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  1. I wonder if maybe Warwick Davis' career growth was stunted somehow.
  2. I wanted to turn it off when Dove puked on Willow in Ep 2. But then again, that is Elora Danan's superpower. Just ask Burglecutt.
  3. I hate cancer. It took Travolta's wife two years ago, and two of his beautiful movie co-stars within months.
  4. Is the word given, Admiral? The word is given, Mister Saavik. Rest in peace, Rebecca Howe. https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/kirstie-alley-dies-71-after-cancer-battle-family/story?id=94525889&cid=social_twitter_abcn
  5. Where are our Photoshoppers? Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny He's getting old. Destiny caught him. He can't get to all those hard to reach places.
  6. Aww gee. She made loving fun. Now she can go her own way.
  7. Star Wars is a fantasy universe with a minor amount of science fiction elements mixed in. The stories that George told almost 50 years ago rely almost entirely on main characters that use their fantastic abilities to dominate and intimidate normal people. Everyone in the galaxy has Force powers because of the midichlorians.
  8. Star Wars is a science fiction universe with a few fantasy elements mixed in. The stories that George told almost 50 years ago concentrate on a few main characters that are gifted enough to use those fantasy elements. Space wizards. Mind tricks. Hand waving to pull handles and choke people. Force chain lightning. This makes the stories appear to be all fantasy, with just a little science mixed in. But those characters are the exception, not the norm. The majority of characters in the Star Wars universe are normal people either trying to make a living or bring down a fascist regime in a technologically advanced but stagnant civilization. Not everyone in the Empire has Sith powers. Not everyone in the Alliance has Jedi powers. Most people haven't never heard of such abilities or dismiss it as extince, because if there are three things this Republic/Empire is good at, it's suppressing information, spreading disinformation, and making people forget just one generation removed. If you don't include any of these magic characters, you can tell a story that is just science fiction: the exploration of the human condition in a futuristic setting. The Andor show is really not that different from discussing the intrigue and subterfuge of 1930s Europe before the war broke out.
  9. Rest in peace, Theo. https://deadline.com/2022/11/clarence-gilyard-jr-dead-walker-texas-ranger-die-hard-matlock-top-gun-1235183554/ The professor is toast...
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