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  1. I agree. There might have been a rape, but then again, there might not have been. We do know Spielberg and co are friends with Polanski, who not only raped, he drugged, and she was a kid. Either this sort of stuff should affect every movie and related music discussion or it should be left out. I vote for the latter.
  2. The earlier the release, the better likelihood of Williams scoring it.
  3. If Williams works up a concert version, I could see him expanding this as the B-theme.
  4. I think the problem with Han's death scene was more meta-movie based. We all knew the moment Ford was announced to be in VII he was going to die. To make things more irritating, he, JJ, Kennedy, etc. acted as if it was a big mystery. By the time you got to that point in the movie three years later, you were somewhat glad to see him die.
  5. I doubt there will be a score release. I do think, however, Williams will work up a concert version, which we might get.
  6. as opposed to the regurgitated Williams/Star Trek which is does have?
  7. Finally saw the film. I was not impressed. It felt like any blockbuster from the last 10 years with SW background characters--so freaking formulaic in both execution and dialogue. Say what you will about Lucas's writing, it never sunk to the level of "rebellions are built on hope" set up and then repeat by the main character after she has committed herself to the cause. What is this, Transformers? Also the space battle was pure ROTJ, down to the admiral and his ship. As for the score, I think had Gia not already done ST, I would have found it good. But now is just sounds like ST with the SW themes thrown in.
  8. I like trailers that give very little away. This one falls under that category. We already knew Luke and Rey would be together and likely in the first act. I would wager that space battle happens in the first 30 minutes of the movie as well.
  9. In fairness to Lucas, Sidious/Palpatine was the main villain for all three movies, and had a good story arc as well.
  10. Why would you watch a Star Wars Celebration event and expect anything other than a Star Wars celebration. Would you prefer they play Beethoven before the events and have various Star Trek actors give interviews?
  11. I agree with this. However, since some/most of the score is already recorded, I would be happy with new music pulled from that.
  12. Not quite. When the commercial with the Jedi Steps theme was released, there was debate whether it was Williams. In fact, the general consensus was that it was not by Williams.
  13. It would not be a new Williams composition if it did not cause more distress to many here than had a new piece never existed at all.