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  1. If we all play Krull with maximum volume, Mr. Horner might resurrect with force.
  2. Still I should probably wait for the qHD version to be released by Sony in Europe.
  3. Z4 or Z3+, many reviews give stellar ratings.
  4. Does anyone possess Sony? Any thoughts, for I am about to purchase one...
  5. Braveheart from beginning to end. One of the most romantic (in a wider sense) film and Horner's score is at least 50% of it.
  6. Requiescat in pace James Horner. Nos omnes tui meminerimus principis musices...
  7. What happened? No more quotes?
  8. Snobbiest? Probably not. Likely snobbier than the LSO, considering that they practically never play this kind of music. But with an equal claim to the popular title of world's best orchestra. Was it Vienna Philharmonic who did not allow women to be members of the orchestra and the last orchestra to prohibit that?
  9. I was disappointed when I heard about this War Horse, friendship between a boy and horse sounds dull as hell. Another child actor lacking future prosperity... I hope Spielberg pursues towards Lincoln. Great theme for a film and great opportunity for Williams to compose something noble with full gusto.
  10. I got it finally (with the help of my good friend). And I can feel my walls and floor trembling.
  11. 1. ID4 - David Arnold 2. Dances with Wolves - John Barry 3. Rocketeer - James Horner 4. Jurassic Park - John Williams 5. Terminator 2 - Brad Fiedel 6. Hook - John Williams 7. Braveheart - James Horner 8. Shawshank Redemption - Thomas Newman 9. Thomas Crown Affair - Bill Conti 10. First Knight - Jerry Goldsmith
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