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  1. Those credits were pulled from the non-specific album notes. Nick Vestuto as "lyricist" is a bit silly, because in the album notes he's credited as coming up with the dialogue-filled radio edit of "My Heart Will Go On". 'Conceived by Nick Vestuto'. Lament has no lyrics, so adding in Will Jennings (the lyricist who wrote the song lyrics) makes no sense, just as with Jack Dawson's Luck.
  2. James Island (Restored) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sx8i3wBYYH0MINdGrhVJY3Fh5FbJnpkJ/view?usp=sharing Promise Me (Restored) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YjlAtlQqy7d2rkn80lIphE6cEAtAbRaD/view?usp=sharing
  3. gawddamn right. What an awesome show that was. Essentially Batman without the mask.
  4. The manuscripts used to make the Omni book do contain Horner's original version of the piece, so it was available to engrave. Could've been a contractual or an editorial choice not to include it. Either way, it's something Omni could, in theory, sell down the road as a digital exclusive. That one sample of the "Battle" alone on the LLL site establishes a clear set up for that original version of Fort Wagner he was going for.
  5. I smell a restored score coming....Since the music omitted wasn't replaced, it'll be easy to mix it back into the film's audio.
  6. 1M1 A Call To Arms 1M2R Intro (original) 1M2 After Antietam (with film intro) 1M2Alt After Antietam 1M4R Flashback 1M4 Flashback (version 2) 2M3 Forming The Regiment 2M4 Fife and Drums 2M5 Old 1812 3M1 Jefferson & Liberty 3M2 The Decision 4M1 (untitled) 5M1 Lonely Christmas 5M3 The Whipping 6M1 New Shoes 6M2/3 RA 54th Regiment (film version) 6M2/3R 54th Regiment 6M2/3 Hoist The Flag 6M2 Worth a Life 7M1 The Year of Jubilee 7M3 Burning The Town of Darien 8M3 Our Time 9M1 The Battle of Grimball's Landing 9M1A Promise Me 10M1 When Do You Want Us? 10M3Alt Brave Words and Deeds (film version) 10M3 Brave Words, Braver Deeds 11M1 Preparations For Battle 12M1R Charging Fort Wagner 12M2 An Epitaph To War 12M3/13M1 Closing Credits
  7. Fort Wagner lyrics (12M1R) I tried to break them up based on how they’re sung by the chorus. Re-cor-da-re Tune Dic-tu-rus est (tune dic-tur us) Om-nes cune-ta Stric-te Dis-cus-sur-us (0:27) In Quan-tus in Tre-mer Fur-us Quan-do Ju-dex Stric-te et Ven-tur-us (Stric-te) Est (0:37) In Quan-tus Tre-mor Fur-us Cune-ta Stric-te Stric-te est Ven-tur-us (Stric-te) (0:46) Quan-do In-dex Est Ven-tur-us Cune-ta Stric-te Dis-cus-sur-us Om-nes (0:54) Tu-ba Mir-um Spar-gens Son-um Per-se Pul-ere Re-si-o-ni-num (1:04) Lib-er Scrip-tus Pro-fer-e-tur Con-tin-e Tur Li-be-ra-me (1:14) In-dex-er-go Cum-se-de Bit Ap-per-e Bit Nil In Ul Tum (1:24) In Quan-tus in Tre-mor Fur-us Quan-do In-dex Est Ven-tur-us Om-nes (1:33) Est Na-tur-a In-cre-tur-a In-di-can-ti Res-pon-sur-a In-dex (1:42) Est In Quan-tus In Fu-tur-us Stric-te Dis-cus-sur-us (1:53) Sal-ver-a Me Li-be-ra Me Li-be-ra-Me Et Que Vid (2:03) Sal-ver-a Me Li-be-ra Me Li-be-ra Me Om-nes Sid (2:12) Quan-tus Tre-mor Est Fu-tur-us Quan-do Ju-dex Est Ven-tur-us (2:22) Cune-ta Stric-te Est Fu-tur-us Cune-ta Stric-te Dis-cus-sur Us
  8. You're not far off. Bom Bim Bim Bom Bi-De Bim Bom Bim (bass choir) Repeated in different keys as the music moves along, from bars 1 to 27. Tenor and boy's choir do "oh" and "ah" for their vocals and those are pretty much the lyrics (so to speak) for the open. The remaining lyrics (in the main title "A Call to Arms") and the end credits are: "Blow The Horn Play The Fife Beat The Drum So Slow-ly Blow The Horn Play The Fife Make The Drum-Ming Low-ly" (don't forget enunciation!)
  9. I'd want to say Courage, really because of the Star Trek fanfare which is like the opening of the 007 theme. Those few notes are a signature. It hasn't really provided the entirety of the franchise with an established sound, though. For numbers it's easily Dennis McCarthy, but when I think Star Trek music in general, I associate it with Goldsmith more than anyone else but I'm not familiar with the original series music to form any opinion on that aspect of the franchise.
  10. Bobby Fischer, easily. Followed by Bicentennial Man, then A Beautiful Mind.
  11. Look for a DM soon... Or discrete 5.1 mix, discrete 6.1 surround mix, etc. Keeping things discreet, I don't want anyone to know....
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