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  1. I’d love to see him do something from World War II next. or even a doc on the films of his childhood or something. Just more Jackson docs.
  2. Well last year, when it was supposed to be out, was the 50th anniversary of Let it Be. The Beatles themselves were never happy with the original film so I guess with all the massive reissues they’ve been doing for 50th anniversaries it made sense. The remaining Beatles aren’t getting younger so I suppose they probably wanted a say in it. Jackson proved himself as a great doc maker with They Shall Not Grow Old and he’s a huge Beatles fan. all makes sense to me!
  3. There’s over 60 hours of footage for him to use and he’s including the entire rooftop concert. I’m all for it. When it comes to The Beatles you can never have enough.
  4. Tweet was liked by Neil Blair (Rowling’s literary agent) The HBO Max rang the bells for me. FB does better overseas. And a French release date has just been set:
  5. Anybody do anything for Record Store Day yesterday? I picked up the special coloured version of Noel’ Gallagher’s Best of.
  6. Goldeneye is the best Bond followed by Casino Roayle. All other opinions are wrong.
  7. if The White album was just a single disc of the best songs it would be their best album.
  8. There was a comment from Bezos about bringing the MGM franchises into the 21st century and honestly, that sounds terrible. Bond is a misogynistic dinosaur and relic of the Cold War. Don't try and reinvent him for the tiktok generation please.
  9. I went with Revolver as that's my standard answer but really it's very hard to choose and it changes daily. I've got all the albums on vinyl along with Red, Blue, Past Masters, the BBC stuff, Love, the Anthologies on vinyl too and there's just too much good stuff for one band. I've never really bothered with the US releases because the band was less involved with all that stuff I think. I'd prefer to have the mono releases too as that's what the band signed off on but I've only got so much money! I love the poppy early stuff but I guess the weird mid peri
  10. Well I’m not THAT old 😛 Seeing Lord of the Rings at 10 was amazing but it must have been a different sort of amazing to see something like that on the bug screen at 20/21. I’d love to be able to experience these films for the first time again. And then discovering the extended edition before Two Towers came out… what a time to be alive.
  11. And if there’s big news about any other franchise they have to try and piggyback it and it reeks of insecurity. It’s an awful twitter feed.
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