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  1. Monday’s premiere of The Last Jedi in concert with the Tokyo Philharmonic conducted by Nicholas Buc (of the Art of Score podcast): https://www.instagram.com/p/B3mbS9bh221/?igshid=zffwyqydj78t
  2. There’s just no way the end credits get an entire day: even half a session would be a lot, especially since they’re rarely one of the more difficult parts, and there’s not the added difficulty of precisely timing to picture. The original Star Wars end title was one of eight cues recorded the same day!
  3. You don’t think this is just that poster’s attempt to decipher the name of 1M11? It fits the basic shape, but seems incredibly unlikely for that early in the film
  4. Yep, Randy Kerber mentioned he knew that part was going to be a monster when he learned they would send it to him in advance, because of how unusual that is. The poor violins did not, though!
  5. Parts are often prepped to record the next day, or even the same day! Those parts never leave the studio: the musicians come in and read it down. One or two run-throughs, maybe touch up a spot or two, and then that red light is on and it’s time to record. It’s a pretty specialized skill, even in the music world. Even a lot of musicians with top symphonies don’t have the kind of sight-reading skills that demands.
  6. They were still recording in mid-November for TFA! I’d be surprised if it goes that late again.
  7. That’s right! There’d have to be at least 7 measures on that line to include that bit, and these parts usually only have 3-4. So, I’d expect to hear that same version of the end credits opening as TFA and TFJ with only one Rebel Fanfare statement.
  8. The visible section of 1M14 doesn't appear to feature any known themes: Some sections of the standard end credits beginning appear to be visible on some of the parts they're taping together. This is probably a flute part: As blurry as that is, at the end of the fourth line, I can even just make out the change back to 4/4! (That's where the part says 'A Little More Deliberate'.) 1m1a was 'Starry Night' in The Force Awakens, the music right after the main title.
  9. I wouldn’t try to read too much into those numbers: the numbers go as high as 14 for each reel of The Book Thief, but I don’t think it had a lot of revisions or anything out of the ordinary.
  10. Tempi and meter make a big difference, but here's some points of comparison: Episode IV: 180 measures (~3:45) Episode V: 144 measures (~4:30) Episode VI: 202 measures (~6:00) Episode VII: 224 measures (~6:40)
  11. Here's my wild speculation for Episode IX, especially since JW showed a willingness to re-use concert arrangements as underscore with TLJ: film ends with the second half of the Throne Room concert arrangement, starting with the force theme, so we still get a bit of that without it being the ending. Honestly, I'd prefer that to Binary Sunset ending (number 4)! And it'd beat just straight up reprising the original throne room...
  12. It was most likely “corrected”, because they would have started with the same Finale files used for the sessions…
  13. “We See Ren” makes more sense, though. Given more than one source has that, it’s probably just a typo in this version.
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