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What music would you like to have played at your funeral?

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Come to think of it, the most fitting piece of music for my cremation would be The Final Conflict from the third omen film.

Beginning with Goldsmith's "religious sound" and the choir attacking the attendants with "Adversum...Adversum...Adversum etc...etc". Then to the tortured strings building tension, growing ever more stronger and louder.

Untill the final choral outburst underscoring the slow sinking of my coffin into the floor and into the furnace. (some pyrotechnical effects would be most suitable here).

After that the public are left with a reprise of Goldsmith's main theme and the creepy choral whispers Varese put on the end of the CD as a bonus.

Farewell indeed buggers!

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The Penis Song, Monty Python.



I think I may pick In a Summer Garden by Delius.

Pop songs sound crass enough at weddings, they would just sound nasty at a funeral IMO. The Penis Song on the other hand, well it might just be the kind of gesture everyone in attendance would appreciate. Your final parting joke.

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I have often thought about this question. And what to play at my wedding? Well, there is one wonderful piece of filmmusic that IMHO would fit for both of them: I would chose Hans Zimmers String piece "To Every Captive Soul" from Hannibal.

Henry, who hates Zimmers synthesizer-music 8O

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