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  1. Coincidentally I also thought that the very ending of TROS could have gone a different way. I love the ending of the concert piece "The Rise of Skywalker", because it has this long, loong slowing down and resolution, fitting for the end of a 20-hour cycle of epic musical storytelling.
  2. Heartwarming. Each such release is a step forward. Cynics will wonder whether Williams pieces were chosen by the organist, or by the dollar-eyed DG overlords though
  3. OMG just imagine: and imagine the complaints about VPO "falling apart" while playing the oriental Short Round's Theme in counterpoint
  4. Marion's Theme to me was the moment of the greatest beauty in this concert. This was the theme I was most looking forwards to hearing performed by the VPO strings. I can easily see why Williams decided to add it despite already having a bit of Marion's Theme in Raiders March.
  5. This is the strongest melody of the bunch. Look what can be done with it:
  6. I always thought about this scene, from a Disney film 20 years earlier, ever since I heard what Williams wrote for the rock scene context: In fact, the music James Newton Howard wrote for the 0:48 / 0:55 moments also seems related Ever since I noted about 15 minutes worth of cinematic similarities between TFA and another Disney film, Atlantis, and later a few little but striking ones in TLJ and TROS, I expect that there is some sort of behind-the-scenes Disney learning on past projects. As for music, Williams' "The Scavenger" and "Crystal Chamber" JNH wrote have a vague but intriguing similarity, even though when scrutinized, they are very different in details.... very telling since Rey is clearly based on the two female characters from Atlantis, the monumental-ruins-scavenger, myths-knowing, stick-fighting princess Kida, and the mechanical genius Aud(rey), and then there is the film's second theme, in Atlantis' case the happy U.S. Gilded Age militaristic / big brass "The Submarine", and in TFA the Mahler 9th theme / Jerry Goldsmith orchestration / Williams military counterpoint sort of theme in MOTR. This time too I can imagine Abrams asking Williams for a menacing, scared brass for the Knights of Ren scene, based on JNH's music for Dinosaur, even if that would be the only relation to that score (Notice even the Exegol lighting and aesthetic choices in the Knights of Ren example above, as compared to the Carnotaurus scene in 1:25 of my link). Edit: or consider these tracks: The knights of Ren aesthetic is all in there.
  7. I wonder if that's where Beethoven told him that he actually would like to write for film.
  8. I don't listen to music "in the background" in any long stretches. For this reason I listen to at most several tracks in a row. Usually... just singular tracks, or even moments in tracks, in a loop. Then I move on to something else. Expansion to me is just a bigger set of choices, interesting to hear once upon acquisition to see what's in it.
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