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  1. Arpy


    She's more machine than man now.
  2. I imagine Nolan would be respectful of Williams' time and wisdom - although if TFA is anything to go by with the hell of rewrites, I'd think that it would stress Williams!
  3. Arpy

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    Wait, isn't that a shot from the end battle of Black Panther? No, wait, it's the battle in Wakanda at the end of Avengers Infinity War!
  4. @Thor Why do you have to drag more people through the mud? If Desplat or Giacchino had been given the job, I would be interested to hear it - just like I have no qualms over Goransson scoring it. I think I would've liked to have heard what Zimmer would've done, certainly, but I guess he can't score everything Nolan!
  5. Arpy

    Video Game Music

    Also, I've recently been listening to some VGM from my childhood and it's making me tear up! and this is my oldest musical memory from the GameBoy game 'Solar Striker' which I played when I was 5/6 years old! The game over music is so sad.
  6. Arpy

    Video Game Music

    Yes, I love the vocal version from the Wii U Smash Bros.
  7. Arpy

    HBO's Westworld

    I think they have to have some callback or at least some part of the show in Westworld, but perhaps we'll see the corporate side this season and a view of the other parks. People were speculating it was Futureworld we're seeing in the trailer, but it seems like it's just the city where Dolores, Ford, Delos and Bernarnold were last season.
  8. Arpy

    Video Game Music

    Light Plane is my favourite from Pilotwings!
  9. Would this be an example, all the action going on around the Love Theme? @1:25 onward
  10. Leave the Indy set alone! Fuck, I'd rather have expanded sets than wait for half my life for a thorough archival edition. Back in 2008, I was happy to have this, it was my first set of Indy scores.
  11. Arpy

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Stefan! May you live to enjoy as many years more as your post count!
  12. @Richard Penna I'll take your Star Trek DE it's going for hundreds on ebay...