/10/hildur-gudnadottir-joker/
  8. During that piece 8 French Horns were playing It was amazing!
  9. Hmm not clear enough? I guess both. It is well used in this movie, and I consider "Battle Adagio" from Rambo (2008), which I call the veteran theme, a good piece of music.
  10. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed RAMBO: LAST BLOOD. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/10/rambo-last-blood-brian-tyler/ I did not mind the use of percussion in this score that much. It fitted the exploding heads and other gruesome scenes perfectly to be honest ;-)
  11. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed one of my most beloved scores: MONONOKE HIME: SYMPHONIC SUITE. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/10/mononoke-hime-symphonic-suite-joe-hisaishi/
  12. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/09/the-dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-daniel-pemberton/
  13. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is one of my favorite scores of the last decade. You love it, or you hate it. And of course
  14. Two things: Austin Wintory has released a new score for the game ERICA! And the release of JOURNEY on Apple devices gave me a good excuse to review Austin Wintory's music for the game :-) https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/08/journey-austin-wintory/
  15. Good to see my reports are put in good use :-) Thanks for the mention It has been a while, but my gut tells me that the subtitles were only in German during the alien conversations.
  16. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed the music. A very enjoyable show, with an outstanding score. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/08/good-omens-david-arnold/
  17. Just received an email. "Apparently it is sold out, we expect a new delivery in week 32, our apologies." Why am I not surprised
  18. Thanks for the suggestion, sadly not stateside :-) I have found a copy on a Dutch webshop. It is currently "being processed"
  19. My order from an Amazon reseller failed, and they are refunding me :-/ I need to hunt for a new one.
  20. For who is interested in my thoughts. Here is my review of the score. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/07/spider-man-far-from-home-michael-giacchino/
  21. For who is interested in my thoughts, here is my review of the score. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/07/x-men-dark-phoenix-hans-zimmer/
  22. Fallout is a score, that is like a cockroach and refuses to die.
  23. More than the Dark Phoenix score that I am reviewing at the moment. (Did I say that out load?)
  24. I couple of notes on a piano is not enough to carry a complete score for me, I am afraid ;-)
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