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  1. Yeah, after a day's discussion, we know the TLJ OST Main Titles are 100% the same recording as the TFA OST version, but we're not sure yet if it's the recording used in the movie.
  2. It's the chorus/refrain to the great, rhyming poetry of it all!
  3. I'm sure it had its very determined hater community because it was different from Star Wars, there just wasn't an Internet where they could shout their opinion to the whole world and pull scores down.
  4. Listen to the strings right after the brass stops, for a very short time, it's a direct Quiddich quote: The rest of the times, it's more on an allusion or a major variation of the same idea. Quidditch is not its first appearance, though, I noticed it a number of times in the San Diego portion of The Lost World, but for all I know, it may have originated in The Towering Inferno.
  5. Yeah, I never really cared for it either, but that tragic rendition tore my heart out at the cinema.
  6. But we can point at them and laugh, saying "See how dumb normal people are? WE'RE smart!"
  7. It does have the Quiddich tension bit one or two times, which was also present back in The Lost World.
  8. It's for Luke's island life/Luke teaching Rey/Luke's new theme or something along those lines.
  9. OK, if you're gonna keep posting like that, Youtube has a share button right under the big red subscribe button, and there's a box you can tick so you get a link with the correct starting point. Paste that new link in here and you get an embedded video where we won't have to pixelhunt to find what you're commenting on!
  10. I thought about the map problem today. The weirdest thing that stood out to me from my TFA rewatch was how the First Order had most of the map to Luke - FROM THE IMPERIAL ARCHIVES. Today I realized the map didn't lead to Luke, it wasn't purposefully left behind by him - it's just the map to the first Jedi Temple from the old Jedi Archives, which became part of the Imperial Archives, which were then most likely salvaged by the First Order. I guess in the big chaos after Palpatine fell, Luke went to Coruscant to dig up any Jedi information, finding the map in the process, and removed the most crucial bit in case anyone else would find it, and gave it to Lor San Tekka to protect it. Another explanation would be that the map was guarded in the Jedha Temple by the Guardians of the Whils along with other info, so the Guardians (Lor San Tekka was one of them) could remove info like this after the Jedi fell, like how Kamino was deleted from the archives. The Empire then just absorbed the info without really looking at it and then destroyed Jedha. In the first case, Luke copied the incomplete map into R2 and gave the cutout to Tekka, in the second case, he copied the incomplete map into R2 from the archives, then looked at Tekka's piece. They guarded the information in case Luke would build another Temple or any safe spot there, or just a nice retirement home. 6 years after Luke disappeared, some people knew he was looking for the first Temple, then Tekka contacted the Resistance that he has a map to him, and we know the rest. The dotted line nature of it makes sense, since it's in uncharted territory with unrecogniseable planets, smaller jumps would be easier to make than calculating the orbits of unknown solar systems and jumping directly into the correct one. I understand none of this is in the movies, and it is a problem that it's not explained properly, this is more for people who say it's impossible or unexplainable or stupid.
  11. THANK YOU!!! Fuck those support guys, they had no idea what they were talking about.