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  1. Spielberg had 1941 wedged between Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Either way you look at it I think that would apply.
  2. Ian McDiarmid being absolutely dreadful at sword fighting doesn't help. Much like others have said, I always imagined that the top Force users like Yoda or Palpatine were above using lightsabers and instead had different things they could do. Palpatine had the lightning which was good, but it felt like it was only a part of his arsenal. To see both reduced to simple CGI lightsaber battles rather than something really creative just shows how much Lucas ran out of ideas by that point. Still really regret someone like Dave Filoni didn't come around sooner and bring some real crea
  3. Yeah, there's so many different aspects you can approach for the movie: another family in a different part of the country/world and their response to the invasion, the military/science response, humanities evolution following the attacks that its ripe for more movies. I really liked the second film, but it did really feel just like more of the first in a slightly different environment. Hopefully Nichols will not just make the same film over again and will do something unique and interesting. As Edmilson said, Paramount is really lacking for franchises at this point and these movie
  4. The difference is that Douglas was on set and was then deaged whereas Hamil wasn't on the Mandalorian set and it was a standin who had Hamil's face put on afterwards (like Carrie Fisher's appearance in Rogue One). With Ford actually on set and filming this shouldn't be a problem and Marvel's/Disney deaging tech will hopefully be in full display and highlighted.
  5. My Top 10 1. Back to the Future Part II 2. Forrest Gump 3. Avengers: Endgame 4. Mouse Hunt 5. Back to the Future Part III 6. Predator 7. The Mummy Returns 8. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life 9. Clean Slate 10. Super Mario Bros. The Movie
  6. Nichols is a great director. Interested to see what he does with a movie in this "universe". Take Shelter is probably as good as example of what he'd do, so I'm excited if its similar in tone to that. Plus, we might get a Michael Shannon performance so that's always a good thing.
  7. I'd prefer someone like Jamie Mathieson to take over honestly. Three of his four Who scripts have been terrific IMO and his movie FAQs About Time Travel was a nice and inventive take on the genre. He definitely gets science fiction and his scripts are always fun, which is something the show needs after Chibnall making things so dour. I like what Chibnall has done, but there needs to be more mass appeal for the show for sure at this point and a more light-hearted approach is probably definitely needed at this point.
  8. I thought Skyfall is a masterpiece and a great film, personally. It definitely copies heavily from The Dark Knight in its second half (not to mention a Home Alone inspired finale) but it all works for me. Mendes really nailed Craig's Bond here and amplified what worked in the previous films while adding a dash of classic flavor to the character. The score by Newman was also really good, and even though I missed Arnold, I liked the change of pace and felt it helped add some freshness to the film. Add in Roger Deakins and some gorgeous visuals and top rate action scenes, the film really works
  9. Personally, I'm fine with a show based off the Moneypenny Diaries novels or even a show starring Nomi or some other OO. I really don't see how the world is sacred: we used to get video games all the time as well as merch and even tv specials featuring characters from the films presenting clips and having their own adventures. I feel this idea that Bond is something sacred that needs to only be seen in small doses forget that until Craig, Bond was a semi-annual movie and not something that needed to be "protected." Hell, a show even set in the 1950s adapting the novels more closel
  10. It'll be interesting if Amazon attempts to buyout EON and take full control of the franchise or just leave things as they are. In the current format, EON basically has control of everything from creative to release plans, with MGM just handling funding and advertising. Now if the films keep making a billion at the box office I can't imagine they'd complain, but I imagine Amazon wants to get more out of the franchise than a film every few years. Hopefully EON will "play ball" and let Amazon make a show set in the universe or something to placate them and maintain control, as I'd
  11. Broadway and other theatrical centers have been restaging and updating/adapting previous works for centuries. The only difference is that film is an everlasting performance rather than a one-time show done for an audience. I really would rather see a video game movie or something different done with a pre-existing property than another retread of Shakespeare, Bronte, etc.
  12. Here's my review of the Franchise (some of these will probably be controversial) Alien Saw this for the first time at age 20, by this point I had enough sense to know what is and what isn't a good film. Unfortunately, I just didn't really love it, I wish I did, and based on my film interests and everything about it I should love the film, but I really don't for whatever reason. I think there are some amazing scenes, but as a whole it just doesn't come together and I have yet to rewatch it in full in about 5 years (I've seen it at least 3 times in full as well as bits and piec
  13. Yeah, a lot of the early Big Finish stuff can be listened to on Spotify. McGann has done many audios, but for a starter, I'd recommend the Eighth Doctor Adventures, which are basically his "seasons" complete with returning characters and season long plots.
  14. It was set up in season 2 of Mandalorian when she is approached by the New Republic pilot, so I think its safe to assume that was supposed to be a staring vehicle for her.
  15. Ok, I'll bite. Will try not to repeat composers more than once. 1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (John Barry) 2. Back to the Future (Alan Silvestri) 3. Batman Returns (Danny Elfman) 4. Stargate (David Arnold) 5. Star Trek: First Contact (Jerry Goldsmith) 6. Aladdin (Alan Menken) 7. Robocop (Basil Poledouris) 8. Major League (James Newton Howard) 9. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Howard Shore) 10. Forrest Gump (Alan Silvestri) 11. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (James Horner) 12. The Mummy (Jerry Goldsmith)
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