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  1. Ehh, I liked the first Fantastic Beasts, and though no masterpiece, I think Rowling is very good at writing consistent and believable characters, and did like Eddie Redmayne’s Newt. Also, that killer score by JNH helped!
  2. STAR WARS general thread

    And whose would that be?
  3. But these aren't examples of things an editor could easily cut without ruining the flow of the scenes/continuity. Most likely reshoots would've been required. Fairly sure there was a George Lucas quote about something similar from when they were editing TPM...
  4. TFA: Farewell And The Trip Rey's Theme Scherzo for X-Wings The Abduction I Can Fly Anything TLJ: The Battle Of Crait The Rebellion Is Reborn Ahch-To Island The Spark The Supremacy
  5. Uhm I doubt it, whatever for? But yeah, the greenscreen in that scene was way too obvious. And that haircut, my god... 😛
  6. I’ll pass on selling the tickets, but thanks for the advice though! I’ll be sure to try and squeeze those 3-6 years in before the end of October!
  7. I’ve got tickets for this, and it’s going to be my first ever concert! Cannot wait 😀
  8. Is it me or is the map theme/“mystery chords” from TFA repeated in “The Spark” when Luke appears? At 0:27
  9. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    I've been loving this fanfare at 2:59 of "A New Alliance" recently:
  10. I expect you not to rest until you can assure Kathy Kennedy that Lord and Miller have not compromised this franchise in any way.
  11. Well, it would have been downgraded, as cameras aren’t exactly the greatest in the dark - it’s far easier to shoot something a bit brighter and downgrade than sacrifice image quality with a tonne of grain. But AUJ is nowhere near ungraded, did you see the first trailer? 😛 That looked more ungraded.
  12. To be honest, it’s not that dark outside with the fathiers at all, and clearly brighter than what actual night would look like. And though that part of the film is utterly pointless to me, I have to say, though I was scrutinising that sequence on my second viewing (as I’d seen your disfavourable comparison to the AUJ warg chase scene beforehand), I thought the vfx on the fathiers was fine, and way more convincing than the wargs from the early scene in AUJ (which itself was not helped by the dreadful overbrightening and bloom-ing of almost every shot in that film, presumably to aid brightness for the 3D viewings. The original vfx shots as seen in WETA’s videos look way better without the grading)
  13. Nah, it was his ESB one, the real version of which had ceased to exist by that point, having just been split in half by Rey and Ren