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  1. I'll be there too for the Saturday Concert.
  2. Got ticket One question. Do your tickets appear on your order history in the website? Mine do not appear although I have just received thet ticket by e-mail
  3. Has anyone seen the concert at musikverein.at? The sale starts tomorrow but in the webpage there is nothing about it.
  4. I read it as mrbellamy, it is not Mutter's arrangement but Williams' arragement written for Mutter to play.
  5. Someone correct if I'm wrong but Spielberg's offices are located at Universal Studios as part of an agreement for his productions to be a part of Universal Studios Theme Park. If I remember correctly he agreement included big revenues and that Spielberg's office would remain at Universal.
  6. I read in a spanish forum from a reliable source than it was an issue of trouble with blood circulation regarded to being seated for too many hours in the flight from the States. It's a quite usual problem with old people in long flights and can be very very dangerous.
  7. I've cancelled my tickets (and talking to the insurance company to refund the plane tickets). I had seen almost every piece that was being played int he concert live at least once . My only real purpose in travelling was watching John Williams conducting for the very first time in my life. In fact I would only be spending 1 day and a half in London, city I've never been to and would like to visit with time enough to spend. I'm deeply sad. I'm very very sorry for Mr Williams and hope he recovers soon.
  8. !BREAKING NEWS!! Peter Golub replaces John Williams as composer on the upcoming 'Star Wars - Episode IX'. Williams dropped out of the film due to 'scheduling conflicts,' according to a statement from Disney. Golub replaces Williams, who regrettably pulled out of work on the epic sci-fi film and decided to focus on Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story'. Peter Golub is one of the most respected and renowned composers in film today. This is Donna's post, obviously a joke,
  9. I do not know how, but we could try at least. This is the greatest community of Williams fans.
  10. Elina Vähälä's performance of Corigliano's Red Violin Concerto with the DSO is amazing. http://site-323590.bcvp0rtal.com/detail/videos/made-in-america/video/4354523160001/john-corigliano-the-red-violin-concerto?autoStart=true
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