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John Williams Compilation, Suggestions Needed


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I'm currently working on a playlist of music from John Williams for a friend.


I have been playing Williams music for the office for years and she has come to love him. I want highlight the variety of what he can do with some tracks that maintain the lush orchestral qualities which she seems to connect more with. I'm working on it this weekend and hope to have it finalized by tomorrow night.


Some I'm already thinking of are:
Cinque's Theme - Amistad

The BFG - The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration, Part III

Hook: The Lost Boys Ballet - The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration, Part II


I want cues that are more obscure and not normally found on compilation albums. And definitely more variety that what I shared above. What would you suggest?

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9 minutes ago, Marian Schedenig said:


You want to put a Vangelis cue on a Williams compilation?


Ha! Got that off of a compilation.  Didn't realize.  Good call.

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5 hours ago, Turbo said:

the lush orchestral qualities which she seems to connect more with.

The Ballroom Scene from Witches of Eastwick

Anything from Jane Eyre

Something from Far and Away.

I don’t know if the Land Race is lush, but it’s certainly big and orchestral and deserves to be on compilation albums but isn’t.  


Ancestral Home from the River.  

Id probably mine something from Stepmom

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The Homecoming from War Horse

Night Journey from Dracula

A.I. Theme from A.I.

Theme from Sabrina 

Suite for Cello and Orchestra from Memoirs of a Geisha

Jim's New Life from Empire of the Sun

Avner and Daphna from Munich

Rey's Theme from The Force Awakens



Or you do it just like @Jurassic Shark proposed and buy her the Spotlight CD.

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Definitely either Dartmoor or Homecoming from War Horse


Maybe The People's House form Lincoln


Might as well include The Long Road To Justice too

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If you want to highlight variety, I'd also include:

  • Look Down, Lord from Rosewood
  • The Football Game from Sleepers
  • Blood Moon from Images - and if you want the really hardcore stuff, some other track from that score as well
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There's also:

  • Main Title from The Fury
  • Anderton Great Escapes from Minority Report
  • The Key from How to Steal a Million
  • Theme from The Eiger Sanction from The Eiger Sanction
  • The 1960's: The Turbulent Years from Nixon
  • Pulling the Canon from War Horse
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All great suggestions... you might find some inspiration for some off the beaten track suggestions from an episode of Sound of Cinema (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000kmz1) which goes through a selection of his music beyond Spielberg and Lucas.


I always wished someone would do a JW: Rare and Unreleased that was more or less a compilation of the kind of thing featured on the above show. So, no Spielberg or Lucas, but also no Harry Potter, maybe even ignoring the Home Alone scores, but just all those less well known films he's scored, including things like Irwin Allen (ideally a suite from some of the TV shows as well as the themes, as well as from the movies). I feel tempted to put together my own, but never got round to it.

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"The Arrival of Tink/Flight to Neverland" and/or "Remembering Childhood" and/or "The Ultimate War" ("To War" if you have the LLL release) from Hook


The concert suite from SpaceCamp


Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra from Last Crusade

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I just wanted to come back and say thanks for the suggestions. Due to the time constraint I looked at my library and found tracks that I rated better than others. I then sequenced them and listened to the sequence several of times. It tends to flow pretty well. This is what I settled on:


Princess Leia's Theme From Across The Stars With Anne-Sophie Mutter
Cinque's Theme From Amistad
Overture From Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Swing, Swing, Swing From 1941
Sylvester Joins The Group From Rosewood
The Plane From Empire Of The Sun
The Next Morning / Mom Returns / Finale From Home Alone
Leaving Home From Superman: The Movie
The Lost Boys Ballet From Hook
The BFG Suite
You Are The Pan From Hook
Joseph's Dream From Far And Away
Journey To The Island From Jurassic Park
Over The Moon From E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
The Ancestral Home From The River
The Penitent Man Will Pass From Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
The Reunion From A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Home Again From SpaceCamp


I edited most tracks in one way or another and labeled this volume one. I'm grateful for the suggestions and will take a deeper listen to work on volume two.

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