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  1. I appreciate the fact that WB has tended to lean more adult themed with their movies, especially with how family friendly the MARVEL films have become. The films don't always hit the right note, but more often than not I enjoy them and the varying stories they try to tell. I just wish someone like Walter Hamada was incharge prior to BvS if only to reign in Snyder to help avoid the negative backlash that film gave the entire franchise seemingly with the general public.
  2. I'd imagine they moved it due to The Bad Batch and wanting to spread out their shows rather than have them all dump on the same day. With the show airing during the summer, Wednesdays are probably a better night to attract the family audience they want with Loki rather than Fridays when people are going out and doing things.
  3. Nah, he was just playing Alan Quartermaine. Yes, he was surrounded by supernatural characters but he was just an old guy adventurer, the same as Indy. I think people overestimate what people are willing to suspend their disbelief for. Yes, Ford is nearly 80 but the most popular films currently include talking trees, purple Spacemen bent on world destruction, and people with other superhuman powers. If the script is good and the film is well done, people won't pick on Ford for his age. If the film is crap like Crystal Skull was, well, then we'll get the same type of response.
  4. Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was in his mid 70s playing a character at least that old. No one questioned Connery or the action in the movie (there's plenty else there to be upset about but Connery was never questioned).
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