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  1. What's your mental age? (Quiz)

    58 when I'm actually 21. This test may be a load of bull.
  2. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Aren't you guys the other huge empire of dubbing? When people refuse to watch anything other than dubbed movies, it sends a message to companies like these. I know, I have to deal with our own cinema monoply empire all the 2 times per year I want to go see a movie there. In a society like that (at least until the older generations die out), when faced with that choice, a majority would choose dubbing and translated, even if it's vastly inferior, it's partly because they've been conditioned to, partly because they're lazy.
  3. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    NOOOOO! I wanted to order them from Amazon DE, the prices in Euros would be okay, and the shipping is free... Not they're gonna list the proper versions as imports with twice the price if at all... Amazon UK has them at 1.3 times the US price plus shipping and taxes. A sincerely huge FUCK YOU to every German who's too lazy to learn at least this much English and demands everything to be handed to them on a silver platter with their shitty translations. I really hope it's just one additional piece of paper they've put in front of the proper cover in the jewel case, and the liner notes(?), poster and discs themselves are unaffected.
  4. There's the whole freaking Holdo's Desperation motif that was only in the (non-film version) credits on the OST. Otherwise, I'll just qoute my thoughts from this morning:
  5. My 32G microSD in my phone (main listening device) is filling up with FLAC, I'm actually starting to consider storing everything in FLAC on my HDD, but 320 MP3 on my phone, since I'll only listen to those on shitty cheap earphones on the go. A 64G is still outrageously expensive. There were days when, to fit everything on an 8G card, I stored multiple things in 96kbps MP3s. I haven't listened to BttF in so long that I only noticed last week it was still that way.
  6. The Force Awakens (SonicAdventure's OST/FYC combo and remaster) Huh. Considerably less engaging than I remember. Maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to it, but at parts I forgot I was listening to it. Has a number of great sequences, but also a fair share of kinda bland underscore that goes nowhere. The Last Jedi (first listen of my OST/FYC/iso score/my deleted score rips combo, where the only part I removed is the tracking in the beginning of The Duel Begins) wow. wow. WOW. Holy shit. Buckle up for the next few months, because the only way I'll be able to talk about this is magnitudes. The new material is all likeable and amazing. How it handles the themes introduced in TFA is my new the golden standard of what you can do with the medium of leitmotivic score and how to progress motifs. The way it uses old SW material is mostly great, and even the Force Theme doesn't have as oppressive a presence in this longer format as the OST leads us to think. I love how Luke only gets his old theme back when he ascended into legend and the kids are telling stories of him. I struggled very hard to find a second of dead air or bland underscore, but I really couldn't. I feared the sneaking around the Supremacy/Poe's mutiny could be it, but that underlying tense tempo doesn't let your attention go. It's filled to the brim with bombastic, youthful energy. The action sequences are memorable and Star Wars-y, the callbacks are lovely, the fanfares can be both OT-y and Prequely, the legendary moments are scored appropriately... WE WERE GIVEN THE WHOLE ISOLATED SCORE! OK, I got it out of my system, I'll try to confine my enthusiasm to the Short Williams Moments thread now.
  7. When they got the rights, instead of jumping into casting the kids (which then of course made their entire production schedule, and they had to rush everything from then on), they should have focused on heavy preproduction, and planning out at least the four movies they knew the story to, looking into different directors, who would be interested, what could they bring. We wouldn't have the main trio played by the same kids as now, but I'm sure they are not the only 3 in Britain who could've pulled it off. Instead, we would have no situations like the director is changing the whole look and layout of Hogwarts, and them going with it, because they were in a serious time crunch on the first one and couldn't come up with anything iconic (the production designer himself said so) because they had to start shooting because of the kids, and had to push it out in December while dealing with preproduction for the second one, because they had to start shooting in early January because those damn kids are growing up, we gotta milk them. Sounds incoherent and chaotic? It must have been crazy. Some closer input from JK would've been nice, too, as of now, she couldn't have cared less which of her characters were totally botched (Ron, Dumbledore), which of her storylines ruined (that whole Horcrux business with a ton of important exposition taken out and replaced with out-of-nowhere bullshit later) and which fundamental core themes of her books shat upon (every single person has to die, and will die, and will lie in the ground with all the other bodies).
  8. Are you guys turning into the Sweden of the American continent?
  9. After some careful thinking, this could probably be my fifth on the list: Some of you guys may even recognize it, it was pretty big and many foreign covers exist.
  10. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Who would have enough money to buy that? Standalone releases for each score coming periodically would be much more lucrative and there would be more time to focus on making each one the best they can possibly be. If so, I say the order should be 4-5-6-1-2-3-7-8-9, starting with the most popular/acclaimed one with the least amount of unreleased music that is also in the best state sound quality-wise in the releases we have now, then building anticipation towards the prequels which have a lot of wanted and never properly released score, and finishing off with the sequels which will still be fresh in people's minds. They could start in 2020 after IX, and depending on Matessino's availability and work time, it could be 1-3 scores per year (the new transfers and probably all element scouting are already done). See Disney Music? Hire me now and you'll be popular!
  11. It really feels like the start of something big, why else would they have gone through the trouble of reconstructing it from newly improved sources if there are no plans to do something more with it in the near future?
  12. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Johnny also joined the game of subversions for a bit here: For the first three notes, you think it's going to be yet another Force Theme statement, but it's actually MotR in a lovely slow rendition!