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  1. Three thoughts on this trailer: They wisely kept the clips from the fourth "film" to a minimum. Raiders looks to be a different colour grade than the Blu-Ray set. I love the colours on the Blu-Ray, though they're not true to the theatrical release and definitely not to everyone's taste. The grading looks to be a little more naturalistic here. I'm buying this. I only wish they'd release a trilogy only set, and leave the fan-fic, not in my head canon, deleted from my memory, fourth "film" out. And why did they use the shot of the plane flying into the tunnel from Last Crusa
  2. “Special person in my life”....CLEARLY Charlie Boorman.
  3. I voted for Trek in everything but score, but I'd qualify that as 1966-2005. TOS and 90's era Trek were generally solid throughout, and often brilliant. But there's very little Trek in the Star Trek that's come since then (e.g. the Kelvinverse and the current horrid Kurtzman era). 007 would be a close second for me. Aside from watching a few minutes of a couple Tom Baker episodes I've never seen an episode of Doctor Who. The only thing I remember about it is Baker was wearing a scarf and there were some robot trash cans rolling around.
  4. It's a major faux pas to mix genres in music rankings. It's simply not done in polite society.
  5. Yes, you do! Lovely, minimalistic score also. And being into baseball (which I'm not) is in no way a prerequisite to enjoying it.
  6. That was great. Probably the best thing I've seen Jessica Chastain in, she has an over the top amount of presence & charisma in that role. Thanks for reminding me about it, I really need to watch that one again! I've probably watched Moneyball half a dozen times.
  7. Fair enough. I admit I'll pretty much watch anything Aaron Sorkin pens.
  8. That was a fantastic film. Almost certainly better than any of the other Oscar nominees this year (admittedly, none of which I saw, because they all looked depressing as f*ck).
  9. Anyone else underwhelmed by the looks of “Phase 4”?
  10. Oh yeah? Then why was I balling my eyes out when Tom Hanks said "Don't cry shopgirl, don't cry"?
  11. He shows up at Indy's University wearing crocodile boots! PERFECT! mstrox you magnificent bastard you've done it!
  12. 😂 Even better! 👍 You know who else exploded? The Emperor. On the Death Star. Did he stay dead? Connect the dots people.
  13. How can we be absolutely sure Belloq was completely melted at the end of Raiders? The Ark is like nothing we’ve ever seen before...no one knows its secrets. Perhaps something new, and unholy, was born out of the puddle of goo that was Bellosh.
  14. I believe music can have a spirit to it that we don't understand. There's a reason it can touch in a way language can't, and why its so universal. But to elaborate further would require a metaphysical discussion, and this thread is hardly the place for it. If it's metaphysics you're after, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is right down the hall.
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