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  1. No context, and missing a lot and I still really like it. There are some POWERFUL moments in there.
  2. I'm a Last Jedi hater but I love the score, and this is already better than that score. God bless him for not phoning it in for the last one.
  3. I've heard of people not liking the Attack of the Clones score before, but I think this if the first time I've heard someone say Revenge of the Sith was subpar. I still think the second half of that film's score was Williams hitting some next level writing I've never heard from him before.
  4. Yeah. Trailer drums aside, when I saw the spot I came here to see if anyone else thought so.
  5. I don't think Nathan was ever in the running. They're using the term "lose out" because he lost out as soon as it was Star Wars.
  6. Lights Camera Music is only of my favorite compilations period. Across the Stars was a huge disappointment.
  7. After that AR Star Destroyer video's music, I don't feel comfortable making any of these predictions anymore.
  8. Am I allowed to ask if you're willing to share any of the new music?
  9. I already forgot half of the answers I gave. Luckily it has us all on the record. This'll be fun.
  10. I haven't seen any at all yet. The Star Wars Twitter page posted one tweet today and that's it. It wasn't even promoted. The weird thing about it is nobody knows what the hell the movie is about, and after the last movie, you'd think they'd go a little overboard to win people back, which means showing them a little more. It used to be that you could just show the Star Wars logo on the screen and people would show up, but its not like that now.
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