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  1. Why is the thread title about Kinect SW and the body is about Battlefront? To answer your question, the ending is the end of Scherzo For X-Wings.
  2. Whenever I think about the sequel scores, I think of those loud trumpet chords played on the dry recordings. When I think of the prequels, I think of that regal sound sounding like they're performed in a huge temple.
  3. The only thing worse was Yoda fighting the Emperor. They took the scariest dude ever and made him even worse of a joke than Yoda.
  4. I never understood the love for the TFA OST. The first thing that sticks out in my head is shoving Rey's Theme in between Follow Me and The Falcon, breaking up the pacing so much. I always had a hard time listening to the OST and once we started making expanded versions with the FYC I don't think I've gone back to the OST since.
  5. Trying to figure out what the original intention is, what changed and when, and how different it became and why is as fascinating as the movie itself isn't.
  6. I think the running theory, which I subscribe to, is that Palpatine being behind it all was supposed to be a climax or 11th hour reveal instead of using it to promote the film first thing so prequel memers go to the theater. AoE was going to be like a mystery theme of the movie, when they'd talk about "Who's this dark force behind all this? What's going on?" I really love the march version in the credits. I think the concert version of it would have been served better as a march. It's much more performable for one, but it's also much more listenable. The concert version on the CD
  7. I mean, the Disney trilogy can't be a complete throwaway. We got three full, brand new John Williams Star Wars scores out of them. That by itself is huge. That's why people who (rightly) complain about the movies, then add in that Williams music is awful and forgettable and there are no new themes are fools. It's the all or nothing approach that takes away from good, legitimate complaint and criticism.
  8. You're assuming I mean plot wise. There might be a certain things that I'd argue are natural ways a story should go, but it's really not that. It's the idea that you'd set up something and then tell people none of it matters, its all stupid, and then go around in interviews telling someone they're closed minded and a fool for wanting something to be a certain way and if you don't accept this new era of how things are, you're a retrograde and worse. Plot wise there were lots of ways it could have gone that would have been satisfying. The problem is they chose all the least interest
  9. Between this thread bumping and the Abrams quote that I assume spurred it, I'm still really upset at what happened to Star Wars. I thought I was over it, but I guess I'm not. Haven't really thought about Star Wars since the end of Mando season 2 where I saw that show going exactly where I was afraid it would. ...at least it wasn't a rejection of what came before it. Granted, if you look at the Disney trilogy as what came before it, I guess it does do that. Star Wars is at war with itself to this day. It's actually kind of fascinating. That's why people are so drawn into behind the
  10. He's just such a master at arranging golden age musical theater songs. Between this arrangement, which I mentioned before having come up recently TWICE separately because it's so good, and Fiddler on the Roof, it's almost a crime he was unable to do West Side Story. On top of all that, with his relationship with Bernstein, what a bummer it was they wouldn't wait for Williams to be available. I'll never let that one go.
  11. Very modern, but I definitely liked it. It's very creative and doesn't feel like a stretch.
  12. We were just talking about this piece's inclusion in the movie two weeks ago, then this past week with the community band we played this awful arrangement of the Temple of Doom arrangement of Anything Goes, so that's weird it would come up a third time so soon. To answer the question, it's always been an essential part of the Temple of Doom listening experience.
  13. My wife has a medical issue with it. I'm not trying to start a fight. I'm just curious as to if the policy has changed because of the CDC.
  14. Their masking policy hasn't changed with the CDC 180, has it? We'd want to go if we don't have to wear masks the whole time.
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