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  1. Yeah, some of it's slower than the film recordings.
  2. Andreas who updates the site for us!
  3. Holko


    Childish divas.
  4. Holko

    The Notre-Dame Fire in Paris

    If you don't have a TikTok, it's like you don't even exist!
  5. Holko

    Death of the Compact Disc

    When will it become the new vinyl... again?
  6. Wow. Changing quotes is simple, though.
  7. The absolute best thing that could happen to the film?
  8. Holko

    The Notre-Dame Fire in Paris

    I had the same problem and it certainly seems better now. No 7 second spike freezing my phone.
  9. Holko

    The Notre-Dame Fire in Paris

    It certainly could have been much, much worse. If the spire fell a few meters in a different direction, gone would be the largely original northern rose window. If the fire crept upper and burned longer in the tower, it wouldn't be standing. A few more holes in the vaulted ceiling and nothing would be holding the walls from the inside.
  10. What they do with Tadlow and Prometheus is reference quality.
  11. Holko

    No more political threads or posts

    Just like how he came back after 7 months of absence for no apparent reason!
  12. Holko


    The Notre Dame is also probably among the very peak of most famous churches or even buildings in Western civilisation. Thanks Victor for inspiring its preservation!
  13. Now I now why Titus doesn't do a Potter behance. Look at the outer booklet, Harry's shirt's neck, left side for us. There's a weird tear/wrinke on it. Turn to page 11 which has the Struzand poster and you can see that tear is actually the Warwick Davis Gringotts goblin's ear that he just cropped in and presumably forgot to touch out. Ah well. Proof that even the greatest can make mistakes.