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  1. It was America the Dream Goes On, which is a bit over the top both musically and in terms of its lyrics.
  2. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    This will how it will be for Williams from here on out. Spielberg will do his best to work around William's requirements. I hope the SW directors are willing to do the same.
  3. Gloria Cheng Interview

    It seems reasonable that she would have mentioned to Williams himself that JWfan was instrumental in making Montage happen. that is kind of cool.
  4. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    I am beginning to get really excited about this score.
  5. Gloria Cheng Interview

    In terms of him posting a link to the interview.
  6. Gloria Cheng Interview

    As mentioned on the main page, the recent Indy Cast is devoted to an interview with Gloria Cheng. Perhaps Richard is too humble to mention it, but she discusses the important role JWfan played in helping her Kickstarter campaign for Montage.
  7. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    The main title was big, but I don't remember the force theme itself being whistled or whatever half-ass measure we are using. Further evidence of that is Williams numerous concerts of his big themes did not include the force theme. The inclusion of it in the throne room was 1990 or so.
  8. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    It is a quote from the little known show Seinfeld. As to why, just my way of treating the conversation with the degree of seriousness it deserves. People criticism Rey's theme because it will not be remembered 20 years from now? Come on, that is only evidence 20 years from now. We cannot use our speculations about the future as real evidence of anything in the present. Maybe it will be remembered, maybe not, we just have to wait. I doubt the Force theme was an instant classic in 77 (though Luke's theme was), but it has endured.
  9. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    The dumbest guy in my fraternity became an architect after failing out of dental school.
  10. That was a wonderful little interview with great insight by Williams into some of his concert works. His connection to the Violin concerto is quite touching.
  11. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    I had the idea for double-stuffed Oreos like 10 years before they did.
  12. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    The latest recording tweet again mentions the flute, which I am guessing is the instrument of choice for Sophie's theme--looking forward to it.
  13. It would have been nice to hear the concert version of Jedi steps, but this was great. I really like the extension of Poe's theme in the finale.
  14. Spielberg's quote has me looking forward (well more so) to the score. I hope he told Williams to go big as well.
  15. Might the second trailer will air before Disney's The Jungle Book, which opens in two weeks?