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  1. Oh God yes. This is my first time buying these films since the original BluRay boxset came out in like 2011 or whenever. Outside of books I don’t think I have much LotR merch actually.
  2. I think there’s a significant chance that this is the last time these films get a new release in physical media. I could be wrong but I’d be surprised
  3. Why do people want the old special features when they already have them? Is it to get rid of the old sets? I have loads of copies of the Appendices so it wouldn’t bother me if they never re-released them in a big set. Imagine the price of this set if it included all those extra discs? You’re talking 6 BluRays for the 3 Hobbits, 3 for the LotR, and maybe an extra one or two for the CB docs. That’s 44 discs straight away. Plus people would still want more new bonus features. I’d say the chances are slim given the date of physical media.
  4. I’ve no interest in the MCU but I’m here for Toby and Garfield!
  5. It’s a better option than being a chump and spending a fortune on the secondary market from a scumbag scalper
  6. There’s nothing better than seeing someone hoard Limited releases only for their investment to fall flat when they’re re-released.
  7. If all you saw was the movie or the first season, sure.
  8. Urgh, that just feels wrong. 6 movies and one season in New Zealand and then they move. Just doesn’t seem right. NZ has been well established as Me in this onscreen universe so it’s an awful pity to break continuity like that. There’s some lovely places in the U.K. and obviously the Professor was inspired by places in the U.K. when writing the books but it seems inconsistent. The U.K. doesn’t have any of those sweeping mountain ranges we see in the films for example.
  9. cinema tickets booked. Boxset pre-ordered. Gonna be biblical!
  10. I really like a lot of Zimmer’s work. I really love a lot of Horner’s.
  11. RTÉ seem to regularly get these exclusives. Might be worth keeping an eye on the hosts twitter for future releases.
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