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  1. One of a kind. An incredible loss.
  2. The blu ray edition is no way to be found in Deutsche Grammophon online store. Isn't it strange?
  3. The speech of the people who have been awarded are usually great, because they must focus on a theme and ellaborate on that. It would great to be able to listen to Williams' and Morricone's speeches. Here, for example, is Martin Scorsese's speech, who was awarded two years ago. https://www.fpa.es/multimedia-en/videos/speech-by-martin-scorsese-at-the-2018-ceremony.html?idCategoria=3&idSubcategoria=0
  4. It's a prestigious spanish price named after the future queen of the country. https://www.fpa.es/en/
  5. If you install the Servus App in your mobile device, you can watch the video without messing with VPN software. And it can be sento to Google Chromecast as well
  6. New single out in Spotify : Theme from Jurassic Park https://open.spotify.com/track/2YI56NNUyqLU0sTeNvirHv?si=YVOI7056R166VQ5XJkzbEg
  7. They did a couple of year ago a tour where they played in two programmes I think most of Williams SIgnature Editions from Hal Leonard. It was a great success. They recorded both programmes: https://open.spotify.com/album/4bZuHXZ21jKOseNHqjIsIA?si=lpxKWeEySQ2TFmoeijBGuA And here you can buy the 4CD package: https://filmsymphony.es/producto/especial-john-williams/ The conductor Constantino Martinez-Orts is a teacher of conducting himself at Berklee in Valencia, my hometown.
  8. I think that in one CD cannot fit the whole concert, so the BD willi contain the tracks that didn't make its way into the CD.
  9. I'm afraid I'm going back to my hotel room. I got cold today and need some rest.
  10. Just I arrived to Vienna. Hope to meet you guys tomorrow!
  11. My flight was delayed for an hour or so due to bad weather. But I'm in Vienna too!
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