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  1. These compilations tend to be a sampling of a variety of scores. I doubt the whole suite would show up on it. I could see the End Credits Suite making the cut, which would be cool.
  2. well, I am sure Spielberg has seen both Midway and Dracula, so there is a clear Spielberg/Williams connection. ps. I am kidding.
  3. Always nice to hear of a future release. If these two pieces are any indication, this collection looks to focus on the "lesser known" pieces by Williams.
  4. You seem to imply the Oscars are somehow legit, but Grammys are not. I would say they both serve a similar financial purpose, for better or worse. In terms of the Grammy's, the film music category seems to be judged mostly on the merits of the music itself, versus the random sorts of things the Oscar judges use (e.g., the movie wasn't that good or he has already won to many or my mommy never loved me). So, Williams has a better chance of winning it.
  5. Definitely not. However, if health were to cooperate, I could see Williams recording a mega-suite (or at least the new trilogy) with the LSO for old times sake.
  6. Given RPO will be release months later than VIII and that fact that VIII has a workable edit, it really does not make any sense to begin scoring the former first.
  7. I would be very surprised if there an any straight "reprises" from the first two albums. I do not doubt it will contain music from older scores, such as the Stargazers piece, and maybe Williams's new arrangement of the motorcycle scherzo, as he seems quite fond of it.
  8. In terms of concert works, I would say "for seiji" tops my list. I think it is his best vibrant, celebratory piece written in his concert vein. And the concert version of the Civil Rights piece from American Journey.
  9. I wonder if the latter would have be a 2 CD release.
  10. not completely relevant, but I went on the Hal Leonard site to see if the Lost World concert version was available, and it is. The odd thing was for performance time, they list over ten minutes. I am guessing it is a misprint, but I thought for anyone who might have looked at the sheet music, they could clarify. https://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.action?itemid=4490068&lid=149&keywords=john
  11. That was supposed to be a Williams score, but a scheduling conflict arose. probably for the best, but you never know.
  12. I'd rather the whole thing be in Esperanto.
  13. I think it is clear Previn is mistaken for whatever reason. He would not have pointed to the Bassoon concerto, had this been a conversation before the violin concerto (not to mention Sutter would have been like 15). I think Williams said something like "I am not the ideal composer for the job" as a polite way of turning her down. the "its not you, its me" of the music world.
  14. I like Williams piece for Arts and Entertainment from The Unfinished Journey. He takes his original theme but sets it to Copland's Hoe Down. What a perfect way to give recognition to Copland by musically recalling him in the section devoted to America's contribution to A and E.