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  1. The only LIB that I've listened to in the past 15 years is the LIB Naked that was released awhile back. That's become the only version I'm familiar with, other than occasional radio play. Is there merit in buying the new set, even as just the 2 disc sampler?
  2. You needed to watch the first 12 for it to make sense.
  3. Believe me, you and everyone else who read the books (except that last poster) want the same... Piece of the same thing.
  4. We lasted two minutes Friday night. We still had closed captioning on, and I saw too many made-up fantasy words. I didn't want to pay attention to world building that late on a Friday, and we haven't circled back. But MotU Part 2 is bangin.
  5. In this episode, it's a pocket universe isolated from the main.
  6. I want a kids series of just the first part of that trailer. I want days of that footage. It's spellbinding. The rest is stupid.
  7. Because Boba was stuck in the Sarlaac for all that time? Threepio did say that digestion would take place over a thousand years, so he had time to consider, plan, and execute his escape. So somehow, Boba escapes the pit and loses his armor in the process. How? There are EU books that explain it, but while they are not canon, TBoBF is free to pick and choose which elements it wants for flashbacks. During the episode, when they said the Krayt was living in a Sarlaac nest, I figured that was the same creature we saw in RotJ, even though the topography was quite different. Maybe it moves... Maybe it's bigger than we saw.
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