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  1. How many of you, like me, just watch RPGs on Youtube for the story? I don't enjoy the grinding and slow gameplay of the vast majority of RPGs, and the stuff people really put emphasis on in those games is story, music, art, and all of that can be gotten from just watching someone play. It's like the modern internet version of just watching your older brother play it instead.
  2. Beat Saber is easily the best game in VR. How'd they mess up the rhythm of the Mandalorian theme?
  3. The point of this new trilogy was to show her younger, right? So there shouldn't be much of a conflict, is there? I don't even pay attention to the stories. The game just wasn't fun to play for me. It's as basic and simpleton as that for me.
  4. Agreed. It's a weird thing. I can and have gone into hyper specific detail about why I like Mario 3D World more than Mario Odyssey, because I'm so familiar with the series, but for Tomb Raider it's a different story. I played through two and a half of the new ones once. The first game was interesting and entertaining enough to finish. The second was exciting and hard to put down, and for the third something just didn't click and I keep stopping whenever I try to play it. I can't exactly tell you WHY I have such a hard time playing it, but when you feel that way, I guess
  5. Apparently I missed this. Someone mentioned it and I had to look it up: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/one-hour-after-biden-inaugurated-who-changes-covid-testing-criteria
  6. I played a lot of the first three, and second reboot, plus Rise. I have Shadow, but I'm having tons of trouble getting into it. Never really touched the rest.
  7. (I somehow never knew there were more than 3 on PS1)
  8. That's definitely not Gen 9. If it was, there would be new starter Pokemon.
  9. I agree. It's especially obvious during it's big statement during the Fathier part.
  10. I wonder how much they paid to make it PS5 exclusive, knowing it would move consoles.
  11. It should be pretty simple to do, especially since they know so much about which controller you're using they can tell you which color it is. Joycon or Pro Controller.
  12. Beats me. It makes no sense. It's motion controls for catching when on the TV, but you can't use a pro controller, and it's button controls in handheld mode. Neither TV nor handheld lets you use the pro.
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