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  1. Don't forget to shrink the embedded cover art, it'll cut the massive file size down quite a bit.
  2. I'm the opposite, in that I love when he uses the electronics and occasionally makes it a kind of "Star Wars goes Gangsta" sound. Love it.
  3. BALTO is my ultimate Christmas-sounding but not actually a Christmas score. The vast majority of the score is full of that holiday season sound.
  4. Had a miniscule, teeny-tiny bit of involvement in this one behind the scenes a while back. Glad to see it come to fruition.
  5. Congratulations to Chris for a job very well done, and it was indeed very challenging.
  6. The Batman theme from this score is one of my son's favorite pieces of music.
  7. I did the entire film's audio mix, AND I did separate sequences. I've been doing them for years. I sent you an email with a link to the film with the restored score.
  8. Not at all, no. I wish Horner scores got that type of info in their booklets like Goldsmith scores did.
  9. Correct. It's a joke title, a riff on "Shrimp on the Barbie" from Paul Hogan in the 90s.
  10. Three of us spent all weekend pouring over it to get it right, and one of our designers made the splash art specifically for the article.
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