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  1. Alan

    Your current audio equipment..

    I know and I still use it for my surround system. Was just curious to give something a bit different a try though
  2. Alan

    Your current audio equipment..

    I think the cable is QED XT25 connected with Cambridge Audio banana plugs. The advisor at Richer Sounds recommended it and I've always had good experience with them - doesn't feel like they're just pushing snake oil. The speakers are at ear height and moved as far away from the wall as I could manage (about 20cm). At the moment they're pointing straight out. Not experimented with pointing them inwards yet
  3. Finally getting to listen to these on my new Hi-Fi system instead of using the PC. My living room seems to have been turned in to the recording stage and I'm loving it! Not sure my neighbours will agree though
  4. Alan

    Your current audio equipment..

    I started building my first Hi-Fi system at Christmas! Right now it's made up of: - Onkyo A9010B integrated stereo amp (UK version - analog only) - Mission LX-2 speakers - Oppo 203 UHD Blu-ray player - I have this connected to a Dolby Atmos home theatre system via HDMI and to the stereo amp via analog So far I have to say it sounds fantastic! I'm listening to the Harry Potter set on it now and I've never been able to enjoy good stereo image before now. The sound doesn't appear to be coming from the speakers. Instead it's like the wall behind the speakers has been turned in to the recording stage. I can pin point where instruments would be and the sound completely fills my living room with a lovely balance. The Onkyo amp also has a separate headphone amp making listening on phones so much better than I was getting from my PC. Warm and detailed sound.
  5. I'm almost certain that's a deliberate performance decision and not a glitch. Sounds good to my ears, and gives the orchestra a nice build to finish the piece.
  6. Alan

    The JWFan Sexual Orientation Thread 2015

    First time I've seen this thread! Suppose I should report in: Gay
  7. Listening to COS again. 'Harry Is a Parselmouth' is an unexpectedly lovely track! Really a re-working of one of my favourite Stone cues so it's nice to have basically with a track to itself The end of the following track, Petrified Justin, is also a stand out and feels quite "golden age" Williams to me.
  8. Alan

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    Just read at The Digital Bits that Mike Matessino is taking part in a 40th anniversary event this weekend. I wonder if a new release will come up?
  9. What about Stone and Chamber? I can't recall hearing any combinations in the POA sense but I suppose those films were not scored in quite the same way and tend to have longer cues. I'm definitely glad that cues were combined in to longer pieces though, like Quidditch, Year 2 from Chamber of Secrets. Talk about a showstopper!
  10. With you on TTMF - a great solution to the short cue problem and I even like the title he chose for it. Seems obvious now but I had no idea looking at the track list before listening that it was going to be a mini compilation of the DT appearances I like Aunt Marge's Waltz [Alternate] for the same reason. Those two tiny cues combined with the alternate start of the waltz make a brilliant combination. The problem I have identifying many others is that I forget that he's combining different cues out of chronological order or presenting back to back alternates when I'm listening. Case in point - The Big Doors. You'd not know you were hearing different versions of the same cue unless either it was pointed out or you knew what to listen for.
  11. Viewing party at my place (if you can get to Coventry, UK 😂)! Without getting too off topic it comes from a 2K DI, unlike 1 & 2 which were native 4K negative scans, but POA in 4K with HDR looks for all the world like the best film print of the movie in your home. The cinematography really lends itself to what HDR can do with deep shadows and highlights. The colours are lovely too. Anyhoo, back to the music. I'm finding that watching the movie actually killed the small impulse I had to make my own edit of the score. It was never going to replace Mike's programme for me, but I considered doing it as an alternative option to the programme on the discs and to satisfy my editing hobby. I'm just going to stick with what Mike gave us. It genuinely feels to like like to best way to listen to this music, which I suppose should come as a surprise to no one.
  12. Yeah. I doubt I'd ever have noticed these edits if we didn't now have the complete scores.
  13. Just watched some of POA (the 4K disc is a stunner btw). I never realised how chopped up the music is! For example, in 'Trouble Takes Many Forms' the end of 'Dumbledore's Warning' and most of what I assume is 'Double Trouble March' aren't even in the film.
  14. Great that you finally got your set @crumbs! Sorry that your cases are damaged though. It happened to me with the LLL Batman/Batman Returns set. Actually the case itself was broken at the hinges as well as the teeth so the whole thing falls apart when I open it. Shocking that postal services don't treat packages with more care. CD teeth are a nightmare. It's why I rip everything in FLAC with another WAV rip for back up because I know that eventually the teeth will break if I actually use the discs for day to day use.