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  1. Don't forget, it was announced BEFORE TLJ came out. They were so sure it was going to be the best Star Wars movie ever to everyone that they jumped the gun here too. https://www.starwars.com/news/rian-johnson-writer-director-of-star-wars-the-last-jedi-to-create-all-new-star-wars-trilogy
  2. Before the Disney era, it was my least favorite Star Wars movie, and I left the theater disappointed, which I didn't at all with Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith. But the score was SO good. I remember being way more into it than I was The Two Towers that year. One positive thing about the movie itself, I think all the Tatooine stuff is REALLY well done. There's almost no real cheeseball stuff like there is in the rest of the movie. Even Anakin's outburst was appropriate I thought, and this: Plus the next piece: is REALLY amazing stuff. Sorely missing from the OST. I've significantly warmed on the prequels over the years, but my last viewing of this film was still super rough. With that said, for as bad of a movie as it was, and it was bad, there was a ton of positive associated with it, especially the extended media.
  3. Well, I meant The Force Awakens specifically, but I do know what you're talking about on the 1997 version.
  4. Why did I think we were talking about recordings? They might need to put me in a home. There were a bunch of alternate cue recordings out there though, right?
  5. How did they leak? Was it in a game or something? Did someone actually leak the recordings from within Lucasfilm? What's the origin of those recordings that we have them?
  6. Where did those other leaks come from anyway? I remember seeing them in album compilations people made but I don't remember when they leaked out.
  7. We never got any solid information until it was officially announced and was always a show in public. Back when it was a movie, I feel like there were some rumors that it would be a trilogy of movies. If that's the case, you're talking about six episodes to match three two hour movies. Makes a lot more sense that way, assuming a lot of it was brought over from movie form.
  8. Never actually heard anything I've liked from her, but I'll keep an open mind.
  9. Yeah, you're all talking about the TLJ and TROS albums being awful...I think I've listened to TFA's OST MAYBE twice, and the rest of the time listening to a movie chronological edit of the OST and FYC. I hated how much the concert pieces broke up the album. The biggest offender for me was Rey's theme smack in the middle of Follow Me and The Falcon. In the film edit, those two pieces flow together REALLY well, so to break it up with something slow and leisurely like Rey's Theme is a musical gut punch.
  10. Came here to say basically this. I wrote a whole love letter here awhile back about the friendship theme. It's one of the most uplifting, inspiring themes from Williams period. I freaking hate TROS as a movie (when I'm not internally denying it's existence) but the theme warms my heart completely every time. Victory theme's fine too.
  11. I once dated a girl who had nothing to do with film music at all except she owned Portman's score to Chocolat. I never really took the score to be that mainstream that someone who didn't know the first thing about film music would own it. That Godmothered score is very nice. I remember listening to it when it first released. As far as most film music these days goes, it's really top notch (again, compared to most film music these days).
  12. Didn't I read somewhere that he wrote Corellia Chase from Solo? That's a hell of a track.
  13. The level of care that goes into finding the perfect sound for these tracks on PPF's part is amazing. The DKC tracks in general are a miraculous thing where usually having them played by an orchestra makes them sound worse. They're one of the few video game scores where they take perfect advantage of the tools at their disposal. I can't even count the number of modern game scores where they're written for orchestra even though it's obvious the game doesn't have the budget for one, and they end up sounding like crap. Compare that to the DKC SNES games and they're masterpieces.
  14. When I was looking up this whole time idea regarding when Luke and Leia were born compared to Obi-Wan being 50 and looking 80, I think before the Disney canon change Qui-Gon was in something like his mid-80s in TPM, Dooku was like 120 or something, Mace Windu was in his 70s or something. Meaning all the humans looked a certain age to us but they were actually much older, probably the sci-fi explanation for medical technology advancing so people live longer. Look up some of these characters on Wookiepedia and compared their birth years in legends to in canon, it's interesting.
  15. I mean, I get that Lucas wanted to show you everything he could before there were never going to be Star Wars movies ever again, but it ended up making things a little messy.
  16. Conceived, yes, but the duel could have been later. I don't think, outside of the iconic nature that needed to be in the movie of the Vader suit, Vader had to have his suit within a day or so of turning to the dark side. Same thing with Padme dying. The extremely strong implication in Return of the Jedi is Leia knew her mother. If it's just a "the force made her remember" thing, then wouldn't Luke have "remembered" her to some point too?
  17. I think the whole thing got screwed up when Lucas insisted that we see Luke and Leia being born in Episode III. Then that forces there to be only 20 years between 3 and 4, when they already established Obi-Wan as 25 or so in TPM and Anakin in his early 20s in the subsequent two movies. Then you're stuck with 50 year old but also elderly Obi-Wan, and the super imposing dark father Darth Vader dying at 45 but being played by a 70 year old man when he takes his helmet off.
  18. Well, in Fisher's case it was only for 20 years. ...also, it took them a half a BILLION dollars to renovate the hall?
  19. Can you imagine working your ass off your entire life, busting your ass, ignoring your family, they hate you for never being there. So now you're rich, but you have nothing. How are you going to leave a legacy without your family? I know! Donate to Lincoln Center! The cultural heart of NYC! You're loaded, just throw a few million their way and they'll name a concert hall after you. Ahhh, now you can die peacefully knowing your name will live on... ...for only 20 years. Then they just wipe your name off the building and sell the new name to the highest bidder.
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