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  1. Alan

    Your current audio equipment..

    Sorry for the late reply! I've not been well recently so I've not had much motivation to experiment. They're still pointing straight out and tbh, I've been very happy with how they sound so far. I'm probably going to take the plunge on some dedicated speaker stands soon. Will make it easier for me to place them the suggested distance from the wall and play with the angle more easily.
  2. Alan

    The Photography Thread

    I quite like this photo. I took it on a recent trip to my home town of Manchester. We were there for a night to celebrate an anniversary and the weather was a bit crap but Manchester wears its gloom quite well
  3. I never really heard much of a problem with ANH and Empire "back in the day". I do now of course, but only because of experience and getting used to hearing high quality audio. The SE Jedi release however always sounded awful to me and sticks with me as two of the worst sounding CDs I own. I don't know whether that's technically true or not but I can't think of anything else in my collection that sounds as compromised. I'd also love to hear Mike talk about these sets freely but I totally get why he hasn't done so far, other than saying that they were frustrating for him on a personal process sort of level. I'd rather he gets the chance to work on them again than hear him criticise previous releases
  4. Alan

    The Birthday Thread

    Thank you My partner is taking me to see ESB live at the Royal Albert Hall for my present 😍
  5. Just got the notification that mine has been delivered! Going straight to the cinema after work to see Alien so not going to get my hands on it until late. Can't wait to hear it!
  6. Mine has arrived in the UK! Should hopefully have it on Monday
  7. Yes in a strange reversal, La-La Land ordered me. Just in time for my 35th anniversary. Long overdue for a restoration!
  8. Wonderful shows Maurizio! Thank you so much for producing these and sharing them. My God, the sound quality on this thing!
  9. Employee3 hates me. Still no shipping notice. I thought we had a special relationship after how quickly I got the HP set What I've heard so far sounds absolutely sublime though! I can't wait to listen to this from start to finish
  10. Lovely arrangement. I really hope these new arrangements are going to be put together on a release. We've got the odd one here and there but it will be nice to have them all together.
  11. Things have been really quiet considering shipping was due to start yesterday! I'm sure they're doing everything they can to get orders out. It's just a bit strange that the 22nd came and went seemingly without a peep.
  12. I imagine he's had to do a lot of work smoothing out the analogue edits. Same thing was true of Close Encounters though and it sounds flawless
  13. I'll try and find the podcast when I get home later. It was posted on here and people (including me) got choked up over a story about a piece from Superman being played at the funeral of someone involved. I feel bad about not remembering the name of the person because it was a lovely story. I think that was also Leaving Home.