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  1. Austin Wintory talks about Thomas Newman in this video:
  2. Interview with Thomas Newman's daughter, Julia Newman (a film composer herself):
  3. Steven Stucky, the late Pulitzer Prize-winning composer on John Williams (this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Stucky): "Loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But it absolutely stars John Williams! What a genius this guy is."
  4. Michael Collins - Elliot Goldenthal Fantastic score. Goldenthal wrote one great score after another in the 1990s. He and his work is underrated in my opinion. Goldenthal will always be one of my top 5 favorite composers. Heat - Elliot Goldenthal This score/film combo remains sublime for me. It is one of my top 10 films of all time and will probably always be. I rate the score VERY highly too. Goldenthal hit the jackpot and got an inspiring film to work with. This score, just like his magnum opus Alien 3, has the potential of reducing me to tears. I love the ethereal cityscape that the score conjures up so much.
  5. I really like Lalo Schifrin and consider him to be underrated. I think that he is one of the greatest living film composers (top 10 easily).
  6. Chinatown - Jerry Goldsmith This is another great score. I think that it is one of the few dozen best film scores ever written even if I do find it to be a bit overrated in some corners.
  7. Sphere - Elliot Goldenthal This is a great score. It is not my favorite Goldenthal score, but still superb. I love the water theme music. Goddamnit, Goldenthal rocks.
  8. I changed the topic from best to favorite, I realized that that's better. Yes, Beyond Rangoon is probably a contender for Zimmer's best score for me.
  9. I'm curious who you would pick. I am not really much of a fan of either Hans Zimmer or James Horner, but credit where credit is due, at their best, I think they both wrote some above average mainstream film music. I find Zimmer's best music to be more entertaining and more to my taste than Horner's though. I voted for Hans Zimmer as my favorite of the two. My top 3 Hans Zimmer scores are probably these: Beyond Rangoon K2 The Thin Red Line My top 3 James Horner scores are probably these: A Far Off Place Beyond Borders The Land Before Time I prefer Zimmer's top 3 over Horner's top 3. Who would you pick?
  10. I just revisited Sphere and yes, this is a superb score. It is so underrated... Gotta love that opening music when we see the helicopter flying, it is so atmospheric Love that water theme music too. Imagine a Goldenthal Avatar score!
  11. I knew that I forgot something! Godzilla should have been in my top 10. I edited my list and bumped out Altered States to make room for it.
  12. We have 3 out of 10 in common with Alien 3, Blade Runner and Solaris, not too bad!
  13. None of the Star Wars scores are favorites of mine which is why I didn't consider including any of them. I do think that it is sci-fi though, but feel free to use your own evaluation if something is sci-fi enough or not.
  14. I'd be curious to see your choices. Elliot Goldenthal's Alien 3 is maybe even my number one favorite film score of all time, or at least in my top 10. My top 10 sci-fi film scores of all time: Alien 3 - Elliot Goldenthal Beneath the Planet of the Apes - Leonard Rosenman Fantastic Voyage - Leonard Rosenman Blade Runner - Vangelis Solaris - Cliff Martinez Solaris - Eduard Artemyev Immortal - Goran Vejvoda Close Encounters of the Third Kind - John Williams Alien - Jerry Goldsmith Godzilla - Akira Ifukube What are your top 10 sci-fi scores of all time?
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