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  1. The music in the teaser is Shore? Really? It doesn’t sound like him at all. Trailerised epic Shore maybe but… eh
  2. Leak it Doug! Do a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool on it!! and send us all hard drives of the scoring sessions for the trilogy!
  3. I’m usually over optimistic and forgiving about franchises I like. Plus something about this hasn’t felt right from day one. And Prime’s output seems to be largely crap.
  4. Yeah, this is my feeling. You know it’s supposed to be the same character but you can’t reconcile the difference in your head. At least she correctly rolled the Rs in Mordor
  5. still getting Wheel of Time vibes. I kinda cringed hearing that voiceover. Maybe because it’s familiar words in an unfamiliar voice but Urgh.
  6. Reilly is an Irish surname pronounced the same way. I don’t think I will ever be able to think Riley 🤣
  7. I think it came our around the same time as the original game or maybe even before it. It’s by Dark Horse. The events are briefly alluded to in Left Behind. Basically the story of Ellie meeting Reilly.
  8. I wonder if they’re going to adapt American Dreams as well as Left Behind.
  9. @Jim Ware thanks for this music breakdown!
  10. Never saw a low speed chase on screen before. and now I know why too. there’s good stuff in this show but it feels like we’ve seen two episodes worth of content spread over 3 episodes.
  11. https://boundingintocomics.com/2022/01/04/the-lord-of-the-rings-rumor-claims-to-reveal-more-details-about-isildur-amazon-studios-will-introduce-original-character-as-his-sister/ yeah, I think Shore’s score is the only positive to come out of this. This sounds shite.
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