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  1. Yeah. I watched the fist five minutes of the original Clone Wars "movie" and thought, nope. Turned it off and haven't watched any SW animation since. Don't suppose I'll start now.
  2. Politics is like porn...hard to define it, but you know it when you see it.
  3. I don’t think Jurassic World ignored the other sequels completely, I think there's a throw away line in there about events that happened on the "other island". But yeah, he pretty much disregards everything that occurred after the first. And rightly so. Spielberg's decision to end the second film with a T-Rex running havoc around San Diego was awful and contrary to the spirit of the series. It's been a while since I read Crichton's sequel, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't end that way. One of Spielberg's biggest misfires actually. The whole reason I wanted to see Blomkamp's movie is
  4. Jay, I'm all for banning politics. Completely. If anyone asks my opinion (and they're not) I'd ban it from JWFan altogether, there's enough of that poison everywhere else online. Nothing good comes from it. But that said, how you can have this thread and expect people not talk about the politics of it? Her Tweets were inherently political, the attacks on her were political, and her firing was political. So again, how can you not talk about the political aspects? Just seems to me it's hard for people to know where the line is.
  5. Yes! I was incredibly dissapointed when this was scrapped in favour of Prometheus. Would have been better for the franchise and Ridley Scott's repuation if he'd have just stayed away.
  6. Jay, you’ve explained why you think Disney did what they did. But do you approve of it? Are you comfortable with what happened to her, irrespective of how you feel about what she said?
  7. No, that's not what happened. She talked about this is in the interview. What happened was her co-star Pedro Pascal had his pronouns on Twitter. So people started asking why she didn't have hers. First she ignored it, then when they became more insistent and aggressive in asking (as Twitter folk tend to do), she basically said it should be obvious she's a she. Well, you can imagine this set the Twitter mob into high gear, and they more or less insisted she do it or be labelled a transphobe. She decided she wasn’t going to be bullied, so she put the be bop as a tweak at the mob to l
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