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  1. Yes! It's nice to hear him speak about his love of modal transposition and reharmonization, now I hear his voice when I see the variations in the catalog With another 100+(!) minutes of score confirmed recorded we may find something from the prequels or TLJ. I'd love to hear his thoughts on Duel of the Fates, Battle of the Heroes or Anakin.
  2. It's cool to transform a theme, and that really saved the Ren music for me. I remember JW saying that all the themes were recapped in TROS. Does anyone have a tally of how many are in the released score? (OST and FYC)
  3. tchaikovsky Insightful essay that will also be true in 10 more years! Herrmann will be remembered by the Psycho torch. And because new composers are influenced by him. Sometimes artists can pass the torch Williams is extraordinary precisely because he is also popular in concert with all levels of ensembles. From student groups to community orchestras to major philharmonics. His practice of writing film cues that resemble concert music had a completely unintended side effect of making him the most performed living composer. The other composers about as gifted as John either don'
  4. This is actually a unique achievement that deserves special recognition. A bit like the Ring cycle in music or Mount Rushmore in sculpture. It's not 9 separate films but one huge project that spans the decades.
  5. @Alex The sheet music says “End Credits”, I believe. Indeed it does. It's the Main Theme first.
  6. I feel them in 3 roughly equal groups: 1. ESB SW ROTS 2. ROTJ TPM TROS TFA 3. TLJ AOTC Basically the difference between **** and ***** I mean Williams doing Star Wars is in it's own class anyways. Anyone notice that currently TPM is both 4tn and 5th?
  7. One of John Williams' great contributions to world culture is bringing live orchestral music back to movies. It was in danger of being replaced by electronics. The music is inspired and well-crafted so it works on almost any instrument ensemble. Loert shows that so well, I hope the sheet music is available some day
  8. It's a real and distinctive motif onscreen. I hear the minor/#7 arp as part of the motif. And the 13th chords too. A very Sith sound! Thank you again for the amazingly accurate and useful Complete Catalogue !
  9. True, with good reason. The Anthem theme is a straightforward development of the Emperor's theme. It's easiest to hear at the beginning because of the similar orchestration. If you're into notation you can see the intervallic structure is sequenced upwards. Appropriate for Evil itself, greater than one bad person. Nontechical English: There's a distinctive bit of the Emperor's theme that Williams is extending to make the Evil theme. It eventually becomes a fanfare for evil.
  10. This is how music sounds in most films. I'm fond of it, but it's also my field and I'm used to it.
  11. JW is among the most performed composers in the world, and the most performed living composer. If you count all concerts and not just the classical. Hundreds every year for decades. TROS will be amazing live-to-picture. That's where the growth is in orchestral concerts - live to picture and video game music. For concert suites we'll have to wait a few decades and see if a more complete suite becomes popular. Like the way The Nutcracker is played as a ballet, a suite, or as individual numbers. I understand trying to compare SW to LOTR or other films but live in concerts SW has so many more
  12. We're all lucky to be alive when this unique work of art is new. You can be a fan of this 20 hours+ duration opus and be secure there will be fans 100 years from now that will agree with you. Musicians, historians, and Disney will make sure of that. There's so much to like and too much for most to grasp as a whole. The 2019 FYC is a small excerpt of the whole and already has fans for some pieces and even themes. I hope most of us can enjoy the excitement of first hearing this new, exciting, beautiful crafted music. It will take years to figure out what it all means and discover the hidden g
  13. Excellent transcription and mockup! Indy appreciates your helping him find The Ark of the Covenant. In 20 years the folks replacing live musicians with mockups will themselves be replaced by AI composing tools in the hands of talented young businessmen. Only composers who use live players and cool programing will make a career as an artist
  14. Sure thing. Maybe I should have said the old magic. When I said he changed with times I really meant it. Today's brilliance or 1990's is different from the 70s, as they should be Yes, this makes all the difference! Agreed. Few projects get this kind of attention. The concert versions are a chance to follow the musical lines a bit longer than the edit may allow
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