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  1. Many thanks! Very much agree - I suppose the survival of any art form requires advocates in each new generation. We're all just fortunate that so much of Williams' work is connected to such cultural mainstays and likely to live on and on. Here's hoping new generations find their way to the likes of Herrmann, Steiner, Waxman - whatever the path (podcasts, YouTube). Thanks thx!
  2. Apologies for the rather shameless plug, but if at all interested in a slightly more musicologically-skewed show - our podcast devoted a month of episodes to Raiders' score (culminating in a feature-length commentary). Enjoy if interested!
  3. Making sense of John Williams' air force stint

    So well put, I felt the same way stumbling on these. In addition to the brotherly connection, there seems to be something distinct in vocal cadence/manner to the old hollywood music circle that is a rare bird these days (though I do feel a trace of this in Conrad Pope and others At any rate, would love to hear more from Don at some point
  4. I'm a somewhat green poster here (long-time lurker), but wanted to pass along a great retelling of the SW '77 recording session while we chomp at the bit for more TLJ info. This comes from David Cripps, former principal horn for the LSO, recounting the overtime recording session for 'Princess Leia's Theme' (He may be misremembering a few details, but an incredible story). Enjoy! (He also, to my knowledge, shares a different take on the LSO booking the show. I'd heard that it was Lionel Newman who encouraged JW to contract them. Cripps suggests it was Previn and mentions that JW had nearly contracted some English freelancers. Fascinating :)
  5. Making sense of John Williams' air force stint

    Apologies for bumping this thread (long-time lurker/admirer, first-time poster) but ran into this gem of an interview with Don Williams where he mentions JW returning from the Air Force and goes into some detail on the period. It may not further elucidate the timeline, but thought it might be of interest to Thor and others. Cheers! (incidentally, that YouTube channel has some other terrific clips, including an interview with David Cripps [principal Horn for the LSO circa '77] talking about the Star Wars recording sessions)