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  1. Rinzler has very special access to Lucasworld. That's why he was able to write the books about his movies that he did. ...and why Disney wanted to shut him up.
  2. Not necessarily true. Lucas was meeting with Hamill, Ford, and Fisher before the Disney acquisition. Also, three great scores doesn't change the fact that the movies themselves were awful.
  3. People should state their dissatisfaction with things. Not doing that has given us years and years of mediocre, uninspired film making. ...and for the few that do speak out, they're shouted down by the companies and their shills as bad people for stating a valid opinion. More prominent people should say what we all know but some are afraid to say. Hold the artists to a higher standard. It's the only way the culture advances. There. That's my soapbox for the day.
  4. The best part is just like every "epic" cover, they get an interval wrong in the theme.
  5. Jay linked this among others in the Dune thread and somehow I ended up on that amazing prediction and just had to share!
  6. I saw Silvestri talking about this a lot on Instagram but I think I blew it off, assuming I was on pills when I saw it.
  7. Didn't sound like it. I thought you were making the point that it was all chopped up. I was saying it seemed like it fit perfectly as is.
  8. I am happy it's Newman. He's good, and like a lot of composers his age, can write wonderful, luscious music when given the chance. James Newton Howard is another one. Dudamel I don't mind. It's neither here nor there. I was just surprised it was so important that he'd conduct when they were so symbolic about a New York orchestra performing the score that they went with him as conductor.
  9. I don't care if HE wanted to do it, I wanted him to do it! That's what matters!
  10. Oh, I actually liked that one quite a bit. I only saw it once. Knowing me, if I watched it again, I'm sure I could find tons of stuff to dislike.
  11. I loved Moulin Rouge, didn't see Chicago, Les Mis was good minus Wolverine, La La Land SUCKED. It wasn't even that it was pretentious. It was that it was tonal whiplash. One minute it was doing a bad impression of a golden age musical, and the next it was a cynical modern movie. It didn't blend the two tones into something good and new. It was a salad as opposed to a stew. I hope the arrangements are at least good in WSS. I'm still SO bummed it's not Williams though. Too much history with him and Bernstein to have missed this opportunity. Spielberg should have made that a priority somehow.
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