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  1. Holko

    John Williams YouTube tributes thread

    Here's my amateur recording from a concert from last Saturday:
  2. There's the explanation for why Lovejoy went after them in the deleted scene! He was a T-1200 sent back earlier to root out the lineage!
  3. Holko

    The Official Future Films Thread

    Seen the trailer before Solo, I don't think it would be fun even in a so-bad-it's-good way.
  4. Holko

    Musical impressions of the sea

    0:12-1:06 This is precisely how I imagine the sea, having never seen it in person: calming, serene, endless, but with an underlying uneasy darkness if you start thinking about it: anything can be under your feet and the endless horizon means you could be lost anywhere. The main post didn't explicitly specify orchestral compositions, so there's the other classic La Mer:
  5. Holko


    I've been using it since late May, and just now starting to branch out during work. I never would have thought to look up Williams' Swing album without this recommending it to me, for example. I haven't been the same person since.
  6. The bombastic parts of STAR WARS are of the highest order and I love them dearly, but the existence cues like this beside them are why it is (and probably will remain) my No.1 score of all time. Short, sweet, quiet, romantic, uncynical, gorgeous.
  7. Holko

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    That was a product of the time and an interesting insight into the mindset of the people. Fascinating as a historical document, but I probably agree with the decision not to outright sell it to kids anymore.
  8. It's a nice city, but best in late summer when there's a big festival celebrating its Roman heritage.
  9. Szomorú is sad (fitting to be the one word to know), német means german, it's a pretty common surname (there were many Germans living here) and most people kept Németh in their surnames as the old spelling.
  10. Holko

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Bilbo finally taking over the world?
  11. You would be very wrong about that. And not only because that "e" does not belong at the end of that "none" Hungarian is a very alien language in Middle-Europe, and not indo-european at all. It only has two direct relatives spoken by about 3 firewood-collecting great-grandmas in the Urals. By now it's diluted with a lot of Turkish and German words as a result of coexisting or being occupied by both of them for centuries, and has gone through a major revision campaign in the 1800s, but we can still understand the earliest remaining texts (a sentence form ~1050, a funeral speech from ~1100 and a poem from the 1200s) with only a minor vocabulary explanation, and with the acceptance that the insane agglutination* only came into the language gradually. *See: elkelkáposztásítottalanítottátok (popular example which mages no sense) and megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért (not a commonly used word, but there could theoretically be uses for it).
  12. Also the sentence structure makes no sense. You can get the gist of it but it's a mess.
  13. Holko

    The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    I've no bloody clue where to put this, I guess there's no official alternative music thread, I allow this to be moved to a better spot if there is one. Budapest Bár is a unique group - a small traditional gypsy band (cimbalom, contrabass, accordion, drumset, keyboard, guitar, and of course violin - there's only 5 players, so they switch instruments when the song needs them to) and as singers, a bunch of well- or not so well-known underground and alternative artists who are in a rotation based on who's available or in the area - there's 11 singers and a few irregulars, and there's usually anywhere between 2 and 6 of them at one concert. They play anything from resurrected 1890's café tunes, popular 30s swing, 50s lovey-dovey dance tunes (mostly Hungarian so far), to Beatles, Bowie and Michael Jackson, all converted to their wide but unique and recognizeable style, with lately having more and more original songs written for the band by the singers. I also believe they're damn unique in that they can create a more than 10-minute medley of two traditional Jewish instrumentals, with almost completely improvised solos, and have any crowd on free outside or expensive paid concerts go wild. Here's last night's recording (excuse the phone recording quality, I had to also shield it from the wind) - even if you're not that interested based on my description, you must at least listen to the portion from 5:10! (Hedwig's Theme on the cimbalom!): https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3jm7b27pn12rx9/20180623_215310.mp3?dl=0 The middle, the transition from Zemer Atik to Dancing with the Rabbi was cut off, but I think I mended it pretty well.
  14. About cash: read the article properly. They are just trolls.
  15. Are you saying the new JWFan update secretly installed Skynet?