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  1. Hmm, am I the only one here who hasn't heard about Saariaho, Birtwistle or Knussen? But I guess these are guys worth checking out, then...
  2. By ear. Fortunately, the CD tracks have excellent sound quality (especially Hassle in the Castle), so it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Yeah, I'm so looking forward to playing those (though as these are basically big band numbers and I play the clarinet, I probably won't get the coolest parts ) We wanted to cover some of the lesser known, early part of Williams career, and as these are two of my favorite tracks from that period, I suggested them, and the rest of the band's music committee agreed that these were good choices. Norwegian film composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen is currently working on the arrangements. (sorry to have derailed the thread's topic a bit, so with that in mind: I wish everyone going to the Vienna concert a terrific experience! Would have loved to be there, too. )
  4. Thanks, Sigbjørn! Well, some variation will be nice, at least.
  5. Hello folks - my first post here Yeah well, Thor, I actually feel a little bad now for asking you to host our concert, as it turns out it collides with other things for you left and right - not only the Vienna Williams concert, but also the Tromsø International Film Festival, which you graciously agreed to leave early to host our show. And I would probably have gone to Vienna too, if I hadn’t been performing Williams’ music myself at exactly the same time. But we’re really grateful for having Norway’s foremost Williams’ expert as our host! And I hope you are as excited as I am to have stuff like “Hassle in the Castle” from Checkmate and “Mambone” from Bachelor Flat performed live. (By the way, we haven’t actually ever won the Norwegian Championships - maybe you’re confusing us with Lillestrøm, only a few miles away, who win every other year or so. But we do participate in the upper divisions, so on a good day, we sound decent, too! And we like to call ourselves a concert band, not a marching band – we usually march only once a year, on National Day).
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