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  1. Here are links to recordings of our “world premiere” live performances of “Hassle in the Castle” and “Mambone”, as well as the SCHINDLER’S LIST pieces and “Duel of the Fates”. As Thor mentioned, the sound quality is not terrific, and the balance is a bit off here and there. And PLEASE NOTE: We are not the LSO, VPO, or Hollywood studio musicians – just a bunch of people playing an instrument in our spare time. Please keep that in mind when you listen. There IS some shaky stuff in there.
  2. Actually, for that piece we combined the parts from the purely instrumental concert band version with the choral parts from the orchestral version.
  3. Thank you, Thor, for doing an amazing job hosting our show! (I was the one who hired Thor, so I’m at least partially responsible for him having to skip the Vienna event, which was announced after our concert date was set. Sorry, Thor! ) Your presentations were excellent, with just the right length and a great mix of interesting, relevant information and fun facts. People from the audience have told me they would have liked to meet you after the concert to congratulate you on your job and tell you how your introductions really enhanced the concert experience for them. Kudos! Cool also t
  4. Yeah, I guess his walk isn't exactly sprightly. But his arms and upper body are probably in much better shape than his legs. 60 years of conducting will do that to you!.
  5. It's been great reading about how people had such a wonderful time in Vienna. Congratulations to eveyone who attended! Also, it's heartening to see that Williams apparently is in great shape. I had assumed he no longer conducts whole concerts, as he's mostly done only second halves lately. And here he conducts for two and a half hours straight, two days in a row! Amazing and very uplifting!
  6. Sometimes, yes, like in the case of the article at hand, which I wouldn't hesitate to call "politically correct" myself. But way too often, it's being used only to invalidate an opposing opinion.
  7. I generally detest it when something is labeled «Politically Correct», because usually that’s just a cheap way of denigrating an opinion that happens to be more liberal than your own. But jeez... if something ever deserved the label, it’s got to be that article. I’m astonished at how badly researched it is (as others here have pointed out through plenty of examples).
  8. How many times? Lots! And I don’t think I’m done yet. It’s definitely my favorite track on the album - and possibly of the entire sequel trilogy. For me, it’s a much more fitting farewell to 42 years of Williams’ Star Wars music than the somewhat disappointing Finale.
  9. I’d be surprised if we don’t get at least a couple more Spielberg/Williams collaborations. And hopefully other film scores as well.
  10. Hmm, am I the only one here who hasn't heard about Saariaho, Birtwistle or Knussen? But I guess these are guys worth checking out, then...
  11. By ear. Fortunately, the CD tracks have excellent sound quality (especially Hassle in the Castle), so it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Yeah, I'm so looking forward to playing those (though as these are basically big band numbers and I play the clarinet, I probably won't get the coolest parts ) We wanted to cover some of the lesser known, early part of Williams career, and as these are two of my favorite tracks from that period, I suggested them, and the rest of the band's music committee agreed that these were good choices. Norwegian film composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen is currently working on the arrangements. (sorry to have derailed the thread's topic a bit, so with that in mind: I wish everyone going to t
  13. Thanks, Sigbjørn! Well, some variation will be nice, at least.
  14. Hello folks - my first post here Yeah well, Thor, I actually feel a little bad now for asking you to host our concert, as it turns out it collides with other things for you left and right - not only the Vienna Williams concert, but also the Tromsø International Film Festival, which you graciously agreed to leave early to host our show. And I would probably have gone to Vienna too, if I hadn’t been performing Williams’ music myself at exactly the same time. But we’re really grateful for having Norway’s foremost Williams’ expert as our host! And I hope you are
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