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  1. Not gonna lie, that music made me weepy. I love the movie and score so much. It looks like they are disregarding the sequel trilogy, which is of course the correct choice. I thought I saw Julie Peters' Kaiya briefly but I guess not. Also can't tell if that's Joanne Whalley or not. I don't think so but she resembles her. I want Admiral Madmartigan to make an appearance but I won't hold my breath.
  2. After watching Moon Knight, the first thing I need to do is watch it again. That post credit scene was money.
  3. Simply typing "trans British" into Google brings up the obvious one: Eddie Izzard. And of course, Oli London is both transgender and transracial. Such bravery.
  4. Trans, according to Darren Grimes. Whoever he is. I'd still like a ginger.
  5. My 2019 trim has a disc player, but that's the newest year I know that has one. I'm pretty sure you can't connect an external laptop CD drive to a car usb input to play music. I haven't tried it though. I haven't seen a car with a 3.5 mm input for a long time. Too bad I didn't sell my Discman when it had value.
  6. If Jodie had been responsible for her stories and dialog, we could blame her. She's not the problem with the show. Unfortunately, history will remember the lone female Doctor Who as a failed experiment that returned the Tardis to a man the first chance it got. Us fans know that's not accurate but history is cruel.
  7. Not exactly. In Star Trek lore, the original Eugenics Wars occurred in the 1990s. Khan (the original one, not Doctor Strange) and his followers fled Earth in 1996. Of course, one could surmise that just like WWI was the most direct cause of WWII a generation later, the Eugenics Wars planted the seeds for worse wars to come in the mid-21st century, ultimately concluding with WWIII just prior to First Contact in 2063. But if the Picard show is blaming the future wars on America's current xenophobia and oppression, well, that's just Q being preachy in an alternate, apocryphal timeline.
  8. It's better than the "let's get married naked" episode.
  9. I disagree. Half a Life is a profound episode because it shows how the Starfleet crew is not permitted to let their personal emotions and relationship goals interfere with the natural progression of strange cultures. Lwaxana is eternally horny. If she can't bed Picard, she wants attractive alien men. Charles Winchester III is this week's morsel. But his culture decrees that at a certain age, he needs to die. Even if he still can contribute to society and save his planet. It's part of his his society. It's expected. But it's alien to her and she tries to rock the boat. In the end, the Prime Directive cannot be violated and she's forced to watch him die. Yes it's a downer because his society would rather kill him than have him go into exile or continue to save their world. It's a very stupid aspect of their culture, but we're looking through the eyes of our real world culture, where suicide is never a good thing. Lwaxana will need to wait another week for love. You will see the same culture shock type of story in Season 5's The Outcast. Thank the maker that Michelle Forbes' hairstyle never caught on.
  10. You're right, that show is marvelous. I expected more fanfare, but I also just rolled out of bed. Eric is one of the strongest, best characters on the show and the actor has tremendous range. He'll make an adorable Doctor.
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