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  1. Adywan is pretty damn good.
  2. Out to Sea/Shark Cage Fugue is indeed one of the most ingenius combinations!
  3. The colours are not always great and the frankensteined nature shows a lot. Go Team Negative 1 (4k77, 4k83) and never look back.
  4. Adventures leaves out the buildup and the fantastic transition (Escape-Bike Chase), messes with the structure (we have the buildup to Flying but fall flat on our asses and go right into Departure?) and always fails to be better performed than the original film takes.
  5. Indeed. There's a 1000 other reasons not to touch the SW blurays with a 20 meter pole.
  6. Hellblade is awesome. Make sure to use good headphones, not speakers, the sound is about 2/3 of the experience!
  7. Desert Chase and its replication on the Concord is proof to me that JW loathes his own music and should be kept as far from it as possible once recorded!
  8. Seems you missed me whining for a good while how the LLL presentation has an insert meant to replace an intended tracked cue's opening just hanging in the air. For my phone I did recreate all of CoS's tracking, look in my CoS thread for a breakdown and videos (if they're still up)! This is also a unique case since the tracking doesn't replace any prior written cues due to director changing his mind too late, but nothing was ever recorded for these (mostly) crucial beats and sequences!
  9. No, it's tracked music in the film, not recreated for this set. The score as recorded thus has no Voldemort statements at all. Yet another clue this dude has no clue what he's yapping about and y'all should just ignore him.
  10. Who says the composer is the best one to judge and make selections from his own work anyway?
  11. The way the CoS/Children's Suite Wondrous World changes sound quality, overall sound and stereo panning for the definite worse suddenly for the end insert is still very jarring to me.
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