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  1. I clicked on the little account symbol to create a new account and suddenly I was in a queue. that was around 0830.
  2. I discovered it by accident when I was trying to create an account (thinking it would save me time when the sales opened)
  3. Secured tix for me and 5 friends, very awesome. I actually discovered the queue system by chance at 0830 UK time, so got lucky. They should have advertised it I guess.
  4. Well everything Luke says about the Jedi is true basically, they did suck.
  5. This movie is proving really divisive. I loved it and greatly appreciated that it did something new.
  6. Haha there's no way he isn't happy with the final product considering the rave reviews and his own positive comments. Come on. People are really grasping and overanalyzing. Not everything is a conspiracy
  7. I don't see how old themes can't be included in a FYC album considering there are plenty of scores submitted as FYC with ZERO themes, or basically just noise
  8. Snoke straight up being severed in half was awesome. And man, I want his throne room!
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