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  1. Many of the changes go well beyond subtle: different orchestrations, fairly extensive extension of the second thematic movement, elimination of the one the OST themes.
  2. My guess is most members do not know this is available. As Bespin noted in the Tanglewood thread, it can be found here: https://www.bso.org/mediacenter It was performed during the Tanglewood on Parade concert.
  3. I am not aggrandizing anything and how a comment by a nobody on the internet could cheapen JW's legacy is beyond me. Typically directors have a say, and usually the final say, in who composes music for their films. In the case of the new trilogy that simply is not the case. It is Williams choice to take or leave the assignment. Thus, there is a real factual difference in the relationship between director and composer versus the vast majority of other films. As for being beholden to a vision, you are right, but the deeper point is that Williams created the musical part of that vision in the first place, which is why the above relationship is what it is. Obviously, any of these directors are going to prefer Williams as their first choice either way.
  4. It means there is a 0 percent chance Williams score can be rejected. The director is at his mercy, so to speak. here is the Variety article: http://variety.com/2016/film/news/star-wars-episode-viii-release-date-1201684136/
  5. When it comes to SW, these directors are working on a Williams picture, not vice versa. VIII was originally a May release. It was pushed back due to a last minute rewrite of the script (evidently, to expand upon the VII character arcs).
  6. I just saw the movie. My two biggest plot related issues are as follows: one) where did the 1000s of pilots come from for the enemy bees, and two) how would camouflaging the old ship do anything? If anything, it would have told the bad guys exactly where she was (since it was their ship).
  7. I realize it a huge longshot, but maybe everything is going faster than expected, and they are again aiming for a May release.
  8. I think the bit about he not wanting anyone else to compose for Daisy confused the audience. They did not really applause when he announced episode VIII. Clearly they would have had they understood.
  9. Williams just confirmed he will be scoring episode VIII at the Tanglewood concert (at least I am almost certain he said it). He will see a first print in a couple of weeks.
  10. the concert will be done around 10:30, but you will likely be in the parking area for another hour or two.
  11. It would be cool if Williams provided a fleshed out "Han Solo" theme for the composer to use, but it such things are doubtful to happen.
  12. Obviously, he will be most remembered for his film (and maybe Olympic) music, but let's not undersell his concert works. A few of those concertos (bassoon, harp, tuba, cello) have a good shot of being played 50 years from now. Compared to other "serious" composers of his generation, that will still place him in the top five.
  13. Happy to see American Journey getting some love. We need a proper recording of the concert versions of the pieces.