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Horn Player on Original Star Wars Tells Story of Recording Leia's Theme

Disco Stu

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Here is a longer panel discussion featuring David Cripps reflecting on the recording of Star Wars and Superman, and fellow hornist Dylan Hart who played on The Force Awakens:



Another French Horn great, Terry Johns, who also played on the OT soundtracks and was 1st horn on Return of the Jedi is interviewed here by Sarah Willis of the Berlin Phil (Star Wars memories begin at 30:43):



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Wow, that's a great find. It's hard to tell how accurate the minute details of his recollections are—all the movies seem to blur together and he keeps saying Star Wars was in 1975—but at 33:30, he says that The Asteroid Field was an overnight rewrite (!) of a cue Lucas and co. vetoed the day before. I'm taking that with a big grain of salt, but is there any known kernel of truth to that?

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