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  1. Since the new stuff sucks, I've been reading a lot of the old novels I never read back in the day. Most of it really scratches the itch. I'm on book 4 of the X-Wing novels, did the Thrawn trilogy and Plagueis. Anyone want to discuss? I'll add that I've been using the audiobooks too. I don't know why they chose what they did for Wedge's voice in X-Wing.
  2. I'm kind of confused about what he's saying here. Is he implying that the island itself is a sort of an afterlife? I know thematically it was presented as one from the premiere ("It doesn't matter who we were") and all that, but I think he was saying the Not Penny's Boat thing was knowledge from the afterlife... ...or the show really doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
  3. I think it's fair to be a little picky about the follow up to one of the best games ever. Expectations were high, and for good reason.
  4. I have such a love/meh relationship with this game so far. I don't remember if I actually did post here that I was expecting as much from it, but that I'd still play the ever loving crap out of it...and I have. The game is a $70 expansion, there's no doubt about that. With that said, just about everything is objectively better than BOTW from graphics, gameplay, music, etc. but you just can't replicate that first experience of exploring a world like BOTW, especially when the map is the same here. I know too much already, there's no mystery left. It's hard not to compare the two too, especially being a direct sequel in the same map. ...but again, it's all I've done in my downtime for the last two weeks.
  5. Vile list. Here's what it is so you don't have to give them clicks: 15. Victory Celebration, Return of the Jedi 14. Obi-Wan Kenobi Theme 13. The Book of Boba Fett Theme 12. Andor Theme 11. Niamos! (Morlana Club Mix), Andor 10. Across the Stars, Attack of the Clones 9. The Mandalorian Theme 8. Yoda's Theme, The Empire Strikes Back 7. Rey's Theme, The Force Awakens 6. Princess Leia's Theme, A New Hope 5. Cantina Band, A New Hope 4. Binary Sunset/Force Theme, A New Hope 3. Duel of the Fates, The Phantom Menace 2. The Imperial March, The Empire Strikes Back 1. Jedi Rocks, Return of the Jedi Main Title, A New Hope
  6. That's why I specified Star Wars style and not John Williams style. Most of the guys writing the original music still tapped on a style for Star Wars that didn't necessitate you sounding just an imitation of JW. They use a Star Wars style as a base and branch out from there, but they're always tied to that base no matter where else you go musically.
  7. In fairness, there are a lot of video games that fit the bill very nicely too. See, that's the thing. Obviously all the points above about how its just inevitable that Williams music won't be in Star Wars much longer is true, but it ignores the fact that until Disney took over, there was still a Star Wars style that was easily recognizable. I don't get the justification for stuff that sounds anti-Star Wars.
  8. All I want to know is if that big rumor about Helena redoing all of Indy's adventures is true or not.
  9. My feelings as well. I think there was more in the full leaked clip. Hell, we've heard it even before this scene in Helena's Theme where it quotes that little bit from Marion's Theme. At the time we thought that was referring to something about her character but it looks pretty certain that that's not the case now that we know more about her. Come on, you know what people are talking about. It's directly taking little clips from those previous scores. It's not just intervals and you know it.
  10. Mainstream Star Wars fans didn't watch Andor to even have an opinion on the score.
  11. Holt's score was that bad. Even in my own circles, I had Star Wars fans who really had at best 101 level knowledge of the music point out how bad the music was in that show. Unless it's Williams and talking about how great it is, nobody really brings up the music.
  12. I really think it's as simple as the people left in charge of Star Wars don't know anything about the brand. They're Kennedy hires who inherited this thing they never cared for in the first place and know nothing about. I often point out how nobody knows and obsesses over this stuff like we here do. Even with that, normal people who know and love Star Wars knows and adores Star Wars music by John Williams. Lego Skywalker Saga is a great example of this. Musically is a straight up downgrade from Complete Saga. Complete Saga just used Williams Star Wars music, but they did it RIGHT. The people who worked on the game knew Star Wars music to the point where the opening crawls for each chapter were the right recordings based on what movie that chapter was from. Fast forward to the modern age with Skywalker Saga and all 9 movies use the '77 version of the opening crawl, because the people in charge couldn't care less. Then, on top of that, instead of just using Williams music, the game is riddled with what sounds like a bad AI imitation of JW Star Wars music. So it's really not a lack of money or lack of ability, it's a lack of knowledge which leads to a lack of caring.
  13. You mean you guys didn't buy it from the New Zealand eShop? I've been playing it since 8am eastern on Thursday.
  14. $$$$$$$$$$ A re-release of a beloved movie makes you bank, and it did in this case. A soundtrack release doesn't make you nearly as much, no matter how much we here desperately want it.
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