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  1. They say there was another player on the helicopter. LeBron James has not tweeted for 17 hours.
  2. A shame. Only 41 and a father to several children.
  3. Why not just stream it on Hulu in hidef and use PlayOn to record mp4 files? It is legal if it's for your own use. Don't support the sale of the obsolete DVD format.
  4. woj


    A killer plague in China? Sounds like nature's own population control.
  5. I got my tickets yesterday. There were at least 400 people in front of me in line, so I waited from 10:04 to 11:17 before I concluded my purchase. By then, only seats in the gallery were available in the quantity I wanted, but that's why I keep binoculars in the car.
  6. Did anyone receive their soundtrack CD yet? I was so excited to be getting a new Ron Jones album, then that fell through and I forgot all about it. It's one of two Indiegogo disappointments that I never received.
  7. Say what you want about the actress now, the character is timeless and needs to be part of the journey.
  8. Sad. Say hi to Graham for us.
  9. I'm just amused at the "mothers" outraged over the word "damn" in a Burger King commercial.
  10. Why aren't the track titles in 1x13 and 2x10 censored?
  11. The software inside the android might be Data or enough of him, but the hardware is B-4. A prototype. They could explain that he would age more dramatically than the later Data model. I don't know why because changing outer appearance requires more resources and a dynamic skin, but it's scifi. Look at any desktop computer that you might have lying around from the 1980s. Aside from dirt and dust, it didn't get wrinkled. Data's body is space dust.
  12. I love that Netzero is still free. Truly great defenders of the free internet.
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