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  1. would it be an different for Rush?
  2. I don't get the excitement. Isn't Roger's note a near-confirmation that will not be getting ET?
  3. I did not realize the concert suite from Angela's Ashes had an official release--I must have been asleep at the wheel for that one. I will get it post haste.
  4. why cherry-pick from the worst lines to make the point? There are plenty of perfectly well-written lines that he simply did not deliver in a convincing fashion.
  5. The title of this thread sounds like the plot of some sort of horrifying sequel to the BFG.
  6. Fortunately, the film itself was 100% Williams, though I recall some jackass around here who was convinced Bill Ross and others composed huge chunks of the film score itself. I doubt Williams does any original trailer music going forward. Unless the trailer is all Daisy.
  7. I would not count on new arrangements. But, think of this positively: we will be getting (most likely) definitive Williams-conducted versions of key pieces, such as the CMIYC Suite, War Horse, People's House, etc.
  8. There will eventually be a Hal Leonard Sig Edition. My guess is Williams wanted to toy with the piece a bit with his summer concerts. Hopefully, the "definitive" version is now done and will be released on the new compilation CD.
  9. Why do these lists (on the other thread as well) miss The American Journey--an amazing and extensive JW/SS collaboration? I would love the whole concert suite, but that seems unrealistic. Maybe the concert version of Civil Rights.
  10. When the movie first came out, I liked the score. However, I would have never thought it had the potential to become a signature-style work. Evidently, given the multiple recordings by several top artists and frequent performances, it has become such. Good for Williams.
  11. Well, he already recorded the interview. Maybe it will be a "Mr. DNA" type presentation.
  12. The short is about basketball. It stands to reason that it will premiere near or at the beginning of the nba season, which is late October (and fall).
  13. The "concert version" is just the recorded film score. Williams does have a four piece concert suite. Two of the pieces (immigration and civil rights pieces) are modified, particularly the latter, which is extended by a good minute or so.
  14. He has also mentioned the second movement of his violin concerto as among his best. Of Star Wars themes, he has said Yoda's is his favorite (though that was pre-Rey).