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  1. I am being a bit tongue and cheek with the above comment. However, I do expect these concerts to all include TLJ pieces, and probably the Post as well.
  2. All of these concerts prove that Williams knows he has a winner on his hands with his music to TLJ and needs to perform it everywhere.
  3. What would be cool would be to premiere TLJ in this format in December (as in the premiere of the film itself).
  4. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    I said "most," not all. You likely remember you were in the minority.
  5. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    Who were these great multitudes? I remember subdued appreciation (at best) by most people, including Jwfaners.
  6. Just a random observation about my own psychology: I usually do not "enjoy" waiting for a new JW score or piece. I just want to hear it like a spoiled brat, which is the case particularly for TLJ. Due to TLJ, The Papers (or whatever it is now called) is just not something I am focusing on. If TLJ were not coming out this December, I would be pinning to hear The Papers. So, I am taking this as a good thing. I will still enjoy both, but at least I don't have to suffer the wait for two scores (just TLJ). I guess I am wondering if anyone else's experience is similar to mine. Weirdly, I may end up enjoying The Papers much more in the long term. It could provide Williams with a variety of unexpected and/or original opportunities for scoring.
  7. In the case of TFA, the score was finished just weeks before release, whereas TLJ has been done for months. I would assume Williams worked up the concert suite soon afterwards and thus it should/could be ready to go immediately with the film release.
  8. Amazing Stories, 10 new episodes coming!!

    Well, in the case of this show, it is just a platform for telling non-connected stories of a generic sci-fi/fantasy kind. So, if they have some stories to tell, then why not do so and use a semi-recognizable name to jump start it.
  9. I would agree that this is the case for normal people. However, for me, the hype for this in my mind is nearly reducible for my anticipation of a new JW SW score.
  10. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Tracklist: 1. Scherzo for Rey and Orchestra (3.30) 2. Rey's Love Theme (5.28) 3. Cipher Theme for all characters not named Rey (1.02) 4. Rey and John's theme (55.03)
  11. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    I would much prefer this approach over new stuff that is crap.
  12. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Another torrid love theme in the books.
  13. If anyone here empties their spit-valve, they are gone.
  14. My biggest hope score-wise would be new strong themes that fit into the universe as seamlessly as Rey's theme did. My biggest hope music-wise is that people would leave preconceptions at the door and enjoy the music as it is, and not compare it unfavorably to some abstract, virtually unobtainable standard in their minds.