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  1. I'm still so pissed they cut that part out of the movie.
  2. The Force Awakens is obviously the best of the score, but I always am surprised by how much everyone loves the album. The pacing feels really weird to me. I always listened to the FYC instead. Just the fact that Follow Me and The Falcon's pacing is killed the way it is to shove Rey's Theme in between made it so I rarely listened to the OST album. He explicitly stated that in an interview. Actually this.
  3. Saw the podcast pop up in one of my feeds, nice to know it's you I'll be listening to. Looking forward to this very much!
  4. So that performance was last night, huh? Was anyone there?
  5. I assumed for Last Jedi it was only because the original cut was over 3 hours, and it was done so early Williams scored the whole thing and they just cut what they didn't need, most notably that third lesson cue in the deleted scene on the home media release.
  6. Didn't TFA have never ending recording sessions too? It's just compared to TROP it wasn't a rushing to the last moment thing.
  7. Maybe they mean Oyfn Pripetshik?
  8. It seemed like they wanted to do a bigger Bond push soon....but they haven't even bothered to start looking for a new actor yet?
  9. Did anyone ever do a full transcription of the theme? Wanted to see if I could incorporate it into an arrangement of some sort, but I'm not nearly as good at transcribing as I used to be.
  10. So who did Powell know that he signed on to score such a lousy film?
  11. ...but he's on board literally because he's the Rogue One guy that saved the movie.
  12. I just don't understand why they wouldn't want to musically tie it to Rogue One... If the only reason this show exists is because people supposedly adored Rogue One, wouldn't they want to make it feel as much like that movie as possible?
  13. I can't even count the number of times I've listened to this cue, and every single time that passage makes my body tense up because of how emotionally manipulative (in a good way) it is. Every time.
  14. ...and even then, Episode 7 had tons of production problems. They had their big falling out with Lucas, they lost Michael Arndt, they had a big delay that pushed the movie from May 2015 to December 2015 which pushed everything back along with it. The funniest part is the only movie without massive production issues is the one that tore the world in half.
  15. Me too. I did a re-listen of the Disney trilogy recently, and a technique he likes to use a lot is where the trumpets play a quarter note and then the second note is the same note with plus the note a half step higher as a chord. It got grating after awhile, and I was wondering the whole time if it was something with the mix in California and how it would sound if these scores were recorded like the prequels.
  16. I guess it works better than everyone assuming it was his daughter, which is from Young Indy, right? It would just be super awkward to do the secret kid thing twice. ...though he never said in Crystal Skull that he had no kids, right? Maybe she was off at college while on his adventures with Shia.
  17. When I was a kid I wrote a letter to John Williams asking if I could play on the Phantom Menace soundtrack and the agency sent me a signed photo and some articles or something about him. It was very nice.
  18. Maybe he just doesn't remember the bad ones because of how forgettable they are.
  19. I was hearing about what a dumpster fire every aspect of this movie has been so far...then I remembered it was the film Powell was working on. How is everything such a disaster production wise but they managed to hire such a good composer?
  20. The thing I loved about The Last Jedi was the fiery discussion behind it. But once Star Wars stops being a relevant cultural force, there's nothing to talk about. The movie is over, the sequel came out. The sequel gave us nothing to talk about. There's no love and desire to wonder where we go next. Therefore, there's no reason to discuss the direction of Star Wars.
  21. See, this is interesting, because I always knew this was his intent with the movie, but this is the clearest he's ever been about it. It WAS a deconstruction, maybe more of a questioning of movies like Star Wars. Sure, the movie ultimately decided that that questioning amounted to believing in the myths and the legends like Star Wars. I think what confused people was...why are we doing this deconstruction exercise now? Why in part 8 of a 9 part story (supposedly) are we doing this questioning? The Last Jedi would have been a great standalone movie, but as part of the 9 it utterly failed...and that was all it needed to be. It failed at its role.
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