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  1. I don't hear anything.
  2. BFG, but your point stands either way.
  3. All of us are just wildly speculating, but here is another wild speculation. Johnson began editing the film in August. There is a good chance Williams is scoring a near-final edit. Any other film would require no more than 3 months of editing and be locked. It is just that SW has a weird release date that there is more time between post-production and release. Accustomed to Lucas's and JJ's indecisiveness, people here are assuming any director would keep making substantial edits over that period, which would affect the score. Maybe Johnson is not Lucas or JJ (or maybe he is, again, just speculating).
  4. Its okay. The guy assumes from the tweet mentioning Johnson is editing to Williams's music was fact. Given that it now looks like the tweet was nothing but pure speculation, I am not sure of the point of the video.
  5. I think it is a well-executed movie, but in terms of profundity, I have seen Artificial Intelligence stories done better on Outer Limit episodes, not to mention Data from ST. It just feels like rehash in that regard.
  6. Had WotW been released in early 2002, it might have worked However, to make a movie that self-consciously tries to tap into fears of terrorism in the way it did 4 years after 9/11 is just ridiculous. No 8 year old girl in 2005 would have been yelling "is it the terrorists." I think Spielberg wants to have a deep message in many of his films post SL, but he just doesn't have anything profound to say.
  7. There is a lot of wisdom in this post.
  8. It would be cool if Williams scores all nine episodes for him to record a 2-cd definitive suite for SW. Probably asking too much, but who knows.
  9. I remember many not liking it because it "did not fit the character." As a criticism of the score in film, I get that. As a criticism of the music itself, I cannot even begin to wrap my head around it.
  10. It is an excellent theme and I wish Williams and others would program it more. However, I cannot understand why people actually care if he classifies it as a love theme or otherwise--the music is the same either way.
  11. Not to be overly technical, but is this really a "score."
  12. I am a bit confused on the nature of the conspiracy. There are plenty of concert versions Williams has pulled from the public domain over the years. Does the conspiracy extend to all of them?
  13. To put on my old man hat for a moment (actually, it doesn't come off), part of the reason for that was back in the day, we did not have ready access to Williams concert versions. You either attended a concert or you waited for a CD. Now, with youtube, etc. we quickly hear the concert versions of BFG, Warhorse, etc, so cd releases have less of an impact. In short, this generation is spoiled.
  14. I attended one of these concerts in Pittsburgh a couple years back. It was mostly the standards, but he did include the Cowboys overture and BotFJ. He speaks a lot at these (compared to other concerts I have attended with him). That alone makes the concert worth attending, at least for me.