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  1. Will anyone be recording, please? My timezone makes it very awkward to listen to the broadcast live.
  2. And the harmony in 0:57-1:12
  3. carlborg

    Harry Potter - Unused Music Restored

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I think the "Lonely First Night" track is another gem which got axed in HP1. (Not that the music used doesn't fit well)
  4. I agree the program shown on the website can’t be complete. According to the Musikverein FB page, they’re playing Harry Potter!
  5. Got mine for the 3rd! See you there!
  6. carlborg

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    That’s good to know...at least there’s some hope then!
  7. carlborg

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Sent HL an email re. The Adventures of Han Signature Edition, Heartbreak in a sentence right there.
  8. I'm currently on the WCRB link, but can't seem to find the actual stream to the concert? Or does it become available exactly on time? Sorted!
  9. Do you think we’ll be getting a Signature Edition for this?
  10. carlborg

    John Williams's use of the timpani

    Does anyone know where I might see the intro to Buckbeak’s flight you were mentioning notated?
  11. carlborg

    Your favorite John Williams pictures

    Definitely this!
  12. Is a score for this available anywhere?
  13. Amazing, thank you very much! Any idea when these usually come out?
  14. Do you think we'll be getting a Signature Edition score for TLJ?