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  1. I mean, you also have to consider they didn't bother putting the isolated score track on the blu ray. That was the last time I was getting bamboozled by their home media releases.
  2. How much you wanna bet it's just going to be a compilation of those interviews from right before the movie came out?
  3. I'm so bummed I have to miss film night for a wedding this year. Empire live with the Pops isn't a bad consolation prize.
  4. We go see them all the time. They're a wonderful orchestra and a comfy venue. We're going to Return of the Jedi in a couple weeks with them.
  5. I've been doing a lot of arranging lately, and I'm not nearly as good at transcribing as a lot of people are. Is there any good resource out there for transcriptions people have done for Williams scores? PDF format, MIDI format, or even editable Finale/Sibelius files would be awesome. I've found lots of old, meh quality MIDIs of mostly Star Wars scores on what looks like 90s Geocities sites, but assumed there would be much more of that... or is it the sort of thing that's frowned upon or the record labels try to clamp down on? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. I'm sure he means as its presented in the last part of the The Force Awakens end credits.
  7. Any guesses on when they'd put out a score for something from The Rise of Skywalker? Anxious to get my hands on one.
  8. Those were all the same lightsaber. In Luke's case he was just a vision anyway and in Rey's case here they just fixed it. That's why the middle looks patched up.
  9. I must have listened to it 3-5 times this morning in a row. I haven't done that with a piece of music in a LONG time.
  10. My only two questions are 1) Is it a new recording of the main title 2) Any needledropping like Rey catching the saber in TFA or most of the second half of the prequel trilogy?
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