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  1. Any Weezer fans out there? Do you know if a bootleg of this gig exists? https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/weezer/1998/unknown-venue-santa-barbara-ca-53d88b69.html
  2. It was a second album released about a year after the fact. Kind of like a “more music from Titanic” release. It has extra cues, some specially recorded suites, some source music (some dialogue in a few tracks unfortunately), and some music written by Horner that was inspired by Titanic but not actually from the movie. You can get it for around a fiver now a days and it’s probably worth that much for the suites alone.
  3. Father got to sign up online for his dose today. Getting there slowly!
  4. If you don’t own Back to Titanic (I think) it is still worth having. Along with the Il Salostini disc from the anniversary edition of source music is your thing.
  5. Don’t Go Away is a good tune too: but stuff like Magic Pie bring the album down again.
  6. Our government were on about getting everyone the first dose and getting things back to normal after that but there’s an example of why everyone needs the two doses first! Hope he’s ok.
  7. You actually have to blow a layer of cocaine off the disc before you play it. It is an album that gets exponentially better the louder you play it and/or the more drunk you are. But it is over long and there’s just too much going on at once. There are some good songs in there as the Mustique demos show but… eh, it’s a good document of where the band were in 1997.
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