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  1. And some Respighi with a sprinkling of Stravinsky. I believe that this deserves some discussion: editing to temp. After all, temp music has always existed in filmmaking, but editing to temp music has not. Thanks to non-linear editing systems like AVID, it's become commonplace. That is, unless a thread about such a discussion has already been made and I'm simply not aware of it.
  2. Like how? In the form of an internet death hoax?
  3. You know, that smooth, skinny looking thing Indy keeps by his side, sometimes holds in his hands, and it makes quick little bursts of noise whenever it's out in the open. It's name is Willie Scott or Marion Ravenwood, depending on which film you're watching.
  4. I'm ashamed to admit that I am not as familiar with Desplat's work as I would like to be. What works of his emulate the orchestration and instrumentation of Debussy and Ravel?
  5. RedBard

    the mstrox thread

    Who is John Galt mstrox? Or is that reference too topical?
  6. RedBard

    the mstrox thread

    True, but this thread shows that somebody's thirsty. So this thread is like a... fourth JWFan Reich?
  7. Huh. And here I thought mstrox was a planet. Or at least a brain the size of a planet.
  8. Loved your review from start to finish. I saw HPSS (North American) in concert, too. Concert buddy! I've also seen Home Alone in concert, too. And this year, the Films In Concert series where I live has three new additions for me to enjoy: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Nightmare before Christmas, and HPatCoS. I've GOT to see all of them. P.S. You only got one thing wrong in your review. Eight films. HPatDH was a two-parter.
  9. You probably will. He posts them on his Facebook first and then posts them elsewhere. He's got lots of storyboards there already.
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