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  1. McCrearys score is rediculously awesome. Rodan’s cue is the best cue of the decade.
  2. I can’t believe I have warmed up to the first GvK score. Upon release I couldn’t believe how much I disliked it. So wanted a McCreary type of score. But now it doesn’t seem as horrible for some reason. Maybe because it’s all we got. Haven’t listen to the sequel score yet aside from the samples. It’s ok, like the first one.
  3. Had no idea the TVA was going to be a part of this. Say what you want about how Marvel has seemed to go off the rails last couple years but man this is going to be one entertaining flick.
  4. Well that’s depressing. What leads you to believe he isn’t involved already? Or just speculating on your part.
  5. Just patiently waiting for the inevitable Matessino releases.
  6. Life is too short to nitpick a “pop” or whatever. Just enjoy!
  7. Finally a Kamen release!! Loved hearing the Guitar concerto in that main title.
  8. Love this cue… perfect for the scene. Cool jam session with NY players…
  9. After listening to the isolated score I can’t believe they did not put the Battle of Syracuse film version on the soundtrack. Man what an amazing cue… probably one of my top ten Favorite Williams cues. Also the “Prologue” film version action cues could have really made for a powerhouse action opening to the soundtrack too instead of the slower cue they opted to go with. And it had nothing to do with the scene. Smh.
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