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  1. I recently joined Tidal and have been listening to these in "Master" quality. Tidal's high-res master streaming generally sounds fantastic but my god, the HISS on Attack of the Clones is impossible to ignore. I didn't hear it so much on the Spotify stream but in lossless it's as clear if not more so than on the original CD pressing. There are times, like after the DotF statement in Return to Tatooine where it becomes louder than the actual music for a few moments before settling back in to a still very audible background noise.
  2. Started buying these on CD today. 2 for £10 at HMV so not much to loose. Listening to Empire is so frustrating. I'm almost certain that it's down to mixing or mastering errors though rather than damage to the recordings. The Asteroid Field is a mess of excess reverb and weird mixing yeah, but what we can hear during the track is absolutely clear and sounds like it is in great condition. Someone just cocked up and it amazes me that it wasn't caught before release.
  3. Alan

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    That was my first thought too A general meh from a lot of Williams fans but the implications for future releases would certainly cause a lot of drooling!
  4. I was wondering whether it appeared in the film! It's total absence from the OST wasn't a negative for me, but I was surprised it didn't at least appear in Reminiscence Therapy. I still think Giacchino deserves a huge amount of credit for achieving what he did in the time he had, but you're right. The two scores are what they are, and Solo is far superior.
  5. Giacchino is Dominos - doughy and just want you need when you wanna go cheap Powell is Pizza Express - a decent, sit down restaurant but still family friendly and high-street Williams is a generations old family restaurant in Naples that you can't get a booking for. ...I want pizza now.
  6. The new Han themes are very quickly becoming favourites of mine since the return of Star Wars to the big screen. Powell nails their usage in the body of the score. As for comparisons to Rogue One, I'm one of the (seemingly few) that enjoyed Giacchino's score, but it doesn't hold a candle to this.
  7. Yes. Reminiscence Therapy
  8. Makes the recent Empire release sting just that little bit more, eh?
  9. No. It does confirm that The Adventures of Han was recorded at 20th Century Fox Studios, CA though. It doesn't say when.
  10. Something is terribly wrong. I'm 8 tracks in and there's been no force theme!!! This is refreshing! Williams' new Han theme is all over the score so far. The orchestra sounds amazing - enough to make me miss them for TFA, RO and TLJ (it's the LSO, right?)
  11. Amazon shipped my pre-order yesterday. I got the notification at 9am today to say it would be delivered today. At 11 it was here
  12. Just listening to it on CD. The Adventures of Han is fantastic!
  13. Well, I know what I'm doing this afternoon...
  14. Amazon UK dispatched my CD earlier today. Should arrive tomorrow
  15. Just been reading the liner notes for Intrada's Jaws release. I'm sure everyone here already knows and I'm sorry if I have missed a mention of this earlier in this topic but on pages 22 - 24 Mike Matessino basically describes exactly the problems that we hear in the new Empire release. That is, that the three-track masters for Jaws were not easy to get a good sounding stereo balance from and that groups of instruments would be grouped into one track with little to no presence in the other two. Heavy reverb and noise reduction had been used on previous Jaws releases to compensate. It's depressing that the right people weren't brought on and the proper work wasn't done to get around the problems but as I listen to Jaws now, it gives me hope that a great sounding complete release is still possible, and is going to happen.