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  1. Bofur01

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Has the track been deleted? The link is broken for me
  2. Bofur01

    John Powell’s Top 100 Film Scores

    Edit: was silly
  3. The Forest River is great. My Armour Is Iron, too
  4. Bofur01

    Have you purchased the OST to SOLO in any form?

    You had to pay import tax for that, too? 😛
  5. You can also hear it peeking out from behind the Hidden World theme in 'The Hidden World' and the Suite - most obviously near 3:00 in the former track, I think? Unless that's the Fate riff, I'm not actually so sure, listening to it back again. But yeah, it's in 'Where No One Goes', 'Test Drive', and... everywhere!
  6. Bofur01

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Yesterday: John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (again) This morning: John Powell - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (again)
  7. I just saw the film yesterday, and loved it - thought the music was mixed perfectly well for the most part, and stood out wonderously in a few places
  8. Ah true, I hadn't caught that in LotR, I assumed they were mountains made up for the new series, rather than copied off the map from FotR. Could there be enough in the appendices to make the whole kin-strife/Castamir shebang into a series? Those passages always seemed quite dramatic to me.
  9. Why's no-one talking about Calenardhon being on the map - I thought this series was going to be about the adventures of Aragorn?
  10. I've been loving this variation on the theme from "Flying with Mother" recently - is it technically called the Lost and Found theme? Either way, it's bloody epic! And the whole of "Once There Were Dragons", especially the choral Hidden World theme!
  11. Bofur01

    Did you survive the Decimation?

    This title really bugs me. Decimation is removing 1/10th, not 1/2 of the population!
  12. Bofur01

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    It's sometimes interesting what the fans seem to want - I'm in a bunch of SW FB groups and have browsed a few SW forums, and about the same number of people list RotS as list ESB for their favourite film in the saga, and even outside the polls, RotS appears to have a huge appeal among SW fans
  13. Just about to go to the pub, so don't have time to write a full review. I didn't notice too many new themes besides the ones in the Suite, but I think this is at least as good as Solo, and I loved Solo. Most of tracks 11-16 contain glorious choral parts, quite reminiscent of Hubris. Love it
  14. I think I saw that, was that when he replied, saying "What's Romantic Flight?" or similar? 😂