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  1. you can generally attend rehearsal, but they will charge you admission, even if you have a ticket for the real show.
  2. I guess only a minute and a half were composed on that day.
  3. You never listened to the Today Show opening, even when you were a schoolboy.
  4. Impression Question

    Not sure if this deserves its own thread, but I have a question for the group. Had the end credit track, Sophie and the BFG, never been part of a movie score and simply released as a Williams concert work, would your impression be different? It doesn't have the big arc or emotional swells we associate with his scores, particularly fantasy scores, and thus seems like a minor letdown. However, had I heard this as some random concert piece he wrote about his granddaughter or something, I would have immediately experienced it as a topnotch piece. While my question is framed by the BFG, it is not really a BFG question. More one of how our expectations and preconceived ideas affect our listening experiences.
  5. It is nice to hear the orchestra. I think a studio performance would bring it out even better. It is like 70's era disaster Williams scoring with some crazy piano thrown in.
  6. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Williams is doing something quite unique with the so called mickey-mousing. How many times do you hear almost avant-garde modern compositional techniques used as the basis for such scenes? In a kid's movie no less.
  7. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    The Dream Country track is sublime and mesmerizing--perhaps my favorite cue (not including concert pieces) from the last 10 years worth of his scores.
  8. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    especially if he tells people he is from "Funland."
  9. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    The Dream sequence as ballet? This could be a really special cue.
  10. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Okay, maybe the innuendo is less Pixar, but I find Pixar movies, aside from maybe up, to be generally the same. Anyone seen either of the Cars movies, Finding Nemo (I have not seen Dory, but my hunch is it is the same as Nemo) or Brave? Even Wall-E, which starts out as original quickly falls back on general kid movie tropes. Perhaps that is an unfair criticism of Pixar and more of any kids movie of the last 15 years, but that gets to my point. If BFG does not follow the general kid's movie plotting, shouldn't that be hailed as good versus Spielberg being out of touch with modern audiences (which several of the reviewers assert)?
  11. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Based on the reviews, the sense I get is that adults who have become accustomed to Pixar generic plotting and innuendo will not enjoy BFG. Thus, fewer parents will take their kids to see it. I find it irritating when reviewers claim kids will not like the throwback storytelling. 7 year olds are not enslaved to fleeting cultural trends in the same way adults are. If parents take their kids to see it, my guess is the kids will enjoy it.
  12. Williams confirmed for INDIANA JONES 5

    does your list of S/W collaborations include American Journey? (It should, if it does not).

    We need a better poster to respond to this, but unfortunately, they are all dead.

    I suppose I am reacting to those who get upset when a new album is called a masterpiece. Clearly words have different senses. When a work comes out and is said to be a masterpiece, all that is meant is that it is Williams in top form, not that the work is a literal masterpiece. Context matters: much like in sports when someone says "LeBron sucks" or "Favre sucks." no reasonable person could hold such a view if the terms were interpreted literally. They are clearly just trying to convey these people are overrated. Go Cavs.

    Is BFG really the kind of movie that is going to break new ground in the ways being discussed? You may want him to score other pictures, but that is an odd principle to employ when talking about the actual movie we have. If you want more experimental contemporary Williams, you have his concert music. I think the Scherzo for Piano offers something in that regard.