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  1. 1 hour ago, NL197 said:


    There was a leak of the 'film mix', taken from a template track used for the "Titanic Live" concerts. It wasn't 100% accurate to what's in the film in places, but it was so far the only source of the two cues as integrated into the larger edited sequence. All the fanmade videos and edits that'll be floating around will have used that as a source. 

    Well the video I mentioned seems to have it about right, at least better than others that I have seen. Do you think it'll ever be released?

  2. Hey guys, I realize this thread is pretty much dead but I've been trying to figure something out. In the film version of the cue "2 1/2 miles Down" there is a section of music I can't locate. It plays as the submersible is entering one of the rooms and the camera moves over to a piano and we hear some piano notes, just before it transitions into the bass line is "2 1/2 Miles Down (Alternate)". Does anybody have any idea what that is?

  3. 7 hours ago, NL197 said:


    Yes, the low strings (which play a two note bit that sounds like a precursor to Zimmer's "Batman Begins" two-note brass theme) and soft, rumbling piano before the more frantic stuff. 




    9 hours ago, MedigoScan said:


    I presume the former


    Ah. I'm never in a quiet place when I have a chance to listen to that music so I don't REALLY know what you're talking about.

  4. 1 hour ago, NL197 said:


    The film version of "A Promise Kept" uses both versions of the cue overlapping, (the version on disc 3 was originally called "A Promise Kept - 2nd part REVISED") in addition to a small section of "The Beacon: Those Who Have Gone Before" by Michael Stearns. 

    I don't think you understand my question. I'm speaking of the first part. In the movie, there are some ghostly voices that play over the opening that aren't present in the original album.

  5. 6 hours ago, Jim Ware said:


    It plays live, but most of the artificial edits created to conform the score to the finished film have been recreated musically for the performance.  It's still very choppy and not a good musical experience.

    Yeah, I see what you mean. In my opinion, it's slightly less painful to listen to the concert, because while the edits are recreated, they sound a LOT better than they do in the film. 

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