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  1. From what we’ve seen so far from both I’m more excited for this than Rings of Power
  2. Also. 2 tracks (Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore and The Room We Require) will be available on streaming platforms from April 1st. So they’re already available in any time zone where it’s that date already.
  3. I haven’t seen it but I know some people who have and no. It isn’t explained. It’s treated the same way as the change of Dumbledores in Harry Potter.
  4. Amazon only has tv rights at the moment. but even if they buy the rights to make movies from SZ they won’t have the rights to the pre-existing films as I understand it.
  5. A Shore score and this is already better than Rings of Power. the concept art is hopefully an indication that this won’t be too stylised.
  6. So not only is it adding a bunch of non Tolkien storylines and characters none of it is actually going to really look like the Jackson films because legally it can’t. That explains the generic looking cities and stuff. This is going to be everything bad about the Hobbit x1000 People complained about the Hobbit being a single book made into three movies. This is a handful of pages being made into several seasons of TV!
  7. My biggest worry is that this would be like Sword of Shannarah or Wheel of Time… and so far that’s exactly what it looks like. I have pretty much no faith in Amazon when it comes to producing original TV and movies. Every scrap of news that comes out about this show gets worse and worse. This could be a very expensive flop for Amazon.
  8. The music in the teaser is Shore? Really? It doesn’t sound like him at all. Trailerised epic Shore maybe but… eh
  9. Leak it Doug! Do a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool on it!! and send us all hard drives of the scoring sessions for the trilogy!
  10. I’m usually over optimistic and forgiving about franchises I like. Plus something about this hasn’t felt right from day one. And Prime’s output seems to be largely crap.
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