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  1. Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

    embed issue for later.
  2. Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

          Happy Birthday JW. 
  3. Jim's interviews Williams better than most.  It should be a good time.  Most we will already know, but there will be a few bits that are brand new.  I wonder if Williams will address his involvement in episode 8.
  4. I doubt there would be "time" for a standalone orchestra piece, but if there were, I would put the odds at 50/50 it would be Williams.  Given the March of the Resistance's similarity to the SNF theme, it would be a nice, short work.
  5. Two SW marches in a similar vein.  Heroic but focused more on determination than optimism.    For my part, I love both, but I have always loved the celebratory, yet menacing vibe to the Flag Parade. 
  6. Fantasy or Sci-Fi seems to bring out the best of him (or at least that which is most popular).  Also, in terms of his event pieces, well "big events" seem to inspire him. 
  7. In my Force Awakens Soundtrack sleeve, there was a separate small card mentioning this would be coming. 
  8. I see no musical or aesthetic reason why the hybrid pieces should be less deserving.  In terms of the Memoirs suite, the main melodic lines are rewarding on their own, but the orchestrations are engaging and fresh, though firmly embedded in Williams' style.  Moreover, the interplay of the soloists is just beautiful, particularly the cello and violin in the Chairman's Waltz, but the woodwinds get their chances as well.  Lastly, it is clearly a technically challenging piece for the cello, particularly the fourth movement. 
  9. His ceremonial works are collectively superb.   His straight concert-hall pieces are overall good, but some are night and day better than others.  He has a unique voice that contains elements of romanticism, impressionism, and just a bit of atonalism.  Overall, they feel fresh and inventive.  My favorite concerto is the Horn, followed by Five Sacred Trees.  In terms of non-concertos, Soundings and for Seiji top my list.   Lastly, although it is a hybrid piece, I consider his Memoirs suite for cello and orchestra as good as any concerto for the cello (yes, I realize I might be a bit over the top on this). 
  10. He helicopters in and out. Though apparently, he struggles with the seatbelt on a regular basis.
  11. John Williams Upbeat / Feelgood Music

    Happy Birthday Variations--all of it, but particularly the last minute.
  12. Scherzo for X-Wings

    I like that Williams is developing older themes into new concert pieces.  It gives the whole of the Star Wars concert work more depth and inventiveness.  I like new themes, but at this point interesting and new variations upon preexisting themes take things to a higher level of sophistication and engagement. 
  13. Will John Williams score episodes 8 and 9?

    Hopefully he will.  However, conversations like this make all of us seem like the crazy lady from Misery.
  14. Scherzo for X-Wings

    Well, there is a thread for the March of the Resistance, so I thought it was time for one devoted to the other action concert track, the Scherzo for X-Wings.  The first time I heard it, I was underwhelmed.  I liked the use of Luke's fanfare but found the connective tissue uninspired.  I now think it may be the best track on the album (which I think is excellent).  The connecting aspects are just brilliant--they are engaging on their own but not so flashy as to take away from the variations of Luke's fanfare taking place throughout the track.   In terms of SW pieces, it is not as good as the other scherzo (the peerless Tie Fighter Attack from ANH), but damn if it doesn't leave its mark.
  15. Slightly more people in the US during Avatar vs. GWTW.