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  1. I quit this thread when First Man wasn't nominated.
  2. Who's your favorite Bangle? For me, its Vicki Peterson
  3. Possibly the most harmonic Bangles work. Everyone works well here, methinks
  4. @Richard you made my day. We needed this! This is gonna be the first thread I follow. Quite agree with the bassline, @SteveMc. The bassline is more than a bassline. Guitar work is nice too. Especially after the first chorus.
  5. I posted Happy Birthday John Williams in the Birthday Thread. I didn't see this one. Anyways, another Happy Birthday John Williams!!!
  6. I saw Jurrasic Park about 15 but then I stopped. Maybe I'll see it again on saturday.
  7. Ii2


    I prefer OST. In concert, composers tend to change the music a bit and it doesn't really sound the same.
  8. OMG. I grew up on Shrek. BTW, now that I look back, it's horrible.
  9. There goes the concert for me. Like a thousand miles away. Sorry. Sometimes my inner-milennial gets the better of me.
  10. Superman by John Williams . DAH. An iconic main melody and flowing love theme give this score my thumbs up. ***out of****
  11. Of course. There is even some pieces of his that bare resemblance to certain classical pieces.
  12. I know. All good things on my end. My punishment post was just a joke. Yeah. I'm just trying to make use of my first weeks here.
  13. Your punishment: Seven days of the lyrics of select Bangles songs flooding your PM.
  14. Now all we need is some 17-year-old freak to create the poll.
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