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I am here ! :nod:

To my knowledge, I only know about one fan club and it is in Japan : http://jwfc.oc.to/

JWFC was established in 1983 and was officially recognizedby Mr. Williams in 1987 when he made his first trip to Japan on a concert tour with The Boston Pops Orchestra.

In 1993, JWFC held a huge 10th anniversary party. Mr. Williams was in Japan with The Boston Pops at the time and JWFC took the opportunity to invite him to the festivities. Our members had a wonderful time with him!

I want we do the same ! :)

- But alors you are french ?

- You are not english ?

De Funès - Bourvil - La Grande Vadrouille

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I don't remember what it's called, but I know there is a French JW fanclub. Michael Kamen gave them an interview that was reprinted in FSM. I'll try and find the name.

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Bonsoir :blink: ...

since the last ten years, JW gave a LOT of interview for a french magazine who is now out of print and not published anymore called DreamToDreams and who was the official james horner fan club in France. few years later , the magazine has been bought by a press company who renamed it as symphonia . now, both magazine don't exist anymore , unfortunatly.i still have all the JW interview in french somewhere ...

bonne soirée !!

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