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  1. I feel that the BFG score is a very creative one and a masterclass in writing for woodwinds.
  2. Is there a thread with a list of interviews of JW? Tried searching but couldn't come across one
  3. Loving the articles! Thank you so much for the work to provide this content!
  4. Also got the handwritten note, although mine didn't include the 21st Jan date. Great to get another update - can't wait for the release!
  5. I hope we get a nice feature again about JW and his music in iTunes extras just like JJ did in TFA
  6. Any ideas why Aunt Marge's Waltz isn't listed on the cue sheet?
  7. As a brass player, that “Quidditch” sample just leaves me in awe.
  8. Thanks, thought they wouldn’t be good res on here, but seems I’m mistaken.
  9. I was under the impression that “Lonely First Night” was not used in the film, but it’s listed as part of the film score in the track listing. So was it used in the film? Also, @Jay Where can we get HD album covers, please? Just ordered and I’m already thinking about ripping 😂
  10. Ordered ET 35th anniversary edition directly from LLL, delivery to Europe with no problems. Hoping there will be no problems for this box set either! Dracula from Varese, on the other hand, seems to be taking a while - already nearly 3 weeks in transit.
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