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  1. Holko

    Upcoming Films

    That's how you do new poster art taking inspiration from the old one, too. I like it. Couldn't they wait 2 more measly years for the 50th anniversary, though?
  2. Well if that part is true, at least we're spared from them becoming even worse... is it even possible to make them worse?
  3. Holko

    Upcoming Films

    Nobody Everyone cares for the woods anymore...
  4. Yeah, just shit the blurays onto shinier blurays, 90% of the fanbase would be dumb enough not to notice anything (or since the messed up DVD grade, technically practically everything) being different even if they saw the unaltered ones.
  5. Holko


  6. I guarantee at least two people on FSM will be in a complete outrage since that throwaway unrelated material remastered or rebuilt was their Holy Grail.
  7. The first one's pretty butchered, the other 2 are all over the place.
  8. Holko

    Is this movie worth my time?

    Anthology, but it does ramp up gradually and kind of builds on the expectations you have from seeing the previous ones.
  9. Holko

    Upcoming Films

    A weird Kingsman 2 spinoff but OK.
  10. Holko

    Is this movie worth my time?

    I still haven't seen any other of their films.
  11. Early 2018 - so in this specific case working from complete scratch and manufacturing the discs took a slim year.