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  1. Is this 'Theme' heard in Harry Potter

    The theme of Prokofiev's g minor Concerto is not literally quoted in the scores, but it is based on a sequence of notes that appear in some permutations in Voldemort's theme (also in the same key). Prokofiev's theme: G Bb D Eb C# D Voldemort's theme (the excerpt posted by Blanche Hudson above): D C# Eb C# D G in another instance of Voldemort's theme: Bb D G Bb C# D Eb D Bb G F# Bb G D Probably these are the examples you are thinking about.
  2. Catch Me If You Can vs. The Terminal

    CMIYC for both. Although I am a bit uncertain, score-wise. They are both rather small works and in both cases the most interesting material can be found in a selection of few pieces, which is a rare occurrence in Williams' catalogue. Basically, CMIYC can be reduced to the Escapades suite, which I like very much (especially the Main Title stuff). From the score of The Terminal, I simply cannot stand "Viktor's Tale", which happens to be the main theme. On the other hand, "Jazz Autographs" is a masterpiece, and I prefer it to everything from CMIYC. I would have loved to see a larger concert suite from the Terminal, say three movements including "Viktor's Tale" (unavoidable), "Jazz Autographs" and something from the material written for Amelia's Dinner, maybe all arranged to have a prominent solo clarinet. It would have been a nice counterpart to the saxophone suite from CMIYC.
  3. Which Major Should I Pick? Round 2!

    Everything will be fixed after seeing concrete examples. The applications of these concepts to physics generally makes quite a lasting impression. After following the courses of quantum mechanics and seeing that stuff "in action", you will be able to teach the course on linear algebra!
  4. Which Major Should I Pick? Round 2!

    I did the opposite! (kind of)
  5. Which Major Should I Pick? Round 2!

    I think it should be standard everywhere to do those topics of pure math in the first year, in addition to courses on calculus. I did Physics as well and, at my University, we attended several of those courses together with same-year students of Mathematics. Vector spaces and all related topics are at the basis of the formalism of quantum mechanics (and other things as well), which is typically done in the second year. The usual reaction to linear algebra in the first year, both for me and most of my mates, was like "What are these people talking about? Where am I? Where am I going?", but at the end, you will probably look back at these apparently abstract topics and love them (if you don't love them already), as they are really useful and fundamental tools for theoretical physics.
  6. I understand the reasoning beyond this, but honestly, for me it would just feel wrong if someone else wrote the music for the last chapter of the new trilogy. It would feel as something not coming to a right conclusion. Beside this, I am not sure that he could (or would like to) do something radically new nowadays and at his age, that would also be better than a good SW score.
  7. This thread's companion is one of the most interesting threads in years!
  8. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    Exactly my thoughts. I've seen TFA recently and, indeed, the score probably works better in the movie, with respect to TPM, but this is because there is a huge difference in the qualities of the respective movies. Taken alone and judged as pure music, the score of TPM is much more inventive. Rey's theme really works perfectly with the movie, but it's not that engaging in itself. Daisy Ridley's performance and even just her presence on the scene contributes a lot to the effect. You mean TPM?
  9. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    So, do you prefer Rey's theme over all of the following? - Duel of Fates - Anakin's theme - Qui-Gonn's theme - Flag Parade - the music for the swim to Otoh Gunga (the piece with choir) - the music for the funeral of Qui-Gonn - the theme associated with the droid invasion I'm curious because I have exactly the opposite feeling: on purely musical terms, I prefer any of these over Rey's theme.
  10. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    TPM is much better, although TFA is better than AOTC and most of ROTS. Although I like the score very much in general, I belong to the minority that does not consider Rey's theme that great. Among the themes for the major characters of the saga, it is probably my least favourite. Not even comparable to the torrid theme for Princess Leia.
  11. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    The scores published in SE are of course completely typeset. I'm not sure what your source meant. Maybe he meant that the sources for the scores published in SE series are the original handwritten scores (which is of course true), and not, say, a copy made by others. I am a bit confused: maybe you wrote a "not" too much? Scores and parts are definitely ENGRAVED, not "not engraved". (I assume that, in this context, in English engraved = typeset, right?). Concerning what he does or does not, I am almost sure that he arranges the cue as far as the structure is concerned, in the sense that he is the one who decides how to alter the structure of the original film cue (in many cases, there is evidence of this). I am not sure whether he is the person who arranges, indeed, the 6 horns parts for 4 horns, or 2 harps for 1, or cuts away a keyboard.
  12. Does anyone here suspect that Rey might be Darth Vader's daughter, rather than Luke's? It just hit me that there are quite a few hints about that possibility in TFA. That lightsaber had been both Luke's and Vader's weapon, she is quite at ease with robots, she has a sort of supernatural ability in driving a spaceship she has never used before... I mean, it's not impossible.
  13. ... for her supposedly upcoming love story with Luke! Which is why we should not theorize too much about how HE theorizes about his own use of leitmotifs...