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  1. Really hoping the LSO play The Imperial March after the A New Hope Performance and someone comes on stage and says, "Next Year it's The Empire Strikes Back". I've never heard The London Symphony do The Imperial March Live, i'm dying to here them do it.
  2. I loved the last jedi, but everyone who comments on it seems to hate it. I feel so alone!
  3. I can hear the difference between Prequels (all sound the same), A New Hope, Empire, Jedi, Force Awakens. It's very interesting how different they sound. The Prequels are probably my least favourite recordings.
  4. I've got a big day at work tomorrow, I'm not going to sleep properly because as sad as this is, i'm that excited to hear this score.
  5. I'm 30 years old. I am like a child on Christmas Eve, I am impatient! I can't wait! I can't stop refreshing the pages! Psychoanalyse me all you want!
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