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  1. It was outstanding! Really made we wish we had the film version of the Imperial March though. There are definitely differences in the orchestration during the scene after the probe droid is destroyed. They played that version again after the intermission. The orchestra was on absolute top form. I don't think I heard a bad note and their timing was impeccable.
  2. This moment from Phantom Menace always stuck out for me: Aside from it being a genuine cool shot (imo), the little brass fanfare just gives it something. I seem to recall a similar thing in The Patriot too.
  3. I'll be at the Royal Albert Hall for the afternoon performance of Empire this Sunday. Can't wait! It's been too long since I went to one of these, the last one being Raiders also at the Albert Hall.
  4. Yes I think they did. Whoever is working with them on the Kubrick titles must be pushing for it.
  5. I'll definitely be picking up The Shining and Apocalypse Now when they come out. I was very pleasantly surprised to see WB have gone for Dolby Vision with The Shining. Their support for DV on disc has been fairly weak so far. Speaking of classics, I got Don't Look Now a few weeks ago. Not what you might think of as a potential demo disc but it is seriously one of the best transfers I have ever seen. There's just nothing digital looking about it. The resolution, colour and encode are all top notch. Another surprising Dolby Vision disc too.
  6. They're both great examples of what the format can do with movies shot on 35mm The Atmos sound mix on Ryan, especially during the beach landing, is incredible!
  7. I didn't have a spare £150! They will be mine one day... Yep the one in the Bullring.
  8. HMV Birmingham has the TTT and trilogy sets on vinyl at the moment. They're gorgeous things to look at and weighty. Can't say I wasn't tempted 😂
  9. Has anyone heard of or been using Audirvana? I came across it when I was looking for ways to stream music in high quality from my computer to my hi-fi system using an Oppo 203 as the DAC. It came highly recommended by audiophiles so I give it a go on a free trial. Really impressed! It's nice to be able to stream high-res Tidal and Qobuz stream to my system and access everything in one place. Music sounds much much better than it did when I had a cable running between the laptop directly in to the amp. Basically the DAC in the MacBook Pro sucks and streaming via my home network to the Oppo means I bypass it completely. Audirvana also has this cool feature that allows you to upsample to DSD. I was sceptical at first, thinking the whole point of the "audiophile" way of life was purity and not processing music. Turns out it works beautifully and some high-end systems convert to DSD by default. As I type this I'm listening to 'The Firebolt and End Credits Suite' from the LLL Potter set. Streaming my CD rip and upsampling to DSD and it is filling the room that much more. In addition to having a wide soundstage where the speakers more or less disappear I now seem to be getting more 3D depth to the orchestra. Weirdly, it almost sounds more analog. Am I getting a placebo effect? I won't rule it out completely but I'm definitely enjoying my music more!
  10. The whole album is unintentionally hilarious. They somehow managed to turn the end credits from ESB in to something from a comedy. Get a load of their Superman disco cover too! Definitely not the same London Philharmonic that went on to record LOTR.
  11. Did MM not say during the talk in London that conversations had started about doing this? I wasn't there unfortunately but I'm sure I remember seeing it in someones report. I'm certain it'll happen. Just doesn't make sense to do it before the release of IX. I wouldn't expect to see it immediately after either.
  12. Sorry for the late reply! I've not been well recently so I've not had much motivation to experiment. They're still pointing straight out and tbh, I've been very happy with how they sound so far. I'm probably going to take the plunge on some dedicated speaker stands soon. Will make it easier for me to place them the suggested distance from the wall and play with the angle more easily.
  13. I quite like this photo. I took it on a recent trip to my home town of Manchester. We were there for a night to celebrate an anniversary and the weather was a bit crap but Manchester wears its gloom quite well
  14. I never really heard much of a problem with ANH and Empire "back in the day". I do now of course, but only because of experience and getting used to hearing high quality audio. The SE Jedi release however always sounded awful to me and sticks with me as two of the worst sounding CDs I own. I don't know whether that's technically true or not but I can't think of anything else in my collection that sounds as compromised. I'd also love to hear Mike talk about these sets freely but I totally get why he hasn't done so far, other than saying that they were frustrating for him on a personal process sort of level. I'd rather he gets the chance to work on them again than hear him criticise previous releases
  15. Thank you My partner is taking me to see ESB live at the Royal Albert Hall for my present 😍
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