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  1. Jedi Power Battles proves it's still a great piece even without choir!
  2. Really? It always seemed like the obvious main theme of the score. So DOTF was done without choir?
  3. That's the oboe player, and he was in the middle of practicing the solo from Throne Room at the time. That last pic of Williams conducting is right on the last bit orchestra hit from Asteroid Field.
  4. A few more from the camera that I had to upload from Saturday: Not half bad for pictures from the lawn, huh?
  5. I finally got my camera pictures uploaded, so here's a little insight to this question specifically:
  6. Yes! That was the other thing we were cracking up at. I felt like by the encores he was super tired but he was also having such a good time he wanted to do all three of them (I have to upload my pictures from the old digital camera we brought. Imperial March actually had the words "if needed" or something like that on it. Also, what the hell are you going to say about ET at this point that hasn't already been said? ET!.mp3 My wife was so happy to hear Anakin's Theme, and she really hates Star Wars. It was such a nice thing to hear too, since it's one of the more ignored fully fleshed out Star Wars themes. When they got to Imperial March at the end, my wife leans over to me and says "...they played the nice version earlier." Maybe we can get something planned a little better next year so we can have more than three of us together at a time.
  7. Yeah, the orchestra was on freaking fire during DotF. Definitely a few musicians that grew up with Phantom Menace in there. I will say, the one cute old man thing he did that my wife got a kick out of was when he was introducing Helena's Theme, it was like he ran out of things to say about it so after a slight pause he just goes "......okay......" and turns around to start the piece. okay.mp3
  8. Maybe they shouldn't have accepted my order then.
  9. I just ordered it yesterday from JW Pepper. I guess we'll see what happens.
  10. Yah, I met Foxfan, and I was about to say hi to Smeltington since we were wearing the same shirt, but someone pushed me out of the way with everyone rushing to take pictures up there. Sorry I missed you!
  11. You weren't the other guy with the Star Wars font Music by John Williams shirt, were you?
  12. I could barely hear the chorus in Duel of the Fates from where I was in the lawn right next to the shed on the left. Curious to hear a recording of the show for that reason alone. I’ll go over things more in depth later, but that was the most energetic I’ve EVER seen Williams live. He was constantly trying to get the orchestra to speed up and catch up with HIM.
  13. I'll be there. I'd love to meet Jay finally after antagonizing him in the Nintendo thread for so many years.
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