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  1. I did go to the Oxford Street store. It's a crime that they've now moved to a site a fraction of the size. I lived in Nuneaton for a few years until recently and it had a bigger HMV than Oxford Street!
  2. It's the Birmingham Bullring HMV. They only had TTT. Manchester's HMV is much better (two floors when most have shrunken down). I might be biased as a Manc though hehe.
  3. Well this was unexpected! Don't think I've ever seen any of these sets in stores before.
  4. Alan

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    The question is in a second referendum who would feel the most mobilised? The Brexiteers who suddenly have their "victory" to loose, or the Remainers who see a chance to fix the whole debacle. I don't think anyone can get close to calling it but I'll personally drag people to the polls if it comes to it 😂
  5. Alan

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I don't know how they'd back out of it either. It would absolutely be a huge humiliation and I don't see anyone with the backbone to take that on in the interest of the country. I just find the whole thing genuinely frightening.
  6. Alan

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I worry about the prospect of a general election at this stage. It would almost certainly trigger the resignation of Teresa May, which otherwise I would be in favour of were it not for the fact that she would probably be replaced by a hard-Brexit arse-wipe like Rees-Mogg. If by some miracle Labour got in I don't trust Corbyn to reverse Brexit either. The man has been about as much use as a condom machine in a nunnery while in opposition. His Brexit stance has been firmly "it's the will of the people", ignoring the best interests of the country and the fact that the very narrow majority that did vote for Brexit did so because they were won over by blatant lies. The referendum should never have happened. Mr & Mrs Bloggs on the street simply do not have the understanding of the wider implications to make an informed decision. My partner is a manager at a French car manufacturer and was telling me that the factory workers were boasting about voting Brexit. They had no concept whatsoever that voting to leave the EU might put their French employers in a position where they'd want to pull out of the UK and you can bet that if and when they do, those same workers won't for a moment think "oh wait, I did this". Nope, it'll be spun as a European attack on British workers, punishing them. The very people that voted for Brexit are the ones that will be hurt most by it and they can't even accept it. These hard line Tory Brexiteers cannot wait to get away from EU red tape so that they can start peeling away workers rights and protections. The British people have been led like lambs to the slaughter and it's as embarrassing as it is heartbreaking. It was purely an exercise in appeasement by Cameron to try and get his backbenchers on side and when it backfired it became an opportunity for the most grotesque figures in British politics to start lining their pockets.
  7. Alan

    The Photography Thread

    Now you mention it I suppose a couple of them are framed a little like one of this paintings. What can I say? I just love happy lil' trees & mountains.
  8. I agree. So far my experience with UHD has been better than it was with BD in this regard though. Films that were notorious for having grain scrubbed away to the point of actors looking like wax models, like Predator, have now been released on UHD disc looking far more natural. Sony in particular have been very good at not scrubbing away grain from 35mm productions. Universal still seems a bit hit & miss with it though. Oh they already are!
  9. I bought and watched it today. A great presentation of the film as shot and intended. Easily the best home presentation of the film so far. People should be aware though that Superman is never going to be 4k & HDR demo material! It has a fair amount of film grain which thankfully has not been tampered with, particularly in shots with optical effects. The stylistic choices made by Geoffrey Unsworth do not lend themselves to high contrast, massively dynamic images. To me it looked like watching a flawless theatrical print with the possible exception of the scene with the Krypton council. Their faces are maybe a little on the grey side. The new Atmos mix is pretty punchy but it also comes with the original mix too.
  10. Alan

    The Photography Thread

    Thank you i usually prefer black & white.
  11. Alan

    The Photography Thread

    Just got home from a week in Mallorca. Some stunning scenery!
  12. Alan

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    It's bound to be someones holy grail
  13. Don't underestimate the power of re-issues with different packaging and "collectable" art cards Also, I think WB will be more interested in releasing some sort of HP 1-8 soundtrack boxset to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Their wider audience will be far less interested in separating the JW scores from t'others.
  14. You're right. I'm going to write to LLL and Watertower and ask them both to delay until 2021
  15. Maybe they're in cahoots!