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  1. It does sound similar but I felt there were a couple small spots where I could tell it was a diff recording.
  2. Oh, how I’d love a David Arnold SW anthology score...
  3. Huh? I’m not talking about politics at all... Not everyone who is against stupid political correctness is a Republican or agrees with their policies. (Assuming that’s your implication.) Thanks for stereotyping, though!
  4. The PC police have officially arrived... 🙄 Grow a spine. It’s a pretty common phrase; this isn’t a college safe space, it’s the real world and not everyone is going to pander to the <1% and their demands. If this was a personal attack he was making I’d understand but I mean... Come on, man. (Hope I didn’t just misgender you; I’m sure that would be an offense too, if so.)
  5. Which sub? I've been avoiding due to spoilers.
  6. How is it?! You listening before seeing the film?
  7. Yes, he seems to be just wondering why users aren't allowed to ask for leaks.
  8. Nice! And I second @Lewya's question: how was the score? I can handle "spoilers" about the music but I'm hesitant to venture into other threads out of fear of the plot being spoiled.
  9. Did it overall leave a good impression on you? Are you excited to get the soundtrack album?