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  1. I thought I heard it somewhere, but no idea where... will listen again later
  2. Is that the Thunderbird one, or the one when we first see Newt in the first film on the boat?
  3. Ah sorry, I must have completely missed those! Sorry to be a fearmonger, and thanks for pointing them out!
  4. At least, there was only one overt quote that I remember Same for the Jacob theme, Newt's animal theme, Obscurus, Grindelwald... Think the only multiple-quote old themes were the healing one and Newt the hero. Would love to be proved wrong, though.
  5. So, have just heard this. Rambled thoughts. Thought the new themes were a bit weak (Dumbledore's is okay, but for some reason I still can't pick out Leta's, despite the piano track.. Is it the 2 up - 2 down four note figure?), and the longer tracks quite dull and plodding, unlike some from the first film, but maybe I'll warm to them in time. Themes return (If I'm not mistaken, all of them?) but really not very many times, by my reckoning (Which is a shame, as I loved the themes from the first score) The slowww build up to the action in 'The Thestral Chase' was deliciously dark. Think the most fun for me was 'Newt and Jacob pack for Paris', which borrows heavily from the titular end credits track. Also contains Jacob's theme! 'Capturing the Zouwu' has a fun Newt hero theme. 'Travelling to Hogwarts' contains the great FB theme (couldn't obviously hear it anywhere else ) I loved 'Salamander Eyes', as heard in the preview. 'Matagots' is really fun (Hero theme again, some borrowed from the escape from MACUSA) 'Spread the Word' builds to "epicness" - simple string ostinato + big chords... bit generic 'Wands into the Earth' I remember pretty cool in places. I think overall it's slightly lesser to the first score, so overall a little disappointed on first listen, though I often am, due to over-high expectations. But there is some really great writing in there! I expect this'll be a grower, not a show-er.
  6. 8 hrs 11 mins! Gonna stay up until midnight for this one
  7. Bofur01

    Justin Hurwitz's FIRST MAN (2018)

    If anyone's come up with such a playlist, please let me know, as I'm sure I' prefer this in shorter form, too.
  8. Bofur01

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Yeah, I love these Still missing the source cue from just before 'Dice and Roll' in the film though
  9. I thought that could just be a couple of notes building to the Crimson Dawn motif
  10. 3:15 in Corellia Chase is Luke's theme 4:08 in Marauders Arrive is Chewie's theme, right? And you're missing the Coaxium motif at 2:46 in Train Heist, 5:41 in Break Out, and 0:32 in Dice & Roll
  11. Bofur01

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    'Savareen Stand-Off' is when Enfys Nest arrives on Savareen and confronts the gang, and has her chat with them afterwards. 'Good Thing You Were Listening' is Han shooting Beckett first, and an alternate?? for Q'ira flying off, leaving Han on Savareen 'Testing Allegiance' comes before that in film order, and is for the Han/Dryden/Q'ira fight, and Han subsequently going off to save Chewie, then Q'ira preparing to make a Skype call. (Though some early parts are different in the film version) The other bits on Savareen are found in 'The Good Guy', and consist of: i) Han chatting to Q'ira in the tent ("You are the good guy" etc.) ii) Beckett saying goodbye to Han and leaving the gang iii) Han and Q'ira going to, and talking in the lift in Dryden's yacht iv) Dryden threatening Q'ira, and his enforcers getting wrecked by Enfys So chronologically, it'd be: The Good Guy pt 1 Savareen Stand-Off The Good Guy pt 2-4 Testing Allegiance Good Thing You Were Listening Hope this helps!
  12. Bofur01

    LotR BBC Radio Drama Soundtrack

    For some reason, despite listening to the radio play many, many times, I hadn’t noticed how awesome “From Dark Dunharrow” is... so was oddly inspired to make this: So thanks for the inspiration!
  13. Bofur01

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Fabulous work Manakin! Just in case it’s not been mentioned already, there’s a little music, including a quiet Enfys Nest theme, as the gang plan the conveyex heist with binoculars. Don’t think you have that?
  14. Bofur01

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    From JP's Facebook: "‘Mine Mission Suite’ from Solo: A Star Wars Story will premiere next month!" https://www.filmfestival.be/nl/nieuws/solo-a-star-wars-story-vervolledigt-line-up-2001-and-beyond/25-09-2018/3578?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL 24092018&utm_content=NL 24092018+CID_1dafcddcbef6b7f915aaf651d0c5f9c8&utm_source=Email marketing software