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  1. He'll talk about his Hook soundtrack and then talk about his cousin the whole time.
  2. I was totally convinced Parting Ways was. Train Heist uses the Imperial motif from ANH, no Williams. Then you have L3 and the Millennium Falcon that uses the big statement of the main theme for the reveal, that's another one just off the top of my head.
  3. Ah, I can see that. I think it's safe to say at this point that the tracks listed as Williams are cues composed by Williams, not just something like crediting him when his themes are used, right?
  4. I thought its inclusion in the end credits suite was dumb, but the performance was fantastic.
  5. You're right about the fact that Abbey Road makes a big difference. The playing by the LA studio players is SO good, it's almost too good. See: the unnecessary Imperial March in the credits of TROS. Maybe one of the best performances of the piece. But whenever I think of the prequel scores, I imagine how freaking majestic the trumpets sound in TPM. Unforgettable.
  6. Two notes about this track: The section at 2:05 I don't think is supposed to be anything. It's meant to sound like it's going to end up being something but isn't, like the characters are thinking all these partial thoughts but unable to form anything complete. It's just emotions flying all over the place. Rey's theme not long after that? Every time I hear it in the track, it sounds like it's going to be Palpy's theme instead. Brilliant use of the similarities.
  7. I fell out of Williams a bit after 2005 and really came back for TFA, so I don't know how much that influences me saying TFA is far and away the best score he's done in the 2010s, but I will say it was a joy going back and exploring what I missed with an open mind. It wasn't the Williams I left in 2005, but it was fantastic in its own way.
  8. In all fairness, the Darth Talon thing has always been talked about every time we hear about Lucas's sequel plans. Lucas goes from fascination to fascination for things in the EU. I think that's why he went so heavy on Coruscant for the prequels, or he got super involved with the whole Starkiller thing.
  9. Bear's probably been at the top of my list for Star Wars after the composers we've already heard from.
  10. That's a big YUP from me. I'm in NY, and there are people here ready to destroy that guy because they have family members that were unnecessarily killed by long term care home policies.
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