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  1. You bastard made me hum this all day, you're lucky I adore it!
  2. Finally, the secret to AotC's brilliant lighting and cinematography revealed!
  3. Holko

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Well if we're at rationalising: The Raddus is the biggest ship the Rebellion/Resistance ever had, twice as long as an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. All it did to the Supremacy (which is shorter than the Executor lengthwise) is split it in half, the resulting wreckage took down some bystander SDs. So it's not exactly a very effective technique.
  4. Holko

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Phantasm (1979) I wasn't feelin' this one, the first in this month where I didn't care for any aspect and just skipped through the last half hour. Suspiria it ain't, in any case.
  5. Holko

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I'm holding out until 9 to judge the relative shallowness of this deconstruction - as far as we know, Abrams may build on the seeds sown by Johnson and take it much further.
  6. Holko

    The Official Future Films Thread

    Certainly looks interesting, especially now, when I've been watching archived newsreels from exactly 100 years ago weekly for 2 months and gotten used to their choppiness.
  7. Holko

    Anyone else need support?

    Who is he? Is he a passenger?
  8. Holko

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    His posts are getting sillier and sillier.
  9. Holko

    The Jerry Thread

    Mi történik itt?
  10. Holko

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    It seems disturbing enough not to be featured in my horrorathon. What IS featured is... Suspiria (1977) Now, apart from the slightly underwhelming ending, this is about exactly what I hoped to get out of this month. Colour, style, atmosphere, Jessica Harper, awesome and characteristic score... loved it. I do kinda regret watching the English dub instead of the Italian one, but Harper's voice!
  11. Holko

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Also people smiling at nothing to make the movie more "fun".
  12. Holko

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Yep. As irrelevant and stupid as it is, Phantom Menace is the only prequel I could call filmmaking.
  13. Why? It doesn't say how big those 2-5 Black Friday sets are. The Nov 13 3CD could still be Azkaban, and the 3rd title could be anything.