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  1. Its amazing how huge and orchestral it sounds with the tubular bells. XAAAAAA-NAAAA-DUUUUU!!!!!
  2. It also feels a little floaty, doesn’t really sync to anything
  3. I mean, room and mic balance changes the sonics more than the orchestra itself (which is still a factor)
  4. I knew immediately, because it sounded like Ben Gardner's Boat.
  5. I liked it. Holt score isnt great, but I did like the cue for the hanging Jedi. Also new opening logo music, yay!
  6. Been revisiting Rush's Farewell to Kings recently, after only listening to it once a few years ago and not really getting much out of it and... ...its actually really good, listened to it on repeat on the way to work this morning.
  7. I was being facetious! I haven't really listened to them enough to really judge them.
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