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  1. Were the practice / tests video or stills ? Photoshop or some other form of compositing it for a still is obviously apples to the oranges of moving people in a video sequence is the only reason I ask. Makes what we got in "What We Left Behind" the most beautiful of teases.
  2. Not sure about Preludium, but: Sc28 Total Logic Sc93 Pre-Launch Countdown R16-P3 Body Meld
  3. I doubt it, since that was the name of the version with the synth drums (that was first heard on the 1996 Star Trek 30th anniversary special CD from GNP Crescendo).
  4. You have an incoming transmission from Epsilon...I can't even make a lame Star Trek reference. Check your messages!
  5. Haven't watched much of it but listened to some of the audio channels and the music is incredibly discrete. There is no comparison to the theatrical's sound mix which doesn't come remotely close. You're hearing every strike of the snare, bells, you name it.
  6. Damn. DS9's "Way of the Warrior" main title and the bumpers will forever remain unreleased. Shame. The other shows' albums had their respective variants.
  7. I hope this has the DS9 commercial bumpers and the main title mix from "The Way of The Warrior". Those are the last remaining variants of the title theme left unreleased.
  8. Next time, use MyriadPro (bold) Condensed for the tracklist font.
  9. Ironic, given Ryan George is Canadian. He's based out of Montreal. He doesn't really ever say a movie is bad, he just points out leaps in logic, plot holes, etc that can be explained with "unclear!" or "because!" I'm sorry but you're gonna have to get alllll the way off his back about it. Yeah you better get off that thing.
  10. Ryan George deconstructed Tenet. He didn't have to, but he put in the work. I bet it was super difficult, barely convenient. Wow wow wow wow wow
  11. I have always enjoyed when these reappear in new contexts. The theme you're referring to was also used in The Missing and was glorious in the end titles for it. The Braveheart love theme was not used in Bobby Jones. It was actually the "Freedom!" idea used in that film.
  12. Yes this has been seen before. It’s been a few years though.
  13. This is alluded to (vaguely obviously, but still backs Karam's points up well) here: http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/interview-james-horner-troy/ "The structure of the themes was the work of Randy and his crew – Conrad Pope, Eddie Karam, John Kull – so that they provided the score with a backdrop. The filmmakers wanted themes for the characters and we supplied them. There’s obviously a lot of energy, but I did not have enough time to truly work out the narrative aspect of the piece in the time allotted to me, nor did I have the time to address all the different events down to the smallest details. So I decided to pit several orchestral masses against each other, whereas in your two examples, they were in perfect harmony. Once the textural work was done, I turned to a more motivating concept : the timbres, the Bulgarian Women’s Choir, Tanja Tsarovska’s voice and the dynamic of the piece, even though it was brushed with broader strokes."
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