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  1. Your welcome. I'm not sure if it's sarcasm though
  2. I know these aren't great but I think they work better than the actual ones. I understand Disney wanting parity across the CD sets, but at what cost? Awful covers apparently.
  3. Yes, I have been looking for one under £50 on eBay in good condition for a few years. I do enjoy it very much, great music.
  4. I'm praying for The Imperial March being performed, how likely do people think this will happen?
  5. For some reason the tickets when through much quicker this time, could be because last time I used my Credit Card and this time I used my Bank Card.
  6. It's not letting you choose visually like normal for seats it's giving best available in sections only
  7. The morning the A New Hope Live went on sale I was on nearly an hour before they went on sale, was 6000th in the queue. However it wasn't just Star Wars going on sale that morning.
  8. If i had the money i'd just buy tons of tickets for us all, genuinely and sell them all at the face value. Those resale sites will be all over this.
  9. What ever you do guys don't forget to NOT refresh the page. When you get in you'll have 20 minutes to make your purchase and sometimes it can get stuck on the payment confirmation part, just let it spin round, don't refresh because it just puts you back into the queue. Good luck to you all.
  10. Really hoping the LSO play The Imperial March after the A New Hope Performance and someone comes on stage and says, "Next Year it's The Empire Strikes Back". I've never heard The London Symphony do The Imperial March Live, i'm dying to here them do it.
  11. I loved the last jedi, but everyone who comments on it seems to hate it. I feel so alone!
  12. I can hear the difference between Prequels (all sound the same), A New Hope, Empire, Jedi, Force Awakens. It's very interesting how different they sound. The Prequels are probably my least favourite recordings.
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