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Heartbeeps Blu-ray.com review raves about Williams score


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One of the most enchanting elements of the production is the memorable music score composed by the great John Williams (Jurassic Park, Star Wars). The music to Heartbeeps is simply incredible and one of the best reasons to see the film. There is a beautiful simplicity to the music. The music will stay in audience's minds long after the credits roll. Charming, breezy, and heartfelt, Williams crafted a top notch score to this underrated science-fiction delight.


Heartbeeps is a much more engaging experience than one might expect going in to the film. The concept seems a bit "out-there" and old-fashioned for a futuristic science-fiction story. Even so, something about Heartbeeps simply manages to charm and delight. The fantastic score by John Williams helps, of course. 




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Wow, is it out on Blu-ray? Must be the Andy Kaufman connection; otherwise this would have been forgotten to the annals of time. 


Nice that the score got a shout-out. It's a charming, albeit cheesy and dated score in places. It's a big mystery to me how and why Williams did this turkey right in the midst of his "Golden Age". Must have been some personal connections to someone in the crew (haven't read the liner notes of the Varese CD in a while, perhaps it's explained there; I've forgotten).

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I just bought this but my PS3 doesn't play it🤦‍♂️ I have many other movies bought from US that work fine. That's why I always thought it is region free player. 


3 hours ago, Sandor said:

I think the 'Love Theme' from the film is one of Williams' best themes from his lesser known 80's scores. It's such a classy, long lined melody. 


Heard best at 2:04



It is a wonderful melody, some 70's vibe in it!! 

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