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  1. I don't know, but I'm sure Janeway's to blame.
  2. Yeah but they still said they were towing the boat in, so at least they'd have that. Sounds to me like someone needs to be hung up by their Buster Browns!
  3. Well I've been told I'm the spitting image of Pilou Asbæk. And equally inclined to villiany.
  4. Jaws (1975) in 4K UHD HDR. Rewatched just to check out how the 4K master looks. And it looks great for a film of its age. The HDR is tastefully, and lightly done. The lighting problems in the Orca cabin during the Indiapolis scene are sorted out. But something occured to me watching this time that somehow escaped me the thousand times I've seen this film before (or maybe I did notice it before, but forgot). What happened to Ben Gardner's boat & bloated head? Why didn't Chiefy & Mr. Hooper show Gardner's severed head and chewed up boat as proof they still have a
  5. Yeah, I've seen these on YouTube as well. It does look fine when edited correctly, and I wouldn't freak out if Jackson did this. I'd just prefer he didn't. Setting aside erasing Holm's (albeit limited) performance in this scene, I actually think in terms of continuity it works better with Holm in the prologue. It reminds us that we're looking at an event from myth and legend,as Bilbo told it, not something that was filmed while it was occuring. From an audience standpoint, since it's Holm's Bilbo we see in LOTR, I think it makes sense to keep Holm as well. Though I'll concede there's an argume
  6. I don't think so. I hope not. Changing the FOTR Gollum would be fine (and something Jackson has said he'd be inclined to do) but erasing Holm's performance would be another thing altogether. In any event, the scene in AUJ plays out much differently than in the FOTR prologue, and more like the version Bilbo told. I hope Jackson leaves it as it is.
  7. When New Line originally released the theatrical FOTR on DVD, they announced at the time there would be Extended Editions coming, and have done the same for every release since. I think it's a good policy, and refreshingly honest. And apparently hasn't hurt sales at all.
  8. It's funny, everyone has a first image that comes to mind when they think of a film. For me, the first thing I think about when I think about Fellowship of the Ring is Bilbo opening his front door and going in to hug Gandalf...that kind, vulnerable greeting to an old friend. Holm has actually been an actor I DO think about, because I delight every time I see him pop up and am always amazed at the variety of characters he played. You're right, however, that he (like McKellan) dissapears into his characters. It took several viewings of FOTR before it hit me that I'm looking at Ash. I
  9. Rest in Peace Ian Holm, our dear friend. 88 years was far too short a time to spend with such an admirable soul. I do believe you are quite ready for another adventure...
  10. Worthy thread! There are many movies that are near to my heart, and many that I love, but came later in life so their impact on me wasn't as great as it could have been. As @Thor pointed out, there is a distinction between being impactful and being a mere favourite. So while these films are among my favourites, this not a comphrensive list of my favourites. Nor are all these films works of cinematic genius. These movies just came to me at the right time and in one way or another impacted me, some profoundly so, and at least one completely altered the course of my life.
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