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  1. A clever reference to the first Poe/Hux scene in TLJ, I suppose! I hope this line will open Episode IX.
  2. Mahler 5 "Adagietto" reference in SCHINDLER'S LIST?

    I also hear some similarities. But more than a sort of reference to Mahler's wife's surname (which would feel out of place), I think it's more likely that Williams made some allusions to Mahler himself, since he was a Jew. Also, the main theme, notoriously, has some resemblance with a theme from Mahler's Eighth. In general, Mahler has a rather strong influence on Williams, as well as on other film composers (such as Morricone).
  3. Indeed, the magnitude of this phenomenon is what most impressed me. It reveals an aspect of the social media that should never be overlooked, especially when dealing with more serious stuff than an entertainment movie. It's a bit worrying that relatively many people can get so extreme (at least, verbally) on things that belong to the world of fiction. If I don't like a movie, I just say that I don't like it (sometimes not even that) and go on with my real life, I don't ask to "remove it from canon", which would destroy the work of many talented people, and start insulting anyone who thinks otherwise!
  4. Precisely (and for the record, I agree with almost everything you have said in this thread). So, worldbuilding can go along three lines: 1) the science beyond it: this is absolutely inconsistent, even assuming hyperspace, so it's worthless to try to find a logic here, and this is what takes SW out of the science-fiction realm; 2) Force / Dark Side etc. stuff: this is like magic, so we can expect almost anything, and I did not find anything terrible in TLJ, or at least, not worse than in other entries; the struggle between Dark and Light is present and portrayed convincingly, and Snoke not sensing Kylo Ren's betrayal is not less convincing than the Emperor not sensing Vader's betrayal at the end of ROTJ; 3) major plot points not being solved by nonsense: as far as I am concerned, there is much more nonsense-solving-major-plot-points in other entries (e.g. ROTJ). This is all I wanted to say about TLJ.
  5. The fact is that "making sense" and "SW universe" are not exactly compatible in the most strict meaning, nor they are meant to be. If worldbuilding means defining rules, then it is easy to see that such rules are never defined anywhere in SW, or they are exposed in such a way that they can be violated (and they are), so they are not really rules. If you want these rules defined, then you should expect the filmmakers to explain in detail how the Death Star works, according to what rules spaceships fly into hyperspace, where do they find the fuel, and many other things (all of the things that are not explained in SW are probably listed somewhere). Did they do any worldbuilding, in this sense? Even assuming hyperspace, basically nothing of TFA makes sense according to any possible rule, and it is not what matters. That's why these movies are meant mostly for young people. What matters is the story in which the main characters are involved. In this respect, I didn't find TLJ bad.
  6. My brain is always switched on, thanks, no need to remind me of doing that. I just use it for more important things than listing and hating all the plot holes in a movie that is meant to be for entertainment (and aimed at a large audience which includes children). I have always cared much more for the music of the SW franchise, rather than for the movies themselves, except when I was a kid (more than 20 years ago). However, I have never seen the Ewok films nor the holiday special, and I meant that I prefer TLJ to all the prequels, ROTJ (yes), and, plot-wise, TFA. The plot holes in those movies (prequels, ROTJ and TFA) strike me much more than anything I have seen in TLJ. Not that I have ever made a tragedy of these things, and I am not even going to list them here. I just take those movies for what they are. Moreover, TLJ has at least tried to do something new, something that I appreciated. Your post is a perfect example of the exaggerated reactions I was referring to. I suggest you, while you keep your brain switched on, to use it for more important things as well.
  7. Yes, this is the point: considered in the context of the SW universe, I did not find it disappointing. It could have been better, for sure, but there are other entries in the franchise that I consider much worse, also in the plot. It is ok to expect something better, but frankly, this movie was bashed in an excessive way almost everywhere on the internet. I found the aggressive reaction of many fans to be disproportionate to the flaws of the movie.
  8. I had a very similar experience. I was expecting it to be a complete disaster, based on what I had read before seeing it (not to mention the petition to remove it from canon, which I now find ridicolous). Instead, I liked the movie more than many other entries in the franchise, and I found that the direction the young characters are taking is potentially more interesting than what we have seen in the OT. Many people complained about several subplots that apparently led to nothing. For my personal taste, this was absolutely ok: reality is complex and it happens that things seem to be important at the beginning, just to reveal themselves to be irrelevant after some time. If the plot reflects such complexity, I'm for it, as long as the main story is interesting - I am also a GoT fan, after all. I surely prefer a movie which is a bit redundant, with respect to, say, Ewoks and Gungans. I was a bit disturbed by that Leia scene and a few other things, but none of them were terribly important for the main story. I was much more disturbed by the main point of ROTJ being solved by a complete joke such as the Ewoks beating the Imperial troops on Endor. I also understood certain choices in JW's score that had left me a bit cold when I had listened to it separated from the movie, and liked them a lot in the context, like that "Here They Come" quote, which I found perfect with that scene. So, I learned a couple of lessons on how to consider online reviews before actually seeing the movies myself!
  9. All they say is that they will give him an award "bearing his name"... they are still in time to troll him in an epic way!
  10. What are your Top 10 classical pieces by Russian composers?

    Top 10 pieces, in no particular order: Tchaikovsky: 6th symphony, 4th symphony, The Queen of Spades Stravinsky: Rite of Spring, The Firebird, Petrushka Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet, Alexander Nevsky Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto n.3, Piano Concerto n.2
  11. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    The search for JW's scores is the search for the divine in all of us. But if you want printed scores, filmmusic, I've none to give you. At my age, I'm prepared to take a few things on manuscript. (Well, I wish I could!)
  12. Treesong, the Violin Concerto and the Horn Concerto!
  13. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    The only ones that come to my mind are (maybe) Powell and Arnold. There are of course other relevent composers, but I don't think they can write something of that caliber in that language (and I'm not even enthusiastic about TLJ compared to the other SW scores). There are surely composers who would give equally interesting approaches in the future, but in different styles. Ok, so "spin-off" here just means that the focus is not on the Skywalker family, right?
  14. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    In general, if they organize the episodes in trilogies as they have done up to now, they can tell a longer story and, most importantly, introduce characters that get some development (compare Jyn Erso to Rey). And there is a very simple marketing strategy: if you tell a story in 3 episodes, people will be eager to see all of them, to see how it will end (for example, we all watched ROTS, despite TPM and AOTC). So, I don't think they will drop the episodes, although it would be nice if they could switch to stories that do not involve the Skywalker family so heavily.