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  1. She knows my first love will always be Johnny
  2. Is it just me or the beginning of Nimbus 2000 was a total wreck? I was expecting John Williams to have to stop and start over from the beginning. The new Han and Leia arrangement was definitely a highlight of the evening. It was played with great sensibility. The JFK suite (especially the last movement) sounded amazing. Denève and the Philadelphians always perform John Williams with incredible attention to detail. Every time they play his music, I hear new things that I had never noticed on the recordings. Living in Philadelphia these years is a blessing! I also noticed a lot of mics above the stage (a lot more than usual): perhaps the concert was recorded for radio/album? It was really humbling to sit next to the maestro. You just realize that in many ways, he is just like us. I had never thought of it before, but he just seemed like a very normal man nodding all the time to the music and beating the measure with his leg. I had met John Williams about ten years ago in Boston where I got his autograph (no, he did not recognize me ), but this time, it felt like watching a concert with an old professor, not with the most famous film composer of all time.
  3. I wish I had had more time to talk with him. It felt so strange to sit next to him for so long... but in silence! I only said a few words like "it's an honor" and then the music started. I was so excited but also so nervous! I can talk about his smell, the power of his bifocal lenses, the size of his hands, the unevenness of his beard, but I have no new insight on The Last Jedi!
  4. Did anyone take pictures of John Williams sitting with the audience in the first half of the concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra last night? My girlfriend and I were lucky to be sitting right next to him! It was unreal! For one hour, we sat next to the maestro, listening to his music together, we looked at him nodding his head to the music and tapping with his left foot. I still can't believe what happened. I shook his hand! Sadly, Mr. Williams arrived when the first piece was starting and left as soon as the applause roared at the end of the tuba concerto. There was no chance for us to take a little selfie. Also, we were fully aware that John Williams was there to listen to his work, not to engage in social chat with his fans. And take a selfie while his music is playing? Not a chance! So, if anyone on this forum was sitting further away and took pictures of him in the audience, we would love to see them as a souvenir of this unbelievable moment!