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  1. Then Holt briught in additional composers to help
  2. Personally i am fine with the lack of force theme for catching Leia, as it is focusing more on Obi-Wan's personal journey (such as it is) in this show, instead of just: "HE DID THE THING!, HE USED THE FORCE!!!" I would have used it as a stinger to lead out of the "What does the Force feel like?" discussion
  3. Pretty sure he isnt looking for a 2,000 dollar keyboard
  4. Yeah, I got everything in seasons 1-3 done, but I havenet touched it in a while, so all my shorthand and abbreviations are foriegn to me now lol
  5. Yeah, I have the album, plus what Jones put on soundcloud, and the full Beefcake episode score he put on his site, but there are still some unreleased cues I would to be able to listen to on their own. (I have been making a cue list/breakdown of what appears where in each episode)
  6. Pretty sure he was going to purchase his clifftop property.... 1 I don't know if its in the new canon, but Legends had low power sabers/settings for training. 2 autopilot?
  7. I coulda sworn i heard a variant of it later. Finn's Confession
  8. Well, yeah. "Thematic" is different than "Quality".
  9. Just like when the Imperial March was introduced in ESB and was used in almost every cue. I interpreted it as him becoming even more Vader and less Anakin, giving up on caring about Kenobi, even in a negative sense, and the Emperor controlling him further.
  10. It could. It means there is a game you could play if you wanted to explore the place yourself!
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