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  1. The poster does look off, if only because Palpatine looks like a cartoon version of himself. It's sloppy but only the teaser poster. As for the footage seen at D23, it truly is reading like a bad fan fic, Rey's double ended red lightsaber, Palpatine narrating the duel between her and Kylo... sounds like video game faff...
  2. John Batiste = Soul Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross = Soulless
  3. There's so many ways they could've ended it - I like the way they chose, but can see how (given more series) they could've developed the story to that point. As it stands, there are characters and plot threads that deserved more time developing that felt wasted. It wasn't a complete failure of writing like Game of Thrones, but it was disappointing all the same. I had a vision of the ending (spoilers):
  4. Finished Marvel/Fox's Legion. Man, what a show! Before I started the show I was skeptical about investing my time in another superhero/comic book show, but I came to realize and love how it's nothing like a conventional superhero story, but one that deals with mental illness and broken people all affected by one person. Initially I was disappointed with the ending because it isn't showstopping or hugely climactic, however it ends up the best possible outcome for all of the characters. I'll miss this show for the charm of its creativity - in its visuals, sound, music, story and acting - it's all so powerful and nothing is wasted. It's difficult to recommend this show to others as it takes a few episodes for the feel and tone of the show (and how they're presenting the story) sinks in, but once you pick it up, it's easy to binge and want more and more and more!
  5. Far From Home turned Shield into a bloody joke. All the people I've seen whining about the fact that future Spidey films won't have the same MCU presence are creatively bankrupt if they think it can't work without it. I wish they'd cut back on this interconnected universe and focus on the individual characters where they can have time to breathe in their own neck of the woods without some hanging nostalgia and sense of duty to Stark and The Avengers, and fucking Shield. Homecoming and Far From Home are entertaining for the most part, but I felt as if Peter didn't have much of a character, or a sense he existed outside of the scenes he was in (like he's a living script). Both films rely too heavily on the worldbuilding established in the Avengers series instead of working to build a world for Peter where we can care about his life, his struggles independently. The other versions gave hints of this by giving him an interest in science and his job at the Daily Bugle. His interest in science in these films are basically fiddling around with Stark holograms and his suit. Show Peter in school, give more of a sense of his day-to-day life, what does he love? Who does he love? Work in a relationship, and a good villain with an interesting motivation (that wasn't in some way influenced by The Avengers' actions) and you're set.
  6. 'Around the survivors, a perimeter create.'
  7. @Dieter Stark I've noticed the same phenomenon with several films. Some of it I believe is the fuller sound of a 5.1 mix with surround sound too that gives the music a real presence. I was watching LotR:TTT recently and a cue stood out to me that hadn't on the CR set because it had, as you describe, an 'extra oomph' to it, in the instruments and the bass.
  8. Those motifs are the 'The Post/Quidditch' rips that William Ross reminded John to use.
  9. I've seen an article circulating that casts doubt upon McGregor's involvement, based on past interviews where he's given some pretty harsh comments on his involvement with Star Wars (autograph dealers, crazy fans etc.) on one side and that the work wasn't his type on the other. I guess these people seem to have forgotten a really powerful factor in negotiations with McGregor, and Disney has the answer: shitloads of money.
  10. That's funny, it was the complete opposite for me, and I hadn't heard the score outside of the film then! The themes are crystal clear, each developing over the course of the film and reaching a satisfying conclusion.
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