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  1. England wins the cricket World Cup final against New Zealand in one of the most incredible cricket matches of all time at Lord's today. What a day for sport in England! I am pretty much lost for words after watching that, so check out the BBC report for the details. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/48983890
  2. I am not at all familiar with Webern's music but I always feel so sorry for him given the circumstances of his death. I understand that the American soldier who shot him was so stricken with guilt that he took his own life some years later.
  3. Coincidentally, I was working in Thamesmead in southeast London last month where that scene from A Clockwork Orange was filmed. The concrete apartment blocks around South Mere boating lake are in the process of being demolished. Here is what that same location looks like now with all the demolition hoardings up:
  4. I remember being very taken with the music he wrote for Canone Inverso when I heard it played at a Morricone concert a few years ago. Like many of the best examples, the film itself features a prominent role for a solo violin player as part of the story (Nigel Hess's score for Ladies In Lavender is another such example where the main theme as played by Joshua Bell has since become a Classic FM favourite). While Hilary Hahn's beautiful violin solos on the soundtrack of The Village are rightly praised, did you know that she also played on Andrew Hewitt's score to the little known film The Sea? While not quite reaching the heights of James Newton Howard's music, it is a rather nice melancholy score in itself.
  5. Shane has one of the best movie villains in Jack Palance, as well as a great Victor Young score and beautiful cinematography. The child actor (Brandon de Wilde) died young in a road traffic accident. My favourite Clint Eastwood western is The Outlaw Josey Wales. I reckon so.
  6. English composer Gerald Finzi wrote some lovely music, for example his incidental music for a BBC radio production of Love's Labour's Lost in 1946. The ten-movement suite is well worth a listen, the highlights for me being the Introduction, Nocturne [from about 6:20] and Dance [from about 12:10]. I am going to see this later in the week and I am really looking forward to it.
  7. Too many writers do not seem to know the difference between the adjectives climatic and climactic. The former pertains to climate, the latter to climax. Twice today have I seen climatic used when climactic was surely intended. It needs to stop.
  8. I received this yesterday and mighty fine it is too! The Vatican is a nice little cue not previously available. I like that Intrada also included the list of musicians who played on the score. The previous release did not and it would be great if all soundtrack releases included a roster of musicians. Four of the musicians who played on the score are still with the London Symphony Orchestra to this day - violinist Colin Renwick, cellists Noel Bradshaw and Jennifer Brown as well as Patrick Laurence on double bass.
  9. Now where did I put my betting slip? I saw Carl Davis conduct the main theme for Champions in a concert with the Philharmonia three or four years back and it was ace! They also played the Grand National cue from the same score. Burly Cocks!
  10. You might enjoy this performance of Eric Whitacre's Sleep by the vocal ensemble VOCES8, recorded at St. Stephen Walbrook in the City of London. Lovely stuff. In other Whitacre news, his new work The Sacred Veil will receive its UK premiere in October this year (I believe there will be two concerts at St. John's Smith Square).
  11. I'll try! Libby at the LSO has very kindly taken the time to furnish me with some fascinating information about the performance of John Williams's symphony from the LSO archives. Firstly a slight correction to @Harald's post in that the Nottingham performance was actually the day before the London concert and was therefore the first UK performance of the symphony in its extensively revised version. The London concert took place at the Royal Festival Hall the following day on Sunday 9th July 1972 at 7:30 p.m. The programme was as follows: Ralph Vaughan Williams - The Wasps: Overture Jean Sibelius - Violin Concerto (soloist: Kyung Wha Chung) Interval John T. Williams - Symphony No. 1 (first performance in London) Allegro Andante sostenuto Maestoso : Allegro : Risoluto Manuel de Falla - Three-Cornered Hat: Dances The programme notes were written by music critic Denby Richards (father of the actor Gavin Richards who played Captain Bertorelli in 'Allo 'Allo ). Here is an extract of the most relevant parts of the programme notes: Happy now?
  12. I believe he composed the music for the Lee Remick film Emma's War (1987), the score for which I have occasionally seen listed incorrectly in filmographies for 'our' John Williams. I saw the opening of the film once and the music credit says something like Music composed & played by guitarist John Williams. EDIT: I hadn't remembered that Doug Willis off of Neighbours was in it.
  13. Unwrap a Sensation from Needlers! And now, new butterscotch!
  14. As Maurizio mentions earlier in this thread, John Williams speaks in Steven C. Smith's excellent Bernard Herrmann biography A Heart at Fire's Center about the London performance of his symphony and clearly refers to the concert having taken place at the Royal Festival Hall in 1972. Williams spoke to the author in 1984, so close enough to the date to make it unlikely that he would have misremembered the venue. As the Royal Festival Hall is on London's south bank, I wonder if the reference to Covent Garden could be the rehearsal venue? Kingsway Hall, where Charles Gerhardt recorded most of his classic film scores series, was a popular venue for concerts, rehearsals and recordings throughout the 1970s and was located just off Kingsway between Covent Garden and Holborn. The building was demolished in the late 1990s and is now the site of a hotel bearing the same name.
  15. A few photos from a football match I went to yesterday in the eighth tier of English football.
  16. The BBC Concert Orchestra will be premiering The Great Escape live to picture at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 21st September this year. Elmer's son Peter will be conducting. The Great Escape
  17. The 2019 BBC Proms season was announced today and as always there are plenty of interesting concerts scheduled. There are a couple of concerts of particular interest to film music fans, including a tribute to Warner Brothers from those Proms stalwarts the John Wilson Orchestra. The programme includes some of my favourite pieces of Golden Age film music, The Contstant Nymph by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Treasure of the Sierra Madre by Max Steiner and Alex North's A Streetcar Named Desire amongst others. Luckily there will be two performances on 9th August. The Warner Brothers Story The late night Prom a few days before that is a concert of sci-fi film music which looks interesting too (https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/eqhj6q). I have my eye on several other concerts in the season, but would be interested to hear what your top picks would be. BBC Proms website
  18. Hiram Boateng's goal for Exeter City against Port Vale yesterday was absolute filth. Four touches starting with Craig Woodman's pass from the halfway line and the ball doesn't touch the ground until it drops into the net. The mistake of putting the Crawley Town badge in the video must be a ploy to scare our next opponents!
  19. Put me down for Some Kind of Wonderful. "Why didn't you tell me?" "You never asked."
  20. I intend to buy this album too after enjoying the World of Hans Zimmer concert at Wembley Arena last Saturday. Although the composer himself was not there in person, he introduced many of the pieces on a big screen before Gavin Greenaway conducted the orchestra and soloists from every part of the world. Lisa Gerrard was there however and reprised her vocals for Gladiator and one or two of the other selections. I particularly enjoyed the suite from The Holiday which I do not think I had heard before but have been humming annoyingly since. This video is from a different venue (Vienna) but with most of the same soloists, including Eliane Correa, Luis Ribeiro, Pedro Eustache, Rusanda Panfili, Lucy Landymore, El Amir, Juan 'Snow Owl' Garcia-Herreros and others.
  21. 5-0 to England! Good turn out from the Czech fans though.
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