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  1. It is a great piece. I think it is his best heroic piece in decades (NB, I did not say his best piece in decades).
  2. I am guessing that the "one or two film cues" Williams wrote heavily featured the ostinato with trumpets. Hence their place in the concert arrangement and the score.
  3. That bastard took my RPO job. Now I am going to steal his theme (again--I already did it once for Amazing Stories).
  4. I love this piece. It does sound like the proper concert version of Poe's theme that we never got, but it does have its own identity. There is a bit of the "B" section of Tintin's The Adventure Continues in it, but they are both adventure pieces after all.
  5. I hear the unannounced encore is a rousing version of Manic Monday.
  6. The con of the concert version is the removal of the (what I think we called) the friendship theme. My guess is that Williams did not want the piece to go near 10 minutes, but I say you cannot have too much of a good thing.
  7. Sometimes you give the audience what it wants. Other times you give it what it needs.
  8. Ulysses S. Grant and the Mystery of the Tomb
  9. Cool program from start to finish--wish I could be there, but at least it will be broadcast.
  10. I have my problems with Disney-era SW, but moments like this easily make up for all the missteps.
  11. I found the penultimate ending scene of Warhorse depressing. The old man wanted the horse to connect him to his dead daughter (or granddaughter--I cannot remember). Let him have the damn horse.
  12. You wanted the films to keep going? You must love them both.
  13. I hope it is a joke as well.