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  1. He's far more memorable from his dual roles in Outlander, and I'm not just saying that because we see his manhood in the prison after some special time with Sam Heughan. I'll be in my bunk... In GOT, he's both a punching bag and a punchline.
  2. I can't vote because my "sometimes" has nothing to do with laziness.
  3. This is because the book it's based on is more of the same, turned up to eleven. Believe it or not, the book actually dials down the self awareness and "fourth wall breaking" (what's the the term for a book? I don't know) of the novel. I'm not going to say the book is annoying because reasons.
  4. Prometheus starts with an interesting concept. It's a space adventure, tied to earth history, on a distant planet with a dead ancient civilization. It could be like any number of jungle exploration movies set on Earth. They gather the smartest people on Earth and expect them to act intelligently. But then like so many monster movies, the formula requires them to abandon logic, procedure, and zigzag running. A gorgeous psychopathic robot who clearly has access to the script doesn't help.
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