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  1. The Palau de la música català has just published the Prelude and Scherzo as played by Gloria Cheng las summer, for free. Here you can watch it: https://www.palaudigital.cat/destacats/videos/preludi-i-scherzo-de-john-williams
  2. What an awful web... It has collapsed right from the beginning.
  3. According to Doug Adams, the concerto will be recorded by the end of the week! Williams is on fire! https://twitter.com/DougAdamsMusic/status/1442619707035734016?s=20
  4. Pablo Sáinz Villegas, the spanish guitarrist who premiered 10 years ago Rounds, has just revealed in an interview for the spanish newspaper El Pais that he received a letter from John Williams inviting him for a collaboration with Yo Yo Man and him for a new album they are recording with the New York Philharmonic. https://elpais.com/cultura/2021-09-24/pablo-sainz-villegas-me-escribo-con-john-williams-por-correo-postal.html
  5. I reuse this old thread because I'm looking for this concert. Iknow I pass the link to download it to some of you. For some casual if it's possible that some of you still has the audio file. It was the first concert I attended with my son, then 3 years old, and would like to revisit it. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'll be there too on Saturday. This time I will take my kids with me
  7. I'd love to be a musician to be able to get into a detailed explanation of the piece, but I'm not. Sorry
  8. I attended the concert and I was blown away by the Prelude and the Scherzo, as played by Gloria Cheng, it seemed as a different piece. The prelude adds a needed introduction to the piece it's almost a meditative piece, the calm before the storm. And the Scherzo played by the Cheng is far from the aggresiveness developed by Lang Lang in his performance, it's more detailed and, for me, much more interesting. The orchestra surprised me and it sounded much better than I expected and the music by Timon was very entertaining. On the minus side, some of the partitures they used in the Williams section seemed to come from an uncertain source. HArry Potter Suite was a cut & paste job, the Star Wars suite had certains parts missing (the ending of Leia's theme and a section of the Main Titles)...
  9. Don't you find It's strange a it's not clear wether the subscripcion purchase includes the tickets or they will be charged as long as the dates approach, because the range of prices for just of the concert is as much as the wholes Series subscription, it makes no real sense.
  10. In the Barcelona concert there will be a suite from The Little Wizard and he willi premiere a piece he has written as an homage to Williams. It looks like it's going be a great concert. Plus the Palau de la musica catalana is gorgeous.
  11. I think you have to update the article because the Prelude will be performed in Barcelona and it will be the World Premiere of it, not just the European premiere of the scherzo.
  12. Finally, the world premiere of the Prelude will be at Barcelona on June 21st: https://www.palaumusica.cat/es/osv-gloria-cheng-marc-timon_782362
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